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A fantastic venue, an enthusiastic audience, and three good-looking men with confident stage presence – all in well-cut suits. It’s a recipe for a good evening for sure.  The three tenors introduce themselves simply as Paul, Scott and Jem, and from the start it’s clear that they have a relaxed and easy way with each other. They’ve worked as a group for ten years, they reveal, and they look like they’re still having a really good time singing together – and that easy-going atmosphere proves infectious.

It isn't all about opera; instead, the tenors deliver a rich mix of musical numbers ranging from Sting to Puccini, with songs sung in Spanish, English and Italian. Each of the selections showed off the men at their best, with harmonies, arrangements and musical timing all perfect. Highlights included their version of the Ed Shearon hit Thinking Out Loud, and a beautiful song written by a member of the group (Scott) called Without You and performed in Italian.

There was a fair bit of audience interaction from all three singers, which was clearly enjoyed by those not singled out for attention. But at times, the bantering and jokes felt a little staged, and I had a sense that they might have been repeated a dozen times before to audiences everywhere. Genuinely unexpected moments, such as when the wrong musical cue began, were dealt with well – and their spontaneous comments were actually much funnier.

The Musical Director – introduced just as Graham – did a wonderful job accompanying the singers on a grand piano, but I was a bit disappointed that there was not more live music overall. It would have added an extra dimension to what’s already an excellent performance; I'm not sure that the original Rat Pack would have settled for synthesised music through a speaker in their day.

However, I would definitely go and see these Tenors sing again. It’s a thoroughly entertaining hour… and as a bonus, you also get to witness someone playing perhaps the world’s smallest pair of maracas.