The Jungle Book

4 stars

This lively, fun-packed, family musical has something in it for everybody. It's notoriously difficult to portray animals realistically on stage, but the cast here do a convincing job of capturing the Jungle Book's so-familiar characters – known to everyone, of course, from the iconic Walt Disney version. And while it's hard to put Disney entirely one side (I kept wanting Baloo to burst into a verse of Bear Necessities so we could all sing along), the original music and lyrics were so catchy in places that I found the new tunes playing in my head long after I'd left the theatre.

Reviewed by Tig Land on Saturday 1 August | Read more

Hetty Feather

4 stars

I don't know a single youngster who isn't a fan of the Hetty Feather novels by Jacqueline Wilson. And the author – famous for tackling real and gritty issues where fairytale endings don't always come true – should be very happy with this production. We watch as Hetty (played brilliantly by Phoebe Thomas) is left orphaned at the Victorian Foundling Hospital, and the audience are soon transported into a world of circus, colour and acrobatics.

Reviewed by Tig Land on Wednesday 29 July | Read more

And Then There Were None

4 stars

The essence of Agatha Christie was well-captured in this timeless production, based around the author’s own adaptation of her much-admired novel. Transported back to 1930's England – an era when discussing murder was not the gentlemanly thing to do – we find ten people stranded together on an island, awaiting a chilling fate which catches up with them one by one.

Reviewed by Tig Land on Tuesday 14 July | Read more