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9:30am to 9:55am
Story Corner Otherplace Productions Ltd

A trip to Story Corner is the perfect way start to your Fringe day. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin. Stories or book readings from guest readers and performers every day to delight, excite and entertain. Babies, toddlers and well-behaved grown-ups welcome.

2:00pm to 3:30pm
A Brighton Story: The Original City Tour Brighton City Walks

Brighton's number one, award-winning traditional city walking tour.

Perfect for visitors and residents alike.

90 minutes of fascinating facts about this incredible cosmopolitan city. Discover royal romance, secret tunnels, fishermen’s cottages and more.

Winner: TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2016, 2017.

2:15pm to 3:15pm
Sing-Along Fun with Dave Benson Phillips Mustn't Grumble Media Ltd

The well-known children’s entertainer and TV presenter Dave Benson Phillips ('Playdays', 'Playhouse Disney', 'Fun Song Factory', 'Boj!') performs popular children's songs on his trusty guitar.

Join in with Dave as he sings... 'If You’re Happy and You Know it', 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow', 'The Bear Went Over the Mountain', 'The Hokey Kokey', and many other musical tunes, plus Dave’s Sing-Along Quiz!

It’s the perfect show for families with young children (under 6s).

The ethic of Dave’s show is very simple... Sing the songs, join in with the actions, and have fun!

3:00pm to 4:00pm
Joe Bains: Curried Mustard Joe Bains

Growing up in the deepest darkest parts of India and then being thrown into the west with no language, culture, personality, looks, or even a clue.

3:00pm to 4:00pm
Just Don’t Do It Beside Ourselves Collective

Female sexuality and Christianity: are they as uncomfortable bedfellows as they appear to be?

Join two clowns on a surreal journey into the modern Church’s approach to sex, celibacy and female sexual desire. What happens if we don't act on our physical impulses or when we idolise virginity?

Fusing clown with acapella singing, puppetry and cabaret, this debut show delves into the confusing, the painful & the funny in asking: Is ‘Just Don’t Do It’ the sum of the Church's advice on premarital sex?

3:00pm to 4:00pm
Bin and Gone Boxfish Theatre

5 stars Danny Rogers is a likeable, talented, and highly versatile performer… but there's a moment in this touching solo show when he's upstaged by a dustbin. Not just any bin, mind you, but Dusty Bin – the motorized robot mascot of 1980's quiz show 3-2-1. If you're a certain age, the nostalgia of seeing Dusty trundle onto the stage may be the hook that draws you in; but it's the candour of Danny's bittersweet life story which you'll remember at the end. Read the full review.

You'll have to be a certain age to share my excitement about this one – but if you do remember Ted Rogers and TV show 3-2-1, this one-man show features the actual Dusty Bin. Also on stage is Ted's son Danny, who tells a candid personal story about being the son of a TV star – a man whose life, by all accounts, didn't go entirely to plan. It opened earlier this week and I've heard good things on the grapevine, highlighting Danny's humour, openness and personable charm. And you're allowed to take a selfie with the dustbin.

The son of a Saturday night favourite; a father who performed with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope; the son who ended up with nothing, penniless and in care. Famed for quiz show 3-2-1, Ted Rogers was an 80's TV star, with celebrity friends from Thatcher to The Krankies. ‘Bin & Gone’ is the untold story of Ted - the man who played to millions, yet ended his days penniless and out of work.

With personal memories and disarming honesty Ted’s son, Danny, along with Dusty Bin, tells this tale of riches to rags in an intimate show exploring what it means to live in the shadow of a famous father.

4:00pm to 5:30pm
Aquarium History Tour: Sea Life Brighton Jackie Marsh-Hobbs

Exclusive after hours tours of Brighton's aquarium! A unique opportunity to go off the public route to learn about the remarkable history of the world's oldest operating aquarium. Illustrated talk, followed by a tour of the grade II listed building, going behind the impressive Gothic-style Victorian arcade. There are stairs on tour and the tickets includes entry to Sea Life Brighton.

4:20pm to 5:20pm
Made of Human Podcast: Live Sofie Hagen

Sofie Hagen brings her successful podcast ‘Made of Human’ to Brighton to record live episodes in front of an audience. ‘Made of Human’ explores how to do life and why it’s so hard to be an adult.

4:30pm to 6:00pm
Humanity Dick: A Tale of Beasts and Bullets Seán Leonard

Celebrity duellist, father of animal rights and the RSPCA, infamous cuckold and rolling financial disaster, Irishman 'Humanity Dick' Martin M.P. literally blazed a trail of triumph and tragedy through the Age of Revolution.

This rollicking, hugely entertaining one-man show has been a sell-out, word-of-mouth hit in Ireland since its premiere at the Galway Fringe in 2016, and now comes to the UK for the first time.

An extraordinary true tale of deadly duels, contrary cousins, wayward wives, fiscal fecklessness, the birth of the SPCA and, indeed, a donkey in a courtroom.

5:30pm to 6:30pm
Why I Had To Leave The North Simon Topping

The story of me; a misfit, growing up in the north west of England in the 1980s. A funny and touching exploration of masculinity and the great expectations of manliness placed upon my youth by the older generations of the family. Some monkeys learn how to express their feelings more slowly than others. I am that monkey.

Simon is an improv comedy veteran. He has worked and trained with some of the country’s best improv talent including Cariad Lloyd, Rob Broderick and Dylan Emery.

This is his first solo show.

5:40pm to 6:35pm
Oli Bettesworth: Le Fou Roux Oliver Bettesworth

127 years after Van Gogh, the world is ready for another ginger genius (No, Ed Sheeran doesn’t count). An ear-laceratingly funny show about identity, madness, and pubic politics. The Red-Head Revolution starts here.

“A gem. Beautiful language concealing hilarious suckerpunches” (Dan Antopolski)

"Quietly hopeful and brilliantly funny... a treat to spend an hour with" **** (Reviews Hub)

 “A very funny man” (Carl Donnelly)

 “Oli Bettesworth is comedy’s Vincent Van Gogh” (Oli Bettesworth)

5:45pm to 6:30pm
MANIFEST Urban Interface Dance UK

A truthful story for all dream-chasers, choreographed by Matthew Harding (Artistic Director, Urban Interface Dance UK.)

Dancers turn inner feelings into stunning physicality, working with a range of forms to reveal and express the trials and tribulations of life.

5:45pm to 6:55pm
The Start of Something The Drama Wheel

Three women take turns to tell their stories of loss.

Amy's husband has died and she blames herself for it, Emma has lost her husband to another women, and Everlyn has given up all hope of finding love.

The play which begins with the death of happiness becomes about the rediscovery of hope as the lives of the three women intertwine.

6:00pm to 7:00pm
Go Slay Dragons Smith - The Creative Foundry

'Go Slay Dragons' tells tales of love, adventure and existential despair, probably with too much swearing.

A Dan in a park experiences a nearby choir seemingly singing his darkest thoughts. Heartbreak turns to joy as a Dan meets the musical loving woman of his dreams. Then, a lost document and a ring set our hairy-footed, suburban Dan on a quest across the sea.

Join Dan Cardwell somewhere between stand-up and storytelling, in this quest for love and adventure. With music, musicals and an arguable bunch of characters, in tales all demonstrably true, and Dan Cardwell should know. They're all him.

6:00pm to 7:00pm
The Laud of The Rings Josh Gardner

In 2017, Josh Gardner saved Europe by reenacting Frodo’s journey to Mordor. He travelled from Oxford to Istanbul dressed as a hobbit. Mixing documentation, story telling and an anarchic approach to performance, Josh interrogates privilege and migration through the use of the absurd.

The Laud of The Rings is a provocative and moving performance that follows one man’s desperate attempt to live out a fantasy. Venture into a world of silly wigs, plastic feet, Serbian border police and Macedonian opera, as reality and fiction collide in an epic retelling of your favourite book/movie trilogy.

6:10pm to 7:10pm
Woyzeck Squall + Frenzy

A tortured mind, a broken heart, a descent into insanity, jealousy and rage. Büchner’s classic play, 'Woyzeck', remains an unflinchingly relevant commentary on society’s uncaring attitude towards poverty and mental illness.

The story of a man who, by the circumstances of his birth, is driven down the darkest possible path, while those infected with the myopia of privilege feed him the lie that turning aside is a mere matter of moral strength. In this new, dreamlike adaptation, by turns bitterly tragic and absurdly comic, you will witness the unlovely fragments of a shattered life.

6:15pm to 7:15pm
Sarah Keyworth: Dark Horse (WiP) Laughing Horse

Rising star Sarah Keyworth, tour support for Stewart Francis and Kerry Godliman, brings an hour of brand new stand-up that shines a light on the relationship between a little girl and a world that is failing her.

“The funniest of bones” (Shappi Khorsandi)
“Charming” (The Independent)
“I liked that joke about her fanny” (Sarah Millican)
"Excellently deadpan" (Huffington Post)

6:15pm to 7:05pm
Nik Coppin: Shark (Work in Progress) Nik Coppin Productions

He told a silly joke one night at a show in Australia and the events thereafter were rather confusing. Watch the globetrotting stand-up comedian analyse those events, jokes and comedy to hilarious effect.

There is no shark...

"Amazingly funny stories... wickedly clever insights... super funny, super fun and charisma up the wazoo" **** ½ (Melbourne Comedy Festival)
"Fast and funny... the audience loved it... sweetly, wildly hilarious" **** (Adelaide Fringe)
"Fast paced, witty, fun and amazing, all without any pretension" **** 1/2 (Melbourne Comedy Festival)

6:40pm to 7:40pm
Whaddya Know - We're in Love! The Foundry Group

All aboard! Full steam ahead on SS Freedonia for the craziest show at Brighton Fringe. Four musicians with a secret, a girl in a green velvet dress, stowaways, a Mediterranean monarch, and unforgettable swing-era-style songs make Jerry Rulf (The Spudguns) and Brian Mitchell's (The Ministry of Biscuits) madcap tribute to the Marx Bros. and Hope & Crosby a must-see musical comedy. Starring David Mounfield ('Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show' R4).

Awards for previous Foundry Group shows include an Argus Angel (2014) Best Theatre Production (Buxton Fringe 2011) & FringeGuru Editor's Choice (2011)

6:45pm to 7:45pm
Reuben Hunter: The Hoard Reuben Hunter

Reuben Hunter has a problem. A problem with 'The Hoard'.

How much stuff is too much stuff? When does saving something for a rainy day become hoarding? Are you keeping hold of things because you're afraid of letting other things go?

Part happy, part sad, part silly, but altogether funny, 'The Hoard' is a stand-up comedy show about mess, junk and baggage - the stuff we accumulate, and the reasons why. This show from fresh comic talent promises big things, or at least a lot of them

7:00pm to 8:00pm
John Pendal: Family John Pendal

John Pendal returns with a preview of his new solo stand-up comedy show 'Family'.

His first two shows, 'International Man of Leather' and 'How to Escape From Stuff', went on to tour Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Edmonton, Melbourne and Rome.

"Fringe brilliance" ***** (Broadway Baby)

"Engaging and hilarious throughout" **** (EdFest Magazine)

"An extremely important and funny show ... definitely not to be missed!” **** (Arts Award Voice)

7:00pm to 7:50pm
Bear North Brainfruit

4 stars A show with a dancing bear might sound barbaric… but relax, this particular bear wants to dance. There it stands at the side of the stage, the broadest of smiles on its big brown head, elegantly shimmying its big brown paws in time to Cajun folk songs. The songs are provided by a trio of musicians, who come from Brighton but tell us they're somehow in Canada, and a travelling poet has also tagged along. Oh – and did I mention that the bear is wearing a cheerful summery dress? Read the full review.

A comic combo including a dancing bear - yep, probably the only show in the Fringe to have one. Created by multi-award-winning comedian and director Roy Hutchins - recent winner of the ‘Best ensemble production’ at the Wellington Fringe for ‘Fiery Tongues’. This new show conjures up cajun folk n’ blues on bears, beavers, bugs and buffalos. Sue Bradley (Perrier winner for her work with Pookiesnackenburger) is on fiddle, Dr Blue’s on guitar, Roy’s on synth and we’re proud to introduce the golden voice of Caitlin Mckeon and the dancing talents of her brother Tom - aka THE BEAR

7:00pm to 8:00pm
BA Theatre Arts Graduate Shows Northbrook MET

Why now? Why this? Why me? Who cares? Lots of questions and very few answers. Share our reactions to this wonderfully strange, impossibly loud and constantly changing world that we call... 2018.

Experience the fevered and hungry minds of the graduating year of the Met’s premier BA
Theatre Arts programme presenting a series of unapologetic theatrical experiments with compelling, if questionable, outcomes.

A showcase of innovative and curious stuff from the performers, puppets, make-up artists, costume, set and props makers of tomorrow.

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Ceyda Tanc Youth Dance Ceyda Tanc Dance Company

Ceyda Tanc Dance, with three different programmes of cutting edge and dynamic contemporary dance, works with influences of Ceyda's traditional Turkish folk dance heritage. Ceyda's interests lie in challenging traditional gender representation in a contemporary context.

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Black White with a Hash Brown Joe Bains

A tale of three colours.

The show starts as pristine white in Bethnal Green and devolves to brown in Whitechapel, finally complete blackness in the heart of Leyton; it looks at ourselves and at society through our filters of colour.

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Drunk With A Pen Joseph J Clark

Poetry for the drinking classes: Joseph J Clark performs 13.5 poems about drink and drinking. Earnest, endearing, and occasionally exciting poetry from the very bottom of the bottle.

Featuring a support set from Rachel Shorer.

"Performance poetry at its most accessible... a bit like being in the pub with a more interesting raconteur than you can usually rustle up" (Broadway Baby)

7:00pm to 9:00pm
Persuasion Theatre6

Theatre6’s world premiere of Jane Austen’s final novel, Persuasion, adapted for the stage by acclaimed playwright Stephanie Dale and directed by Theatre6's award winning Kate McGregor.

Anne Elliot was young and in love. Engaged to the dashing but poor naval officer, Commander Wentworth, her ambitious family tore them apart. Years later, the tables have turned and a chance encounter could lead Anne towards the true love she has yearned for or a life forever alone.

Filled with live music, drama, laughter and romance from a cast of actors and musicans, Theatre6’s Persuasion is not to be missed.

“A rewarding, haunting evening” (The Telegraph)

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Bomb Sex Weeman Productions

It's the 1980s, 'the troubles' in Northern Ireland are at their height, but many just want to get their leg over. "I love a man in uniform, even if he's a terrorist", "when sleeping with a soldier, it's not the clap you need to worry about, it's tarring and feathering", "but make sure you always make love to your husband after the bingo". A dark comedy written and performed by Fintan Shevlin based on the explosive relationship between Ireland and England told by those trapped within it. One man. Eight voices.

7:00pm to 8:45pm
The Lady Boys of Bangkok: Wonder Women Tour Exchange Events Ltd

Celebrating 20 diamante decorated years, the Lady boys ‘Wonder Women’ tour takes the UK's number one cabaret show to a new level. With some of your favourites from the last 20 glorious years re-imagined, added to new scenes of spectacular costumes, choreography and of course hilarious comedy! The glamour of Hollywood and the glitz of Las Vegas, with more songs and big-scale musical production numbers than you could point a perfumed glove at. A cabaret like no other cabaret, performed by girls like no other girls!

7:15pm to 8:15pm
Anna Morris: Under the Sea (Work in Progress) CatFace Talent

A brand new show from the creator of award-winning wedding comedy 'It's Got to be Perfect'. The critically acclaimed character comic invites you onto Britain's lowest budget cruise ship to meet her new creations. Join your guide Janene as you set sail from Hull to Portsmouth. Meet the on-board entertainers and bring your own life-jacket...

This is the 5th show from Anna Morris, star of Channel 4's 'Lee & Dean' and viral YouTube series, 'Georgina's Wedding Blogs'.

"Morris has the X Factor" ***** (Edinburgh Guide)
"A master of character comedy" (British Comedy Guide)
**** (The Stage)

7:30pm to 10:00pm
Hamlet '18 All the Worlds a Space

Hamlet has spiralled into a deep depression and is hell bent on self-destruction. His personal relationships have all but been destroyed. As a result, his life is now falling apart, and yet he continues to plunge himself into a pit of oblivion.

But are his feelings fair and justified, or is he trapped in an addictive cycle of self-pity? Whilst retaining use of Shakespeare's original text, this modern adaptation exposes the dark reality of Hamlet's anger, guilt, pain and fear.

This is the first production by a new Sussex-based theatre company.

See our website for local acting workshops.

7:30pm to 9:00pm
The Lives They Left Behind Miskin Theatre

We are your brother, your sister, your mother, your father, the man across the street. Racks of suitcases, labelled, and layered in bird droppings. A secret history, untouched for many years. The Miskin Theatre Company lifts the lid on the lives of the forgotten patients of the Willard State Hospital, to share the emotional stories and poignant memories from 'The Lives They Left Behind'.

Touch tours available on request, please email to book.

7:30pm to 8:30pm
Tight 5 Showcase Mystery Meat Club

Fast-paced, club-style stand-up comedy, featuring four of the best new stand-up talents from the South East. All the acts take part in a weekly show throughout the year, where comics are forced to write five minutes of new material each week. This is them doing their best stuff.

7:30pm to 8:30pm
Matt Price : Frequently Anxious Man Laughing Horse Comedy

Friendly Cornish Giant Matt Price was going out with a woman. The only problem is that she wasn't going out with him. Matt was blissfully unaware of this and spent a year or so of his life looking like the world's worst stalker. The incident triggered a memory from his childhood that he has never heard anyone else talk about. Now he finds the whole experience, as bleak as it sometimes was, to be very funny.

Find out why he pretended to like Death Metal, why he loves bad performance-poetry and how a five-foot-one Glaswegian woman saved his life.

"Fearlessly funny" **** (The Scotsman)

7:30pm to 8:30pm
Leonard Bernstein at 100 MOOT - music of our time

May 9: Bernstein 'Three Meditations from "Mass"', Benjamin Britten Sonata in C, Op.65, Aaron Copland 'Waltz & Celebration from"Billy the Kid"' for cello & piano - Anna Litvinenko.

May 16: Bernstein Clarinet and Violin Sonatas, Igor Stravinsky 'Three pieces for Clarinet', Morton Feldman 'For Aaron Copland', David Rakowski 'Anniversary' (UK premiere) - Rachel Gorman, Steve Dummer.

May 23: Bernstein 'Halil' for flute, piano & percussion, Messiaen 'Le Merle Noir' - Rebecca Griffiths, Daniel Lauro, Norman Jacobs.

May 30: Songs by Bernstein, Sondheim, Weill - Mehreen Shah, Zhanna Kemp.

7:30pm to 8:20pm
Victorious Tiny Horse Promotions

A celebration of songs written by and inspired by Victoria Wood. Join Hannah Brackenbury (Musical Comedy Awards finalist 2016) as she presents a joyful and poignant musical tribute to the late, great comedian and songwriter, combining well-known favourites plus original material inspired by her work.

7:30pm to 8:45pm
Ghost Walk of the Lanes Ghost Walk of the Lanes

The Fringe programme’s Tours section is always fun to dip into, and this gleefully melodramatic circuit of Brighton’s labyrinthine Lanes is even more entertaining than most. Playing firmly for laughs, not scares, your black-caped guide packs plenty of storytelling into a comparatively short walk, as you wave back and forth through the secret squares and hidden alleyways of the old town. Take note, however, this is no place for cynics: wilful over-acting is part of the fun, and it’s a whole lot more enjoyable if you “ooh” and “aah” along.

'Ghost Walk of the Lanes' is a 75 minute tour of Brighton's oldest and most haunted quarter where hardly a street or lane does not have a spectral connection. Join Silas, Jasper of Ebenezer, all suitably dressed in full Victorian attire, and hear tales of hideous apparitions, poltergeists, gruesome murders and wandering spirits.

Tours also embrace much of the history of The Lanes. Stories are all based on long-established accounts of hauntings but are delivered with a good deal of comic respite.

7:30pm to 9:00pm
Last Orders Micronian Theatre Productions

Micronian Theatre make their return to the stage with their first original two-act play and debut at Brighton Fringe, fundraising for our charities, The Clock Tower Sanctuary and the Dogs Trust.

An ordinary Friday night at the pub turns into anything but ordinary, as the paths of friends and strangers cross. As drinks are shared secrets are exposed, shattering dreams and destroying lives. Who has blood on their hands?

Written by Mike Black.

7:30pm to 8:30pm
Gender Euphoria James Lorien MacDonald

'Gender Euphoria' is James Lorien MacDonald's second solo stand-up show, and this time he's taking on as many aspects of gender as will fit in his chaotic, mesmerising brain. These are not the dick jokes you're used to. To begin with, he's a transgender, gay immigrant in Finland. From the joys of fake-it-til-you-make-it masculinity, to the things you can (or should never) do with a detachable penis, expect a load of stories so hilarious they simply must be true. If, by the end of the show, you aren't questioning your own gender and sexuality, you must be truly immune.

This production is part of Brighton Fringe's Finnish Season 2018; it is also part of our Arts Industry Showcase, WINDOW.

7:30pm to 8:30pm
Lucy Hopkins: Le Foulard Lucy Hopkins

Touring the world and winner of awards, artistic sensation Le Foulard comes to the charming seaside town of Brighton to be performed in a tent.

Making a mockery of artistic pretension and a glorious celebration of all of our creative juices, Le Foulard is a brilliant existential comedy dressed up as artistic physical theatre.

Starring a medley of characters, overwhelmed by a love of a show-stopping song and performed using only a scarf. This, ladies and gentlemen, is an art show, made with love by an idiot.

“A woman flailing about onstage with a veil has never been so brilliant” ***** (Broadway Baby)

7:30pm to 8:30pm
Harriet Kemsley's New Show United Agents

Harriet’s back in Brighton and she's brushed her hair specially. You might have seen her TV series on VICELAND 'Bobby and Harriet Get Married', in Channel 4 sitcom ‘Damned’ or as an awkward waitress in 'Doctor Foster'.

"A quirky, refreshingly charming comedian at the dawn of her TV career" (Radio Times)

**** (The Scotsman)
**** (EdFest Magazine)
**** (Broadway World)
**** (Voice Magazine)

7:45pm to 10:05pm
King Charles III Brighton Little Theatre

Queen Elizabeth II is dead. After a lifetime of waiting, her son ascends to the throne. A future of power. But how to rule?

Mike Bartlett’s controversial and critically-acclaimed King Charles III explores the people beneath the crown, the unwritten rules of our democracy and the conscience of Britain’s most famous family.

This intriguing and inspired political drama, offers a timely examination of contemporary Britain, with a true Shakespearean form.

7:45pm to 9:10pm
Standard:Elite Hidden Track Theatre

There are two types of ticket.
Everyone gets a Standard ticket.
You have to earn an Elite ticket.

Together we're going to tell a story... of a girl from Lowground spun from spider web, and a boy from Highground carved out of clouds.

Standard:Elite is a playful, interactive theatre experience about class, privilege and social mobility that's accessible and, above all, fun.

There are two types of ticket. There aren't two types of people.

Winner of the GM Fringe Award for Best New Writing 2016.

"Fantastically entertaining" (Now Then magazine)
"All-round delightful" (State of the Arts)

7:45pm to 8:55pm
The Sorrowful Tale of Sleeping Sidney Barely Human Puppets

4 stars It's one of the stranger stories from Brighton's chequered past: a spate of poisonings in 1871, tracked in the end to strychnine-laced chocolates. And this gothic comedy of a puppet show is fittingly dainty and sweet; performed with miniature glove puppets on an adorable fold-out set, it's full of knowing humour, yet still does justice to the grotesque historical tale. Read the full review.

A grotesque, darkly comic Victorian story of obsessive love, murder, and confectionery. Seven lavish glove-puppets and one narrator-puppeteer bring you this tale inspired by the real Brighton Chocolate Cream Poisoner of 1871: sugary, but certainly not sweet!

"Gloriously gothic and surprisingly funny" (Exeunt Magazine)

8:00pm to 10:00pm
Hard Rain - Barb Jungr sings Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen Barb Jungr

Cult Cabaret legend five-stars worldwide Jungr’s Dylan and Cohen interpretations are groundbreaking.
Billy Bragg called her "possibly our greatest interpreter of Dylan's songs” and she’s no slouch with Leonard Cohen.

Hard Rain brings together these two colossal songwriters, reinterpreting their most political and monumental work. With material drawn from her 2014 album of the same name, this is dark, potent and angry stuff.

Fortunately, these brilliant writers’ sardonic wit coupled with Barb’s unquenchable life force and freewheeling humour make this a thrilling and cathartic evening.

8:00pm to 9:00pm
The Return of Reuxberre Bereré Reuxberre Bereré

Careering from his glittering ex-career as an incomparably successful composer-performer on Broadway, Reuxberre Bereré spends just one preciously distilled hour showcasing his greatest hits in an attempt to restore his former resplendence whilst reminiscing on a life both, thwarted and triumphant in equal measure.
'Enchanting.' **** (The Independent),
'Quite simply a joy to watch.' ****( TIME OUT CRITICS CHOICE ),
'Devilishly charming.' **** (The Stage),
Off West End Nominated,
'Polished to Perfection. ' ***** (Reviews Hub),
'A frisson of Naughtiness.' **** (Broadway Baby),
'Steals scenes like John Barrowman on Speed.' (What’s on Stage).

8:00pm to 9:15pm
Antony and Cleopatra Unmasked Theatre

3 stars According to the blurb, this off-the-wall version of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra is inspired by the Profumo Affair. I'm not sure I'd have realised that if they hadn't told me, but it's an evocative milieu all the same: amidst the seething tensions of 1960's London, Mark Antony is a political leader, and Cleopatra a dancer in a high-class nightclub. Antony's fascination with Cleo is stirring up scandal – and his political rivals sense the opportunity to take him down. Read the full review.

London 1963: a summer of parties and elections. Cabaret star Cleopatra catches the eye of the people's candidate, Marc Antony, setting in motion events that will change the nature of British politics forever. Inspired by the Profumo scandal, Unmasked Theatre present a dazzling re-imagining of Shakespeare's classic love story combining cabaret, historical events and live music.

Unmasked Theatre, The Writers Bloc (Nominated for Best New Play, Brighton Fringe 2017), and Cream return to Brighton Fringe following a sellout show in 2017.

8:00pm to 10:00pm
The Noise Next Door’s Comedy Lock-In The Noise Next Door Ltd

The sell-out smash hit returns to Brighton with a hefty dose of 'The Noise Next Door’s' trademark off-the-cuff madness, two stand-up stars and some once-in-a-lifetime comedy curiosities.

After two sell-out seasons at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and regular shows around the country, 'The Comedy Lock-In' is becoming the must-see show for comedy fans nationwide.

"Hilarious... a superior kind of chaos" (The Daily Telegraph)

"Comedy gold" (The Guardian)

"Immaculately well executed" (The Times)

8:15pm to 9:15pm
Jake Baker: Work in Progress Jake Baker has a company now?

Up-and-coming comedian Jake Baker (twice nominated for the BBC New Comedy Award) brings his first solo hour to Brighton. Expect beguiling stories and big belly laughs as he examines success, failure, identity and pork pies.

"Definitely endearing" (Chortle)
"Imaginative and original" (The Scotsman)

8:20pm to 9:20pm
David McIver is a Nice Little Man David McIver

Wow, it's time for the debut hour of comedy from hot ticket and nice friend David McIver! That's right girls and boys, your special little man is all grown up and raring to do some of his high-spirited absurdist nonsense and silly characters.

"A refreshing breath of air in every sense." **** (Broadway Baby)

"Unique, silly... a fascinating blend of high nonsense." **** (The Mumble)

Selected for the BBC New Comedy Award 2017.

8:25pm to 9:25pm
Mr D’s Tales of Myth and Legend The Other Realm Theatre Company

3 stars Mr D doesn't fit my stereotyped idea of a storyteller. For a start, the outfit's all wrong: he comes with bright red shoes, a swirly-patterned shirt, and an equally irreverent attitude to the stories he's going to tell. Together with his right-hand woman, Ebony Nightshade – who should really have equal billing in the title, since she has an equal role in the performance – he tells a quick-fire collection of stories from around the UK and Ireland, in a rough-and-ready but entertaining show. Read the full review.

Come on a journey back in time as Mr D regales you with fabulous tales of ghosts, monsters, the Devil, and more. Storytelling and theatre combine to bring these myths and legends to life in a fast, funny and noisy hour-long show. An array of props and a bit of help from the audience will make this a night to remember!

8:30pm to 10:00pm
Laughing Horse Pick of the Fringe Laughing Horse Comedy

A selection of the very best in stand-up comedy at Brighton Fringe.

A succulent smorgasbord of fantastically funny stand-up comedy headliners alongside the best in fresh new talent, with five different comics selected daily from shows all around Brighton Fringe. Sell-out shows at festivals worldwide including Melbourne, Adelaide and Edinburgh.

"A cracking comedy selection" ***** (Cream of the Fringe)

"A fantastic night of comedy" **** (ThreeWeeks)

"Kept the crowd well entertained" **** (Rip It Up)

"A Strong show of fresh comedy" **** (The Argus)

8:30pm to 9:30pm
Many Trump Refugees in One Body Another Country Productions

A panicked run to Canada...
A partner who only wants to keep her job at Harvard..
And a secret you never wanted to tell...
What could possibly go wrong?

Many Trump Refugees in One Body is the hilarious story of Lyralen Kaye’s surprising prescience about Trump... and her absolute ignorance about what it takes to immigrate to Canada. Combining storytelling, physical theatre and stand-up comedy, this all-too-true story is a roller coaster of immigration challenges, long-term marriage comedy, and coming face-to-face with the need to accept yourself... while you wait to see if you get in.

8:45pm to 9:45pm
Bisha K Ali's Life is A Work In Progress Get Comedy in association with Dabster Productions

Bisha K Ali brings a work in progress show to Brighton Fringe. As heard on The Guilty Feminist, BBC Asian Network and seen on BBC 3, this rising star of the UK circuit makes the political personal with her original, inventive voice. Come for the jokes, stay for the heartbreak. Sell-out show 2017.

8:45pm to 9:45pm
Adele Cliff: Sheep (Work in Progress) Laughing Horse

Adele Cliff, Dave's Top 15 Funniest Jokes of the Fringe 2017 and 2016, brings her brand-new show 'Sheep' to Brighton! Packed with gags, anecdotes and fun, this work-in-progress show is sure to amuse. Full of great new jokes to wow ewe all, flock in for some of the best comedy to be herd.

"I find her really annoying to watch, as I'm constantly kicking myself for not having thought of those gags first" (Gary Delaney)

9:00pm to 10:00pm
Gypsy Queen Hope Theatre Company

The Marlborough Theatre is known for its strong LGBT+ programme, and Gypsy Queen looks like a fine continuation of that heritage. The story of two boxers, each struggling – in different ways – to understand their own sexuality, it's picked up strong reviews from earlier runs; critics have highlighted its tight plotting, array of believable characters, and ultimately hopeful message. With homophobia in sport still a depressingly relevant topic, this tried-and-tested show is sure to do well on its short run in Brighton.

Can two men raised to fight ever learn to love?

The story of ‘Gorgeous’ George O’Connell: traveller, bare-knuckle fighter, hero to his people and Gypsy King. George leaves this life behind and enters the world of professional boxing, which puts him on a collision course with his roots, his identity and his greatest fear.

In the opposite corner, gay boxer Dane ‘The Pain’ Samson, the young pretender and son of a boxing legend. But Dane is fighting his own battles and they will ultimately lead to a tragedy that neither man could predict.

9:00pm to 10:00pm
Joe Black - Touch of Evil: A Celebration of Villainy in Song Joe Black

Celebrating the musical numbers of the finest villains, evil doers, baddies and the downright despicable.

Infamous cabaret miscreant Joe Black invites you to indulge in the glorious and mysteriously lime green hues of the dark side and find out why it feels so good to be bad.

Joined by their terminally bewildered henchwoman Friedrich Hollandaise on piano, Joe Black will celebrate the baddest in the land.

So be prepared you poor unfortunate souls and trust in me, as we connect to our friends on the other side.

Mirror mirror on the wall... Who’s the most evil one of all?

9:00pm to 10:30pm
La Clique Spiegeltent International Pty Ltd

If I've got my sums right, this is La Clique's fifteenth year on the festival circuit – and they've consistently picked up four- and five-star reviews for their spicy mix of circus, cabaret, vaudeville and burlesque. You can expect a show that's a little bit racy, a little bit subversive, and crammed with a lot of variety – as a series of acts takes their turn in the spotlight, accompanied by a live house band. Tickets aren't cheap in Fringe terms, but you get ninety minutes of solid entertainment, and the bedrock of a good night out.

The international sensation 'La Clique' returns to Brighton after far too many moons... with an amazing lineup and seven-piece band. Far more than the original indescribably bizarre cabaret sideshow spectacular; 'La Clique' keeps pushing the boundaries of new vaudeville and subversion with a show that is every bit live concert as adult variety show. From the subterranean world of circus, comedy, cabaret, variety, magic, burlesque and subversive performance clubs.

"What a show... sexy and saucy, glitzy and glittery, naughty and... " (Edinburgh Review Christmas 17)
"Turns up the heat... a triumph!" (The Stage)

9:00pm to 10:00pm
The Spark Factory Spun Glass Theatre

Now the opening weekend's died down, it's a chance to branch out and try something genuinely different and new. Which is exactly the role of Spark Factory, a venture from locally-based Spun Glass Theatre, which offers the stage to a different mentored experimental work each night. This is early-stage material, and not all of it will work – if the truth be told, the one I caught last year was a dud – but whatever happens you get the thrill of discovery, and there's potential for high reward. And you'll know you're supporting a local cooperative, as well.

Spun Glass Theatre present 'The Spark Factory': a powerhouse of new, bold and daring performance ideas. The curated programme this year includes spoken word, puppetry, dance, music and new writing.

Seven different artists perform on seven different nights. See our website for the full programme.

9:00pm to 10:00pm
Lippy Word of Mouth Theatre

Rachel has been in awe of funny women her whole life, and now, a quarter of a century in and feeling daunted by the ‘Beach-Body ready’ and ‘BIC pens for Her’ culture she needs to channel these strong women more than ever.

Join Rachel as she revisits defining moments from her teens and twenties in 'LIPPY', an innovative, semi-autobiographical lip-sync show exploring gender and authenticity.

"Causer reminds us of how hard it is to be young, female and desperately trying to play a game you don’t know the rules of yet." (A Younger Theatre)

"Enormously funny and enjoyable show" **** (ActDrop)

9:15pm to 10:15pm
What's it all about, eh? The Musical (Work in Progress) Hassan Dervish

This is a jam-packed musical comedy performance of fun storytelling rhymes set to an original soundtrack. Hassan Dervish’s act features a range of characters and stories of modern life that everyone will be able to identify with, including the hits ‘Horse in an Uber’ and ‘Excel Spreadsheet’.

He will resonate with fans of comedy who go along with something silly and catchy.

Semi-Finalist: Amused Moose 2016
Finalist: Comedy Virgins Max Turner Prize 2017
As heard on Talk Radio hosted by Iain Lee

9:30pm to 10:30pm
WordShow Company Gavin Robertson

Sardonic, wry, satirical, occasionally angry or surprisingly poignant, Greg Byron delivers original poems about life, the universe and everything(ish), plus word portraits and his unique 55 word stories. Part poetry, part storytelling, part stand-up. Appearing after recent shows at Brighton Fringe, Adelaide Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe.

"Like seeing John Cooper Clarke snog Pam Ayres while John Hegley watches" (BBC)
“Compelling to watch” ***** (The Guardian)
“A masterful performer with hypnotic delivery” ***** (Reviews Hub)

9:30pm to 10:30pm
Gingzilla: Glamonster Vs The World Gingzilla

The multi-award winning 7ft GLAMONSTER is on a mission to CONQUER THE WORLD.

Set in a 1950's drive-in movie (Godzilla, Attack of the 50ft Woman, King Kong), experience this behemoth sized Bearded Lady-Man as she tears up the stage, questions your orientation and leaves you gagging for more!!!

"With legs for days and an even more amazing voice... " (The Advertiser)
**** (1/2 Glam Adelaide)
**** (Broadway World)
**** (EdFestival Magazine)
**** (Fritz Magazine)

Winner of Best Cabaret Adelaide Fringe 2017
Winner of Innovation Award Adelaide Fringe 2017

Director: Dierdre Mclaughin

9:30pm to 10:30pm
Metamorphosis Different Theatre

4 stars You know Kafka's Metamorphosis, of course; the tale of a man called Gregor, who wakes up one morning to find he's become an insect. But do you really know the story? What about the other characters – do you know anything of their lives? This clever, free-handed, but ultimately faithful adaptation is narrated by Gregor's sister Grete… drawing parallels with her own metamorphosis from girl into woman, and offering an interesting interpretation of Gregor's transformation as well. Read the full review.

Kafka's Metamorphosis is a Fringe favourite, and with its tale of a man becoming an insect, it's particularly suited to physical interpretation. But this version is different, because the focus is on Grete – sister to Gregor Samsa, the man who famously undergoes the transformation. Reviews of an earlier performance in Brighton are encouraging, suggesting that the script draws parallels between Gregor's metamorphosis and the changes experienced by the adolescent Grete… and all the while, the outside world is transforming, too.

One morning as Greta Samsa was waking from anxious dreams she discovered that in bed she had changed.

Bringing a female perspective on Franz Kafka’s classic tale Metamorphosis, this lyrical and physical one-woman show explores how Greta navigates the shifting dynamics of the family household, and her inner transformation from child to woman.

Featuring the “classily brilliant” Heather-Rose Andrews ('Fannytasticals', 'Cacophony') and written/directed by Sam Chittenden ('So You Say' - “A small gem of inward acrobatics”; 'Moving Slowly' - “haunting & heartening”; 'Underworlds' - “perfectly constructed").

9:30pm to 10:20pm
Birds Junior Productions

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Birds - we're Birds.

Join us as we pluck the feather of funny from the raven of wryness and tickle you under the armpit of wit. Expect sharp, snappy, and surreal sketch comedy. With added feathers.

Performed by Amy Spinks and Leila Nashef, this is the sketch duo's debut Fringe hour. But it isn't rubbish. Promise.

"Completely infectious" - Chortle.

FINALISTS Leicester Square Theatre Sketch Off! 2018

9:30pm to 10:30pm
Last Orders at the Dog and Dumplings Boogaloo Stu

Boogaloo Stu and Flick Ferdinando’s dark comedy ‘Last Orders At The Dog And Dumplings’ is an uproarious and merciless exposé of the cold-blooded takeover striking our communities in the name of regeneration.

Faced with imminent closure, publicans Kevin and Babs Chisholm from The Dog and Dumplings take on the big boys in this musical tale of a busy boozer doing battle with dodgy developers. As the wrecking ball swings ever closer, could Kev and Babs end up under clingfilm in their own meat raffle, or will they make mincemeat of the developers?

Directed by David Bernstein and Ed G

9:40pm to 10:30pm
Life is a Caba-Rach Rachel Sambrooks

Feel-good stand-up show on how to love life even when it’s rubbish. From Rachel Sambrooks, writer/performer finalist Sitcom Trials 2016, semi-finalist Old Comedian of the Year 2016/2017, finalist Birmingham New Act competition, finalist Laughing Horse Big New Act competition, comedy writer with credits on BBC’s 'Newsjack' and 'World Cup Tapes'.

“Warm, earthy and innovative” (We Are Most Amused, Northampton)
“Brilliant” (BBC Radio 5 Live)

9:50pm to 10:50pm
The Erebus Project Mulling Over Productions

4 stars The best concepts in science fiction aren't the showy ones, but the ones which serve as jumping-off points for a believable human story. So it is with The Erebus Project – which ostensibly is about a near-future technology for reading dying people's minds. But in reality, this quiet yet powerful four-hander is about the value of companionship; about how some losses needn't be forever, and how important it is to talk things through before it's time to say goodbye. Read the full review.

Sam wants to know if there is an afterlife and thinks he can prove it. Can he convince Aurora, a terminal patient, to take part in his science experiment? Should her doctor and daughter let her participate? Will it even work?

10:00pm to 11:00pm
William Andrews: Willy Teamwonderful

Hi, It’s been a while. I wrote a new show and it’s good – at least *I* think it is. There is always a chance I’m completely deluded and should just give up and get a job making kitchen doors, because I’m good at making kitchen doors - unless I’m completely deluded on both fronts [sic]. I really don’t know what i’d do then – lifeguard maybe? Don’t let that put you off, it hasn’t me. Ask around. I’m cult. It’s sits somewhere between stand-up and theatre – super visual, with tons of ideas to keep it fast and on it’s toes. Hamish Macdougall is directing, and he’s incredible. Come. Do.

Touch tours available on request, please email to book.

10:00pm to 11:00pm
Nicoletta Wylde is Afraid of the Dark Babble Ghanoush Productions

What happens to our minds when the lights go out? 'Nicoletta Wylde is Afraid of the Dark' is a semi-autobiographical storytelling spoken word show about living with night terrors.

Set in the backdrop of the therapist’s office, Wylde brings her unique brand of surreal and bloody prose-performance to a journey through the monsters in the dark and just how much it takes to vanquish them.

“Heart-piercing spoken word” (Hook Magazine)
“Dark and obscure... always mesmerising” (The Independent Voice)

10:00pm to 10:55pm
Whose Tweet Was it Anyway? Eat My Powder Productions

Team captains Phil Jerrod and Sean McLoughlin go head to head in the funniest twitter battle since Donald Trump vs Kim Jong Un. The only difference being that they've both got tiny red buttons which just operate a buzzer. UN Peacekeeper/quizmaster Neil Dagley and the boys will be joined by four high profile guests every night. See website for line-ups.

Phil Jerrod: "Casual Brilliance" (The Guardian)
Sean McLoughlin: **** “One brilliant punchline after another” (The List)
Neil Dagley: **** "Hilarious" (The Skinny)

10:00pm to 10:45pm
The Trouble with Being Born Romanian Victor Patrascan

Victor Pãtrãscan is Romanian, but nobody's perfect. Victor brings this very personal stand-up comedy show in which he tackles identity, film and death. This is what other comedians have said about Victor:

“Unbelievable” (Dangerous T)

“A delightful burp of art” (Jack Brooks)

“Insightful, deadpan and utterly charming” (Sindhu Vee)

“Singular comedic voice” (Chris Betts)

“Tall” (Elena Fedotova)

10:15pm to 11:15pm
Giantology Michael Hackett

“Fall off your bar-stool funny!” (Barry from some pub in London)
“Uplifting” (Barry’s mate as he clambers back onto his)

But don’t take their word for it...

As part of a world tour, Michael Hackett rips apart the status quo. From misfit dentist to acid-tongued comedian, this 6’7 giant will challenge the way you think on every level.

10:30pm to 11:20pm
Brodi Snook: Babe Brodi Snook

Brighton's favourite Australian import Brodi Snook takes a break from her career as a foot model (selling photos of toes to foot perverts for cash) and having panic attacks in train station toilets to debut her solo show. Laser sharp writing and cerebral smart-arsery. Come along, babe.

As heard on BBC4 Extra (BBC New Act Competition) and TalkRadio.

10:30pm to 11:30pm
BIG FAT GAY Martin J Dixon

For the first time at Brighton Fringe, Martin brings you 'BIG FAT GAY'. This is comedy about being gay and fat and totally fine as well. In his usual candid and heinous style, Martin is vicious and foul but desperate to be liked. His unfiltered internal monologue is liked by adults of all ages and persuasions, so long as up-the-butt stuff doesn’t offend you.

11:00pm to 12:00am
Bag of Swedes Pernilla Hammargren Productions

Three comedians, three styles of comedy. They have one thing in common: they're female comedians from Sweden. 'Bag of Swedes' is a 60-minute stand-up showcase with three up-and-coming comedy stars.

Therese Sandin has performed in the UK, Ireland and the US and is now on tour as a support act to Johan Glans.

Josefin Johansson appears regularly on TV shows such as Swedish 'QI', and has been nominated for 'Best Swedish Female Comedian' two years in a row.

Pernilla Hammargren, runs an award-winning, feministic stand-up club in Stockholm and tours with her solo show "Homo Aloneo".