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10:00am to 8:00pm
Children's Area: The Den Otherplace Productions

The Den is a new purpose-built family-friendly area at The Warren. Bringing together a strong community of children’s charities, workshops and local business owners , The Den will provide play facilities and creative projects.

The Den will encompass a beautiful covered play area and a spacious, colourful outdoor space filled with toys and play equipment, providing a safe space for children to play freely as well as a space for creative workshops and local businesses to showcase their products.

11:00am to 7:00pm
Know My Neighbour Pop Up Cafe Know My Neighbour

Join the Know My Neighbour campaign for a week of free activities and performances to encourage neighbourliness in our city! Come and be entertained, connect with others and all whilst drinking the best coffee in Brighton and eating amazing food provided by local organisations. Workshops in drama, poetry & craft, acoustic music, quizzes and films. Full listing of events and times can be found on our website:

1:00pm to 1:30pm
Lunchtime Performances BBC Sussex

BBC Sussex is delighted to be a radio supporter of Brighton Fringe 2016.
Tune in on 95.3FM for regular updates on the Allison Ferns Afternoon Show, plus join us for special lunchtime performances in our live lounge!
For more information, like our Facebook page:

3:00pm to 4:00pm
The Bookbinder Trick of the Light Theatre

This finely-honed fairytale won plaudits at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, for both its engaging storytelling and its creatively magical puppetry.  Telling the cautionary tale of an apprentice book-maker who finds himself drawn into a story, the lone narrator turns the pages of a beautifully-crafted pop-up book, with shadow-play and music helping to build an absorbing, immersive scene.  With echoes of Neil Gaiman, the show’s really meant for kids but open-minded grown-ups will enjoy it too.

"They say you can get lost in a good book.
But it’s worse to get lost in a bad one... "

A story of mystery, magic and mayhem; weaving shadowplay, paper art, puppetry, and music into an original dark fairytale. An award-winning solo performance for adults and older children.

"A must-see gem" ****½ (The West Australian, Perth)

"With storytelling of the highest quality, Trick Of The Light have created something truly beautiful here." ***** (Three Weeks, Edinburgh)

4:00pm to 5:30pm
Aquarium History Tour: Sea Life Brighton Jackie Marsh-Hobbs

A unique opportunity to go off the public route and learn about the remarkable history of the world's oldest operating aquarium. Illustrated talk looking at the grand opening in 1872, the alterations and uses of the building, including entertainment. Then a tour of the grade II*-listed building, going behind the impressive Gothic-style Victorian arcade. Discover more about the structure, decorative features and recent restoration.Ticket includes day entry to the Sea Life centre before the tour.

4:40pm to 5:30pm
Owl Time Morpheus Theatre

Matchgirl is a refugee at a real camp in France, named Jungle in the media. As in the fairytale, she dreams of better times. The camp has been by Calais for years and there is still no electricity or water - an environmental disaster. Suffering from shell-shock she imagines her gran and her to return to her farm, but she starts working in a sweatshop for dreams, as others flee floods and dunes.

5:00pm to 7:00pm
The Moscow State Circus The European Events Corporation Ltd

It’s pushing the definition of “Fringe”, but based on past experience, this big-name big-top circus is pretty much certain to please.  Last time we reviewed it in 2014, we remarked that it feels traditional without seeming dated – with breath-taking acts coming thick and fast, each building to a seemingly impossible crescendo.  This year’s show is themed on a Russian folklore story, of an enchanted garden and a mysterious flower whose seven petals each grant a wish.

The Moscow State Circus returns to the UK with its latest, greatest production, 'The Flower with Seven Colours'. Seven wishes to be made by the beautiful Zhenya. Aided by Wizard Wacko, who grants her wishes, and crazy sidekick Natalia Mezenceva along with a multitude of flying, back flipping, juggling, wire walking, roller skating performers, the tale unfolds. One by one her wishes are granted in our magical, mystical garden. But will her wishes make her dreams come true? Come along and see!

5:40pm to 6:30pm
Beards! Beards! Beards! Trick of the Light / Show Pony

We don’t know a huge amount about this newish family show – but it’s from the company behind Edinburgh hit The Bookbinder, and that in itself is enough to recommend it.  Telling the story of a young girl who’d rather have a beard than a tiara, it features three actors, a range of historical figures and more than twenty examples of facial hair.  Reviews from its native New Zealand praise its eccentric humour, clever set, and subtle lessons about breaking free from outdated gender roles.

"Beatrix didn’t want a tiara. Beatrix wanted a Beard!"

From New Zealand’s award-winning company Trick of the Light Theatre ('The Bookbinder') comes a tale of one young girl’s increasingly inventive efforts to grow the world’s most magnificent beard.

Armed with bubble bath and canned spaghetti, join a madcap and hilarious musical romp, as our plucky young heroine shakes up social rules and attempts to answer the questions that have puzzled mankind since the dawn of the beard.

6:00pm to 9:00pm
Drawing Circus Drawing Circus

An extravaganza of themed figure-drawing. Come sketch with us as models in circus costume are frozen mid-act for your drawing delight. All abilities are welcome and drawing materials are provided. Full 3-hour session... and in the gorgeous vintage Bosco Theatre circus tent!

6:00pm to 7:00pm
Piaf: Love Conquers All Moving On Theatre

Returning to Brighton again after a sell out success, Laurene Hope shows the soul of Piaf with her addictions, her breakdowns, and her courage to perform in the midst of huge grief.

“Laurene Hope is the spirit of Piaf without needing to imitate”

“The best show in Edinburgh”

“I have seen all the Piaf shows. This one is the best, as Laurene magnetizes the audience the minute she gets on the stage and welcomes you into Piaf’s life”

“The accordion is a delight”

6:00pm to 7:00pm
Ellie Taylor: Work In Progress CatFace Talent

Join star of 'Mock the Week', 'Snog Marry Avoid' and '8 Out of 10 Cats', Ellie Taylor, as she prepares a brand new show for 2016. With jokes so new they don't actually exist at the time of writing this blurb, it's bound to be an electrifyingly sensationally hilarious/passable way to spend 60 minutes.

"Radiates natural charisma... blessed with great flair" (The Guardian)

6:15pm to 7:15pm
Human-In-Progress Simon Caine

My mind and body aren't in sync. The less in sync they are, the unhappier I become. If you feel the same way, this is the show for you.

6:30pm to 7:20pm
Knowing EU Euclid Applications Ltd

So, is it good to be in or out? This show takes a humorous look at the facts and foibles, the successes and failures, the good, the bad and the ugly, of the European Union – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even learn a bit more about some of those “truths” presented by the in/out campaigners – and you may even think again about that vote!

6:30pm to 7:30pm
Licence to Laugh Universal Adventurer

Show about my life growing up in the deepest, darkest parts of India and then being thrown into the West with no language, culture, looks or intelligence.

6:30pm to 7:20pm
Salmon and Wales Glass Moon Theatre Company

‘Salmon and Wales’ is a one-woman show exploring a young girl’s painful journey through domestic abuse. To escape her fearful reality, she often trickles into the unreal, into the world of dreams. When the demons of her abuse infiltrate her fantasy realm and her world comes crashing down around her, she seeks the solace of a friend from across the sea and finally finds a release in reality.

6:30pm to 7:30pm
Buttons Sort Of Theatre

Joni is a puppeteer.
Dana is not.

Dana is a Jew.
Joni is not.

'Buttons' is a show about their journey to Auschwitz and the stories they discovered on the way.

Using a mixture of live performance, spoken word, shadow puppetry and object manipulation Joni and Dana attempt to recount the story of their ‘sort of’ holiday, whilst exploring the themes of memory, family and war.

6:45pm to 7:45pm
Hetty the King (and Other Women I Have Loved) A Rude Awakening

4 stars Shrouded in darkness, two soldiers step onto the stage… then as the lights come up, it is clear that they are both women in drag. In true music-hall style, they sing to the audience about love, love and more love, and then we witness them back-stage as they put their act to bed and change back into their daily attire. They share with us the stories of the women that have inspired them in their lives, and influenced their decisions. One of them is Hetty King, a male impersonator whose career spanned both World Wars and was still entertaining the crowds in her late eighties. Read the full review.

A show inspired by Hetty King (an emblematic, early 20th century drag king), which embraces the possibility of women making connections across stages, in time. With song, music, jackets and a bit of comedy, it is a story intertwining family secrets with the long history of male impersonation.

Praise for previous show 'Ginger':
"Makes an often beautifully controlled script feel spontaneous" ****(The Stage)

7:00pm to 9:25pm
Refugee Rights and Community Responses Cupp at the University of Brighton

CUPP at the University of Brighton works to bring together different forms of knowledge from community, practitioners and academics on issues of local concern. This event looks at the rights of refugees, their expectations and the process they face when they get here through dramatised stories of persons on the journey, a vivid illustration of the legal process, and insights from Brighton academics working on asylum and human rights. It will also offer a Q&A with the audience.

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Alistair Barrie: No More Stage Three SpinKreative Ltd

In January 2015, topical comedian Alistair Barrie’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, which gave him some perspective on what really constitutes bad news. ‘No More Stage Three’ is the show he wrote about their year together since the diagnosis. It has played to packed audiences and fantastic reviews across the UK, and was nominated as one of the best ten shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. Come and watch another comedian make it all about himself. (His wife wrote that bit).
**** (The Scotsman)

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Oli Bettesworth: Someone Stop Me (Work-in-progress) Oli Bettesworth

"Mate, it wouldn't surprise me to find out you'd gone crazy one day and shot a bunch of people." Hearing this from several close friends, Oli decides to research history's worst psychopaths, hoping for vindication. Instead, he finds an unnerving amount of common ground... "A gem" (Dan Antopolski) “A very funny man” (Carl Donnelly) “Bitterly funny” (Jon Aird, Senior Producer BBC Comedy)

7:00pm to 8:40pm
The Lady Boys of Bangkok - Forever Yours... x Tour Exchange Events Ltd

The Ladyboys are back with a show like no other show, performed by girls like no other girls

It’s a night of pure escapism, releasing audiences from the humdrum of everyday life in a euphoric bubble of laughter, glamour, glitz and music. With more songs and musical production numbers than you could shake a sequined hip to! this is one cabaret production that is quite simply too good to miss. The show may only last a night but the memories will be Forever Yours..x

7:00pm to 7:55pm
The Iliad Talks and Tales

These quiet midweek days are a great opportunity to try something different, and we’re hearing good things about this storytelling interpretation of the Iliad.  Covering Homer’s tale of the siege of Troy in a trim 55 minutes, it promises a large cast of characters – all evoked by a single storyteller – as well as accompanying music.  The atmospheric cellar venue should also add to the mood.  It’s a free performance (with a collection at the end), but you can book a ticket in advance to secure your space.

It is the tenth year of the siege of Troy, the year that Calchas the soothsayer has predicted the city will fall.

The mightiest Princes of Ancient Greece are camped in their 1000 black, beached ships, desperate for revenge for the kidnapping of Helen, the world's most beautiful woman.

This award winning version of the Iliad uses storytelling and music to tell the classic tale in 55 minutes. It brings to life the large cast of characters – even if that life then ends brutally in bloodshed.

7:00pm to 9:30pm
StrEAT Film Emporium Theatre

A screening of Satyajit Ray's 1963 classic 'The Big City', accompanied by Indian street food, brought to you by Emporium Theatre and Tabl.
Deccan Tiffin will be stimulating your senses with sensational herbs and spices accompanied by a Pago Mango juice. There is also a cash bar with specially designed cocktails.

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Doctor in the House Dr Ahmed

Spend an intimate evening of insightful and intelligent comedy with this British doctor. After leaving England for the brighter shores of Australia, Dr Ahmed returns to share some of the comical aspects of being a modern day GP. With sections including "Why I left the NHS" and "The lighter side of dying" this promises to be an enjoyable evening for health care workers and patients alike. Performing to sell out shows Down Under, be sure to book early. Don't miss your appointment with this doctor.

7:15pm to 8:05pm
Adam Vincent: Judgemental (work in progress) Adam Vincent

Fresh from his sell-out run in Edinburgh, comedy writer for Channel Four’s 'The Last Leg', Adam judges himself and the world with wanton cynicism but now wonders if this is just his way of avoiding life. Probably. "hilariously irreverent... Vincent is undeniably one of the more talented comedians I have seen at the Fringe" (Broadway Baby). As featured on NBC’s 'Last Comic Standing'. "Had the audience in stitches" (Rip it up)

7:15pm to 8:15pm
Elixir Head First Acrobats

One of the hottest tickets at last year’s Fringe, Elixir is a thoroughly modern circus show set during a good old-fashioned zombie apocalypse.  Cast as scientists seeking the antidote which will save mankind, the three-man Aussie crew vault, tumble and clown their way through an impressive acrobatic routine – which delivers a fair amount of comedy knockabout too.  A sci-fi soundtrack and numerous homages to the likes of Thriller complete the knowingly contemporary vibe.

Elixir is circus like you have never seen before - uninhibited by cliche or expectation, subversive and hilarious at the same time.
Acrobats fly five metres into the air on the teeterboard, spin upside down on the mesmerising roue cyr wheel, perform incredible one arm handstands on wobbling canes and balance on nothing but their heads on a swinging trapeze.
Elixir is an incredible display of acrobatics and physical comedy, tied together with an eccentric narrative.

7:30pm to 8:35pm
Would Like to Meet WLTM Productions

Would Like To Meet is a collection of hilarious true dating stories, cringe-worthy speed dating scenarios and shocking statistics.

Are you looking for meaningful relationships on Tinder or Grindr? Tired of hearing the same old chat-up lines? Finding it difficult to meet your soul mate on a three-minute speed date?

In this modern minefield of digital dating, can true love still survive?

7:30pm to 8:50pm
Magnificent Myths and Tall Tales Varndean Studio Theatre Company

An evening filled with stories, duets and short plays, reworked and retold to delight, surprise and entertain. Inspired by creation and heroic myths and urban tales.
This is Varndean Studio Theatre Company’s 10th year in the Fringe.

7:30pm to 8:45pm
Erect But Unstable Hard Times

A comedic cabaret of monologues and spoken word examining queer love and relationships, sexual awakening and obsession. Accompany John on his journey through Montreal’s gay village, with side trips to science, religion and psychiatry, in search of some answers about sex and attraction. “Sweet’s ability to let us experience some of his uncomfortable situations through an absurdist perspective is wonderful” (André Crous, Prague Post). Nominated as Best New Work at the 2014 Prague Fringe Festival.

7:30pm to 8:30pm
Jonathan Hearn: Always Jon; Never Joff Jonathan Hearn

Red wine, jokes, wildly inaccurate stories, puppetry, pedantry, a few ditties, a short play and a measure of brandy.

The charming stand-up Jonathan Hearn is back, following a sold out show at The Proud Archivist and a successful run at The 2015 Camden Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe.

"Plenty of charisma, and a glint of silliness" (Steve Bennett, Chortle)

"Old-school meets weird school. Jonathan Hearn is hilarious." (David Mills)

7:45pm to 9:45pm
The Moscow State Circus The European Events Corporation Ltd

It’s pushing the definition of “Fringe”, but based on past experience, this big-name big-top circus is pretty much certain to please.  Last time we reviewed it in 2014, we remarked that it feels traditional without seeming dated – with breath-taking acts coming thick and fast, each building to a seemingly impossible crescendo.  This year’s show is themed on a Russian folklore story, of an enchanted garden and a mysterious flower whose seven petals each grant a wish.

The Moscow State Circus returns to the UK with its latest, greatest production, 'The Flower with Seven Colours'. Seven wishes to be made by the beautiful Zhenya. Aided by Wizard Wacko, who grants her wishes, and crazy sidekick Natalia Mezenceva along with a multitude of flying, back flipping, juggling, wire walking, roller skating performers, the tale unfolds. One by one her wishes are granted in our magical, mystical garden. But will her wishes make her dreams come true? Come along and see!

7:45pm to 8:45pm
Buddhism and Cats Simon Caine

If you got your idea of adulthood from Friends but reality hasn't met expectations; if you fail to be in the moment and find yourself living through your phone; and if you feel connected on-line and profoundly disconnected from people off-line, this is the show for you.

7:50pm to 8:50pm
Hercules Bard & Troubadour

3 stars This is an ambitious project from Bard and Troubadour’s Joshua Crisp: telling the complete myth of the Labours of Hercules, together with a fair chunk of the convoluted back-story, all on his own and within the space of an hour.  Time checks from the tech box keep the mission on track, as Crisp gallops through the famed Ancient Greek legend – ticking off Hercules’ impossible feats with engaging humour and, more often than not, an ironic laugh. Read the full review.

Twelve Labours, Sixty Minutes – One Man. Somewhere between stand-up comedy and traditional oral storytelling, Bard & Troubadour’s Joshua Crisp retells this epic tale with wit and irreverence - bringing bulging biceps, hideous hydra, bareback bullfighting, a giant voiced by Tom Hardy, Amazonian romance, and a body count worthy of a Transformers movie! This action-packed hour brings Gods, monsters and the original Muscle Man to life as you have never seen them before.

8:00pm to 8:55pm
Parish Fete-ality: A Game of Scones Tobacco Tea Theatre Company

“In the Parish Council elections, you win or you die.” When murder sweeps through Jowlhurst, its Councillors vie for absolute power. With betrayal around every corner, only one can survive...
Hot Fuzz meets Game of Thrones in this brand-new dark comedy from satire maestros Tobacco Tea. A vicar, NIMBY farmers, bohemian aristocrats and villagers are at war – come and enjoy the carnage.

8:00pm to 9:20pm
The White Crow: Eichmann in Jerusalem Bootcamp Theatre

In 1960, Adolph Eichmann, the Nazi war criminal, was kidnapped and brought to Jerusalem to stand trial for crimes against humanity. A psychologist, Dr. Baum, is sent in to break the great criminal.

When given the opportunity to confront a notorious Nazi psychopath, we discover that the world of victims and executioners is not the world we expected and that we ourselves are only one decision away from the banality of evil as Hannah Arendt famously described it.

8:00pm to 9:00pm
Bootworks Theatre presents: Now Listen To Me Very Carefully Bootworks Theatre

Andy estimates he has watched Terminator 2 roughly 238 times in his lifetime; spending almost a month of his 28 years sat in front of it. So he knows it fairly well. As a teenager, Terminator 2 was all he had to guide him through his adolescence... so using stand-up comedy, storytelling and participation Andy will transport the audience back to that delicate age when girls were a mystery, make believe was everything, and the future was yet to be written.

Nominated for a Total Theatre Award.

8:00pm to 9:05pm
He Gave Me Heroin by James Aden Lantern Theatre

4 stars I have to say, He Gave Me Heroin is a pretty misleading title for this particular play.  It suggests something gritty and bleak; in fact, it’s a warming portrayal of companionship in older age.  The whole script takes the form of a single, everyday conversation, taking place one morning between lifelong friends Marion and Sadie.  The heroin, it turns out, is just a misunderstanding… an invention of the elderly Sadie’s confused and fading mind.  Read the full review.

A new play by James Aden. Marion and Sadie have a good old natter along with pills, gossip, tea and biscuits. A sweetly nostalgic and surreal story of friendship, love, death, drugs, ageing and dementia. Honest and abstract, this piece takes the audience on a journey both shocking and poignant.
"My eyes never left the stage... This really is a fantastically written, superbly produced play with truly wonderful acting." *****(Kings Head)

8:00pm to 8:55pm
Caspar Thomas: Magic & Mentalism Caspar Thomas

3 stars Stage magic’s experiencing a renaissance these days, with most acts – from big names like Dynamo down to newcomer Fringe performers – staking their names and reputations on an eye-catching spin. Caspar Thomas’s show, in contrast, is resolutely traditional, and it’s none the worse for that. It’s a true pleasure to spend an hour in Thomas’s wittily self-deprecating company; and the unpretentious style throws the focus firmly on his tricks, which are pleasingly befuddling too. Read the full review.

Magician and comedian Jerry Sadowitz says: “Caspar’s sleight-of-hand and mentalism is of a standard rarely seen anywhere, and never attempted by the current generation of magicians. Phenomenal!”

Following the show's successful runs at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringes 2015, Caspar is back to present his close-up, interactive, before-your-very-eyes sleight-of-hand magic and mentalism - no suspicious looking boxes, no camera tricks, no stooges.

8:00pm to 9:30pm
Rainbow Chorus Sings Out! Rainbow Chorus

Brighton and Hove’s very own LGBT choir swing open the doors of St George’s Church in Kemptown for a showcase of our current diverse repertoire. In addition to a medley of songs, we will add some fun to the evening with an element of audience participation. As the choir has expanded over the years, so our Fringe events have grown in popularity. We want St George's to be packed, so come and join us!

8:30pm to 10:30pm
The Marlowe Papers Otherplace Productions

This new one-man play is based on the poetic novel by Ros Barber, which divided critical opinion when it was published back in 2012.  In the imagined history of the storyline, Kit Marlowe wasn’t stabbed to death at the age of 29; he was spirited away by a government conspiracy, with his future work credited to William Shakespeare.  The two-hour adaptation is directed by the ever-reliable Nicola Haydn, and promises to deliver “a thrilling, complex story of love, subterfuge, identity and loneliness”.

1593. Christopher Marlowe, the most successful playwright in Elizabethan England, is stabbed through the eye aged 29. Except he isn’t. Because Marlowe is also a secret agent. Join him on his journey into exile as he recounts tales of beer-drinking, duels and spying that led to his losing lovers, friends and his very identity. Adapted from the prize-winning novel by Ros Barber. Starring Jamie Martin. Directed by Nicola Haydn. “Passionate and powerful ... a masterclass” ***** (The Argus).

8:30pm to 10:00pm
Laughing Horse Pick of the Fringe Laughing Horse Comedy

A selection of the very best stand-up comedy at Brighton Fringe, selected from comics appearing in shows all around the Festival. A fantastically funny mix of top headliners and the best newcomers, with five different comics daily.

A sell-out show at festivals worldwide, including Edinburgh, Brighton, Singapore, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

"Cracking Comedy Selection" ***** (Cream of the Fringe )
"A Fantastic Night of Comedy" **** (ThreeWeeks)
"Extraordinary" **** (Herald Sun, Aus.)

8:30pm to 9:20pm
Global Gin Spin The Nightingale Room

Gin has a bad reputation. Encounter the history and the mystery of this most British of Dutch drinks. A cabarlesque tutored tasting of one of Britain's favourite tipples.

8:45pm to 9:35pm
Rubbish Rebel Cute Cat Productions

Rubbish Rebel stars Bentley Browning in a one-man comedy show. Failed rockstar Steve Plimpton and North London's most boring priest Rev Rupert Williams do hilarious sets and give Bentley some stick!
Bentley is founder of Comedy for Clergy which you may have seen on BBC Breakfast,'The One Show' and 'Russell Howard's Good News'.
Bentley has also appeared on numerous programmes as David Cameron including 'The Alan Titchmarsh' show on ITV.
"A brilliant and unique performer" (Sarma Woolf, TNT)

9:00pm to 10:00pm
Going Down The Sex Shells

Darlings of the London gay scene and denizens of the comedy underworld, queer comedy sketch troupe The Sex Shells present 'GOING DOWN': a glittering, twisted, all-singing, all-prancing look at gay life... and death in the twenty-first century.
Be transported to Gaydes and meet a host of mythological mates in a blackly sparkling hell of their own devising. Bizarre, heart-warming, and anarchic, GOING DOWN plays with notions of damnation, but is ultimately a story of redemption through friendship.

9:00pm to 10:40pm
The Lady Boys of Bangkok - Forever Yours... x Tour Exchange Events Ltd

The Ladyboys are back with a show like no other show, performed by girls like no other girls

It’s a night of pure escapism, releasing audiences from the humdrum of everyday life in a euphoric bubble of laughter, glamour, glitz and music. With more songs and musical production numbers than you could shake a sequined hip to! this is one cabaret production that is quite simply too good to miss. The show may only last a night but the memories will be Forever Yours..x

9:00pm to 9:55pm
Alcopop Work in Progress Paul McMullan

Paul unveils his story of having no home, no job and two children, but these being the least of his problems in what will become his Edinburgh Fringe debut hour.

9:00pm to 10:00pm
Reves d'ete circoPitanga

A sensitive and passionate melodrama, intelligently integrating circus and theatre, poetry and innovative techniques. Love versus gravity... an aerial romance told through the art of acrobatics! Look out for Swiss company circoPitanga's street shows on the Old Steine and New Road from 19th-22nd and 26th.

9:15pm to 10:15pm
Waiting for Gandalf Chris Neville-Smith

This dark-as-hell one-man play, which we saw at the Buxton Fringe a couple of years ago, makes uncomfortable but rewarding viewing.  Telling the life story of an obsessive and socially-awkward Lord Of The Rings fan, the script slowly turns from gentle humour to something far more disturbing – as the reasons for the man’s introspection are gradually revealed.  Actor (and theatre blogger) Chris Neville-Smith delivered a brutally uncompromising performance last time round.

Meet Kevin Brook, self-confessed fanatic of all things Lord of the Rings. On the eve before 'Gandalf' signs the official movie companion to The Two Towers, he sits outside Fenwicks, waiting. He talks about his life-long devotion, friends who don't understand him, family who never had time for him. But what's the real reason for his obsession with Tolkein? Why must he take his mind away from the harsh realities of life? An uncomfortable truth is about to be revealed.
“Dark-as-hell” (Fringeguru)

9:30pm to 10:25pm
Ghost Sex FrogDog Productions

3 stars Her name’s Sally, she’s a confident and earnest woman… and she often has sex with ghosts.  What do you mean, you don’t believe her?  Just look at the evidence: the succession of men who’ve disappeared from her life, the number of times she’s woken up to an empty bed.  There’s just one possible explanation, as Sally points out to us: it can only mean that her vanished lovers were actually never there at all. Read the full review.

Sally wants to know why all the men in her life keep disappearing. But what if they were never really there? Join Sally as she takes you on a journey through her sexual history and into the deepest darkest corners of her inner psyche. A tragicomic modern tale of love, loss and the lies we tell ourselves and others in order to survive. Bold and original new writing exploring the thin line between reality and imagination. No ghosts were harmed in the making of this show.

9:30pm to 10:30pm
An Audience with Henry VIII RGR Productions

His Majesty does not have syphilis. He wants to make that quite clear. And as for the wives – there were perfectly good reasons why they had to go. And if we’re asking the awkward questions, Henry has one for us – where is God? Henry has been waiting 468 years to meet God and he’s running out of patience.
The 16th century King meets a 21st Century audience. Heads will roll.
This new show starring Ross Gurney-Randall was a sell out at Brighton Fringe and won standing ovations at Kansas City International Theatre Festival.

9:30pm to 10:30pm
The Glamour of Yesteryear Chic BonBons Ltd

3 stars The five 'Chic Bon Bons' burst onto the stage to the sound of Christina Aguilera’s song Express, in a display of stockings and burlesque dance. At once, it’s clear that they’ve all got some moves – and it’s great to see some real women on stage, full of Marilyn Monroe curves, unafraid to flaunt their sexuality (or their fabulous selection of underwear).  They’ve made good choices of music to accompany the dances, as well; I especially liked the version of Fever sung in French. Read the full review.

Chic BonBons present 'The Glamour of Yesteryear'

Come and join us for a spectacular evening packed with luscious ladies, tantalising tunes and sweet serenades, BonBons style...

We pay homage to an era long forgotten, but always remembered, in our ultra stylish Parisian cabaret and burlesque showcase...

Whatever your penchant... zingy, sassy , cute, or smoking hot... you will find there is a BonBon for everyone...

Can we tempt you?

9:40pm to 10:25pm
More Memories Than Future Nick Elleray

If you like your comedy dry and your comedians sly and your jokes wry, then this is for you.

Presenting his first full-length show, Australian Nick Elleray hilariously explores ageing, emotional repression and the cruel burden of having to pay the rent. Guest appearance by Kim Jong-Un*.

"Nick Elleray is a classy act, turning the loud Aussie stereotype on its head" (Steve Bennett, Chortle)

"Very funny" (Bruce Dessau)

* Appearance may be only verbal.

9:45pm to 10:45pm
Shit-faced Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice Magnificent Bastard Productions

This one’s the guiltiest of all pleasures, but it’s a true pleasure all the same.  In case the phenomenon’s passed you by, it delivers exactly what it says on the tin: a classically-trained cast, a Bardic script, and an actor who’s rather the worse for wear.  The ensuing scene-stealing antics are played for all the comedy they’re worth by the sober members of the crew.  I confess, I’d fully expected to disapprove of all this – but in the event, I found myself as helpless with laughter as I’ve been for many years.

The legendary Magnificent Bastards return to Brighton with their smash-hit show 'Shit-faced Shakespeare'®. 2015 Best Comedy Brighton Fringe Winner. “Genuinely hilarious” (The Guardian)

'Shit-faced Shakespeare'® is the hilarious combination of an entirely serious Shakespeare play with an entirely shit-faced cast member. The show, which has entertained over 50,000 theatre goers across the UK and America, returns to Brighton with an all-new show for 2016: 'The Merchant of Venice'.

9:45pm to 10:30pm
Seven Deer Hunters

4 stars A fascinating and at times mesmerising project, Seven offers an innovative take on the well-worn theme of the recent conflict in Afghanistan. An ensemble of actors tell the true stories of seven real-life British servicemen – each of whom has seen active service within the last few years. But in the first of several creative twists, the men explore their memories and emotions through a series of interviews: interviews which are piercing, even intimate at times… because they’re being conducted by their genuine wives and girlfriends. Read the full review.

A filmic verbatim performance. It can be described as dark in humor but engaging in subject. The project explores how the communication of trauma can twist reality depending on its audience. What happens when the interviewer is your lover and the questions are constructed by another?

10:00pm to 10:55pm
Star Wars: A Dating Odyssey Ayjay Productions

So you like Star Wars and can't find a date? Follow dating Padawan, Aaron Ayjay, as he takes a comedic and musical look at his relationship disasters as well as his passion for all things Star Wars. Find out why the Star Wars universe isn't as culturally diverse as you think and why Aaron got kicked off the set of the new Star Wars film.

Learn Jedi mind tricks to convince a hottie to go out with you with special guest, Jedi Master, Phil MacLeod.

10:15pm to 11:15pm
Cocaine and Potatoes Matthew Giffen Ltd

A Colombian/Irish/Englishman takes on identity, the world and why you have to try a Japanese toilet. An upbringing on a staple diet of cocaine and potatoes will take its toll. Come and see what you end up with. Laughing Horse runner-up and Amused Moose finalist 2012, Hong Kong Comedy Competition finalist 2013, Perth Fringe World Critics Choice winner 2015. "Absolutely hilarious, watch him before he gets snapped up by TV", (Mark Dolan) "A controlled explosion of energy, all so enjoyable", Chortle

10:15pm to 11:05pm
Chris Betts: Bewilderbeest Jaywalker Productions

Sceptical, ludicrous and hilarious, Betts brings his second hour of stand-up to the Brighton Fringe. His comedy is a perfect balance of incisive social satire and complete silliness.

"Chris Betts is tremendous "( Such Small Portions);
“An enticing prospect, a Canadian who deals in off-kilter thoughts sharpened by the occasional prod at taboo topics” (The Independent)

12:00am to 12:15am
(The Boy with) Green Hair Poems Merkriti

A light broadcasts from Mars. At first it falters, is interfered with, then it becomes clear. It is The Boy With Green Hair, anti-war. A short film.