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9:00am to 4:00pm
Family Guide Cover Competition Exhibition Family Guide Cover Competition Exhibition

Join us in the foyer of Brighton Metropolitan College for an exhibition of all of this year's glorious Brighton Fringe Family Guide cover competition entries.

10:00am to 6:00pm
Children's Area: The Den Otherplace Productions

The Den is a new, purpose-built family-friendly area at The Warren. Bringing together a strong community of children's charities, workshops and local business owners, The Den will provide play facilities and creative projects.

The Den will encompass a beautiful covered play area and a spacious, colourful outdoor space filled with toys and play equipment, providing a safe space for children to play freely as well as a space for creative workshops and local businesses to showcase their products.

10:00am to 7:00pm
Unity Through Struggle Exploring Senses CIC

We are a group of young people concerned about our future in the UK, with such dramatic changes happening all around us. Together, through combined arts, crafts, interactive digital artworks and live, hands-on digital workshops, we would like to invite other young people to join the conversation and have a say in our future. This project is co-curated and supported in partnership by Exploring Senses CIC artists.

12:00pm to 2:00pm
Personalised Pendant Workshop Silver & Sage

The personalised pendant workshop is a fun experience to create a piece of jewellery to take away with you that day! You don't have to have had any experience with jewellery making before and you will be guided through the processes to help you create what you desire. This will be a fun and relaxing session with demonstrations and one to one support when needed. During the 2 hours you will learn: • How to handle the clay • How to cut it into a shape (I have a selection to choose from) • How to stamp your personalisation on to the item • Method of refining the dry piece • Firing your pieces using a butane torch • How to polish and finish your piece

1:00pm to 1:50pm
Broadway Lunchbox New Attitude Theatre Company

Returning for their third year.

'Broadway Lunchbox' is a lunchtime cabaret show, changing every performance, with different performers and different songs running for the entirety of Brighton Fringe.

Daily schedule will be published one month before Brighton Fringe, so check the Broadway Lounge brochure, Bar Broadway app and website for more information.

3:00pm to 5:00pm
Personalised Pendant Workshop Silver & Sage

The personalised pendant workshop is a fun experience to create a piece of jewellery to take away with you that day! You don't have to have had any experience with jewellery making before and you will be guided through the processes to help you create what you desire. This will be a fun and relaxing session with demonstrations and one to one support when needed. During the 2 hours you will learn: • How to handle the clay • How to cut it into a shape (I have a selection to choose from) • How to stamp your personalisation on to the item • Method of refining the dry piece • Firing your pieces using a butane torch • How to polish and finish your piece

3:30pm to 4:30pm
Kuan-Wen and The Closet of Curiosities Kuan-Wen Huang

A Taiwanese gay boy who fled from his tiger mum, trained as an accountant in London, but escaped to "find himself" in Berlin, ended up performing stand-up comedy in English, in Germany.

If you think Kuan-wen is silly and weird enough, come check out the fellow favourite comics Kuan-wen has hand-picked from London's open-mic circuit for you.

Celebrate the the diversity of modern comedy in 2017.

4:00pm to 5:30pm
Aquarium History Tour: Sea Life Brighton Jackie Marsh-Hobbs

Exclusive after hours tours, just on offer as part of the Brighton Fringe in May. A unique opportunity to go of the public route to learn about the past entertainment and the remarkable history of the world's oldest operating aquarium. Illustrated talk, followed by a tour of the grade II listed building, going behind the impressive Gothic-style Victorian arcade. There are limited spaces and stairs on tour, ticket includes entry to Sea Life Centre.

4:00pm to 4:50pm
The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch Pied Piper Theatre Company

A brand-new storytelling extravaganza to celebrate 40 years of the classic book. Packed full of live music, mayhem, and... mustard!
Original music inspired by Folk of the British Isles, audience participation and all the sights and sounds of the sea bring to to life Ronda and David Armitage's much-loved tale. For children aged 3+ and their families.
The Pied Piper Theatre Company have been producing work for children for over thirty years.
Supported by the Brighton Fringe Bursaries, Omnibus and Arts Council England.

4:30pm to 5:30pm
Hang Yellow Jacket Productions

Set in the near future, where the death penalty has returned with a twist. Shot through with dark humour, 'Hang' dramatises the inadequacy of words, and the impossibility of saying or doing the right thing in extreme circumstances.

Follow one woman's inner turmoil as she comes to a decision that she must live with forever. She is guided by officials for whom squaring the procedural protocols and human sympathy does not come easily.

“Dark, intense and personal, this play is utterly absorbing... ” (ThreeWeeks)

Winner of ‘Best Drama’ at Edinburgh Fringe Derek Awards.

5:00pm to 7:00pm
Gerry Cottle's WOW! Circus Magique Ltd

Gerry Cottle celebrates 50 years of circus and magic with a big top full of comedy chaos, death defying daredevils, electrifying entertainment from fast and fantastic acts, glitz and glamour with highlights of incredible illusions. The Amazing WOW! Circus: 50 Acts in 100 Minutes.Please note, the performances on Saturday 27th May and 3rd June are of The Circus of Horrors

5:00pm to 5:50pm
Candid Wildkind Theatre

What happens when you ask a 6-year-old boy and a 90-year-old woman the same question?

Through the use of real voices, we are on a mission to see what fears are shared among generations and what hopes we can hold onto amidst the immense chaos of modern society.

Experimenting with physical theatre, a loop pedal, and ramshackle instruments, come and listen to us tell our story, their story and, most importantly, your story.

5:00pm to 6:20pm
A Clown Fairytale Theatre Degart

Do you like humour, the world of clowns, excesses, beautiful and unlikely stories of love?

With Dandy Danno and Diva G. you will be delighted!

Dandy is very physical. He uses his body and his funny faces to make the audience laugh. His character is funny and awkward. Diva G. is the opposite - serious and realistic.

A visual-comedy show where you can expect everything.

It has already seduced the Pope of the absurd - their director, Jango Edwards.

To see 'A Clown Fairytale' is to forget, even for a few moments, all the negative thoughts.

5:30pm to 6:35pm
How to Walk Through Hell Intelligentsia Productions

This play comes from the same stable as last year's Crazy Horse – an impressive, expansive show which scored 4* from us for its powerful storytelling. This one's a two-hander, inspired by real-life events, telling the story of an ambitious young woman whose life is blighted by a mysterious and intractable illness. If it matches last year's success, it'll be worth seeing – and it's directed by Nicholas Collett, who's earned enviable plaudits for his own work The Six-Sided Man and Nelson.

In this two-hander from the American creative team behind last year's 'Crazy Horse: A Dream of Thunder', Lucy Turner, an ambitious young woman, begins displaying bizarre symptoms of a mysterious and terrifying illness. With the aid of her sole remaining friend, Will Ingram, Lucy must unlock the mystery of her illness before death and madness overtake her.

Will they find a diagnosis and treatment in time? Can they cope with isolation and desperation? Will they navigate a red-tape labyrinth of government medical assistance? And most importantly, how does one walk through hell?

5:40pm to 6:40pm
Mike Mckeon: Irish Jimmy Mike Mckeon

"Jimmy was my grandfather. He was an old rogue. A warning rather than an example. He lived in interesting times."

‘Irish Jimmy’ is an hour of storytelling, interspersed with original songs, that are poignant, dark, humorous and life-affirming. An exploration of identity, family and how we journey to who we become. This beautifully crafted show entertains and mesmerises as you travel through three generations of soldiers and suffragettes, rogues and rebels, songs and stories.

6:00pm to 7:00pm
Bug Camp Broken Silence Theatre

Being a grown-up sucks, so Lola is off to Bug Camp, armed with strawberry laces and Metallica frontman James Hetfield, and neither her best frenemy Jas, nor her arch nemesis Aleine can stop her. But where does that leave her grownup daughter Tilly? And what happens when hiding in the past is no longer an option?

Bug Camp is a joyful new play about the collision of imagination, memory and loss, written by Paul Macauley. A winner of the Tobacco Factory Theatre’s Script Space Scheme, it is staged by award-winning new writing company Broken Silence Theatre.

6:00pm to 7:00pm
When Love Grows Old Close Quarter Productions

Two poignant comedies about love in older age: in ‘Romance of the Century’, an elderly couple, once the most glamorous couple in the world, are awaiting the arrival of a royal visitor for tea; and in ‘The Weatherman’, two elderly men try to remember the joys of love, and someone else’s name...

‘The Weatherman’ was a winner in the Pint-Sized Plays competition 2014. Giles Cole has twice won the Sussex Playwrights annual Playwriting Award.

6:00pm to 9:00pm
Drawing Circus Drawing Circus

An extravaganza of themed figure-drawing. Come sketch with us as models in circus costume are frozen mid-act for your drawing delight. All abilities are welcome and drawing materials are provided. Two full 3-hour sessions... and in the gorgeous vintage Bosco Theatre circus tent!

6:00pm to 6:50pm
For all the fires not yet lit: Work in Progress Catherine Ireton

"Stories can conquer fear, you know. They make the heart bigger."

Small, tender and mighty stories of everyday courage from Brighton-based singer and storyteller exploring how courage can be as contagious as fear.

Winner of Brighton Fringe Music Award 2016. "A major talent in waiting. To listen to her all day would be no hardship" (The Scotsman).

6:15pm to 6:55pm
Dangled ExploSIV Productions

‘Dangled’ is a multi-award-winning adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s short story ‘Diary of a Madman’, by multi-award-winning writer Louis Viljoen and performed by multi-award-winning actor Rob van Vuuren.

A dark psychosexual horror comedy exploring themes of sexual violence, verisimilitude and the creative process. ‘Dangled’ promises to disturb, entertain and terrify in equal measure.

Winner of the Standard Bank Ovation Award at the South African National Arts Festival and the Audience Choice Award at the Cape Town Fringe.
“Deranged, disgusting, perverted, crass and f**king hilarious.” (The Critter).

6:15pm to 7:15pm
Snakes and Ladders: A Work In Progress Off The Kerb Productions

Phil Jerrod’s third debut show isn't written yet, but so far seems to be about how it's still worth trying to be happy, even though everything's blatantly terrible. “Insightful, despairing wit” **** (The Scotsman), “Razor sharp timing” **** (Ed Fest Mag), “Casual brilliance” (The Guardian), "A very funny hour of stand-up" **** (Broadway Baby), "Definitely one to watch" (The List).

6:30pm to 7:30pm
10 Steps To Happiness Happenings Theatre Company

We’re born, we go to nursery, school, college, sometimes university. We're taught to work, not how to be happy. I work hard and drink away the weekends wondering - what’s the missing ingredient to happiness? A better job? A boyfriend? A holiday? Failing that I decided to search the internet: How to be happy? Easy! Follow these 10 steps to a happier life starting today. First step, figure out what is wrong ... Oh, errm ... An innovative, honest, touching, comedic solo show about life, love and happiness. Come and join me in my world.

6:30pm to 7:30pm
Nerdf**ker: A Solo Play with Bad Boundaries Little Black Book Productions

The spectators are early, her lover is late, and the players are due any minute. Not the best time to question what the hell she’s doing here, waiting to get naked in front of a room full of strangers.

Award-winning performer/playwright Cameryn Moore returns to Brighton with her new solo play that digs deep into the heart and crotch of geekdom.

"A performance of absolute painful authenticity and honesty" **** (Edmonton Journal).
"Exquisitely, unflinchingly acted” (Calgary Herald).
**** (Vue Weekly) .
**** (Edmonton Sun) .
**** (

7:00pm to 8:40pm
Marvellous Myths and Terrific Tales Varndean Studio Theatre Company

An evening filled with stories, duets and short plays, reworked and retold to delight, surprise and entertain.

Inspired by creation and heroic myths, and urban tales. Performed by BTEC Performing Arts Students from Varndean College.

This is Varndean Studio Theatre Company's 11th year at Brighton Fringe.

7:00pm to 7:55pm
Person Imperfect Alison Leitch

In her debut show, Alison explores what it means to be a human being these days, flaws and all. In a world increasingly concerned with perfection, how bothered should we all be with trying to achieve it? Perfection doesn’t sound all that great – surely it’s more fun to celebrate our imperfections, revel in our faults and rejoice in our shortcomings? Join Alison to do just that. With jokes.

7:00pm to 9:20pm
The Presence of The Heap and The Happy Way to Go? Chichester College and Fan Dance Theatre Company

Theatre Inc. and IntAct Theatre Co. at Chichester College, Fan Dance Theatre Co. and The Magic Chocolate Show bring you this exciting double-bill of physical theatre led by artists with disabilities.

'The Happy Way to Go?' bravely travels through the nature of love and hate.

'The Presence of the Heap' is made up of found cultural texts, nostalgia, feminism and pop culture. By investigating social change this piece asks whether a single grain is a heap. If not, when did it change from a heap to a non-heap?

7:00pm to 7:40pm
Mano a Mano Mr. Saiqo

Mano a Mano - a physical theatre performance. Two guys meet each other; an orphan full of street knowledge, and a business man who just hit rock bottom. Boxes, rhythms and piddling fights.

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Benny Hill's PostScript Theatre

Allan runs a drag bar in Spain. Not very successfully. His concerns about paying the lease on his escape from the mundane, 9-to-5 rat race he left behind in Blighty leave him questioning whether he will be able to keep his Costa del Dreams alive. Could the unexpected arrival of a blast from his past change all that or simply make matters worse?

PostScript Theatre presents an award-winning, bitter-sweet, camp comedy in one-act about the ups, downs, ins and outs of seeking a life that is not always greener. Contains strong language and Polari. Bona!

7:00pm to 8:45pm
The Lady Boys of Bangkok: Who Runs the World Tour Exchange Events Ltd

Hotter, cheekier, funnier than ever: the country's number one touring cabaret show The Ladyboys of Bangkok return with a Bang in 2017 with their lavish new production 'Who Runs the World!' The Lady Boys of Bangkok is a cabaret like no other cabaret, performed by gorgeous showgirls like no other showgirls- they are all male Thai nationals. So what are you waiting for? Book now for a night you'll never forget with The Lady Boys of Bangkok. The party like no other party with girls like no other girls, a night like no other night!

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Wood BoxedIn Theatre

I guess you planned to have fun on your spring break. Come back to uni relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on the rest of the semester. Only this morning, you woke up to find your friend lying dead in the middle of your campsite. Right on top of where the fire used to be. It must have hurt, falling like that; you can see the front of his shirt is burnt on the embers. Well, there go your summer plans.

BoxedIn Theatre presents 'Wood', an exciting piece of new writing about student life and sexuality.

7:00pm to 9:00pm
Performancegate University of Brighton

It’s time for a show of radical gestures and tough words. Look and listen to the students of the MA Performance and Visual Practices as they return to the Marlborough Theatre with a show that smashes normality and attends to the smithereens. We will strut the stage, collect syllables and feel our way through the thicket. Something will emerge.

7:00pm to 7:50pm
Tracey Tracey Nicola Cross Comedy

Debut show from character comedian, Nicola Cross. Join lovable outsider Tracey as she spends her birthday party alone. Physical comedy that is “equally heartbreaking as it is funny” ***** (Ginger Wig). Nicola is a graduate of prestigious clown school Ecole Philippe Gaulier. She appeared in Sally Phillips' 'Smack the Pony' and 'Dances with Dogs'.

7:00pm to 7:55pm
Dual Core Comedy Processor Unit - Presented by the Duncan Brothers The Duncan Brothers

The Duncan brothers came from the same erection, but have since gone in a different direction. Life has taken them on divergent and unforgiving paths, tearing their genetic seam in two. But now using state of the art clowning technology the Duncan brothers will attempt to step back into the same jeans, and bridge the canyon that has formed between them.
This absurdist rip roaring show promises to push brotherly love to the bleeding edge, explore the possibilities of dual core system thinking, and ultimately put the Spice Girls prophecy to the test; to see if two can become one.

7:05pm to 8:05pm
Decide-A-Quest Theatre of a Thousand Names Or…

I saw this cheerily ramshackle show at the Vault Festival earlier this year, and can vouch for both its humour and geeky nostalgic charm. A riff on the Choose Your Own Adventure books many of us remember from our youth, it sees a pair of robed storytellers embark on a classic fantasy quest… with the audience regularly voting to decide which path they follow. It's funny, energetic, and more thoughtful than at first it seems. And Nigel Farage gets punched in the face.

A high-energy comedy reworking of classic game books such as ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ and ‘Find Your Fate’.

Embark upon a Quest to find the Yeti and use your deciding powers to guide your avatar, ‘You’.

But decisions have unpredictable consequences! Where will 'You' find himself? The jungle, outer space, Vegas, or a portaloo round the back of a charming mountainside restaurant called ‘Yakkedy-Yak’? Who knows?

Join us on a fantastical voyage through a vast character-filled comedy cosmos; featuring Terry Gilliam-esque animated sequences and a stuffed prop box.

And even our own theme tune!

7:30pm to 8:40pm
The Elephant Girls Parry Riposte Productions

4 stars (previous review) Reviewed in 2016 The Elephant Girls is a one-woman show written and performed by Margo MacDonald. MacDonald plays Maggie Hale, a career criminal and an enforcer for the all-female Forty Elephants gang, which terrorised London for over a hundred years from the late 18th Century until the 1950s. This play takes place in 1937, a decade after the heyday of the Elephants, in a London pub. Read the full review.

In Edinburgh, we described this one-woman show as "brilliantly written and exceptionally performed", telling a "rich and intriguing" true historical tale. It's the story of the Elephant Gang: a forty-strong all-female criminal enterprise, which terrorised London for over a hundred years. Set in the thirties, the play fictionalises genuine narratives to explain why the Elephants drew together and stuck together – setting their crimes in the context of an age when women had few options in life.

"The most notorious girl gang Britain’s ever seen." (Gangs of London). Devious and daring; they stole from the rich and gave to themselves. The riveting story of the all-woman gang which terrorized London for over 100 years, told by Maggie Hale - the gang's suit-wearing, bloody-knuckled, girl-chasing “enforcer”. You won't be able to look away.

“Gritty, powerful, and excellently crafted.” ***** (Capital Critics Circle).
“Ferocious, charismatically intense” ***** (CBC Manitoba).
***** (Winnipeg Free Press).
**** (Broadway Baby).
**** (Fringe Guru).

Critics’ Pick and Best Actress (Capital Critics Circle 2015)

7:30pm to 9:30pm
Gerry Cottle's WOW! Circus Magique Ltd

Gerry Cottle celebrates 50 years of circus and magic with a big top full of comedy chaos, death defying daredevils, electrifying entertainment from fast and fantastic acts, glitz and glamour with highlights of incredible illusions. The Amazing WOW! Circus: 50 Acts in 100 Minutes.Please note, the performances on Saturday 27th May and 3rd June are of The Circus of Horrors

7:30pm to 9:10pm
Collections Swallowsfeet

The Swallowsfeet Collective are six artists, choreographers and performers. Four nationalities living and working in six different cities, who strive to create a platform for independent dance, reflective of small to mid scale practitioners. The Collective want to pull down barriers between performers and spectators. To be eclectic, experimental, accessible and to have a good time. COLLECTIONS is an evening of contemporary dance works hosted, choreographed and performed by the Swallowsfeet collective and guests. The event will include dance, music, film, installation and conversation.

7:30pm to 8:15pm
Northern Power Blouse Cassie Atkinson

Join 'Northern Power Blouse' for a sketch show full of heart, songs and massive, massive shoulder pads. Between them, Cassie Atkinson, Kat Butterfield and Charlotte Pearson have written for Radio 4, Russ Abbott, been finalists for BAFTA and the Funny Women writing awards and have popped up on E4 and ITV.

Touch tours available. Please email to book in advance.

7:30pm to 8:30pm
Steve Lee: Sit Down Stand Up! Steve Lee

46 years in showbiz. Two unpublished novels. Two TV scripts. One filmed in five languages. Festivals in Japan, Italy, and Hong Kong. Tales of a life well lived with a glass of brandy and live pianist. Probably unsuitable for the under 18s - so kids lie about your age and get an education!

7:45pm to 9:45pm
Lulu New Venture Theatre

3 stars Lulu is about a wild young woman who is very attractive, but abused and lost. Her attraction is both her greatest strength and her biggest problem. Her past is murky and deprived; her father is cruel and vindictive, so she finds herself at a very young age alone in the world, not knowing who to trust or how to be a woman. Read the full review.

A new theatrical adaptation of Frank Wedekind's seminal classic, "Lulu", by Scott Roberts. This play follows the life of a passionate young woman whose true nature - one of sexual candour and freedom - leads her on a journey into the moral hypocrisy of bourgeois society and, ultimately, to her tragic destruction. In a world where a sexual predator can be elected President, there is no better time to highlight this new breed of misogyny, and the double standards confident women face every day.

7:45pm to 8:55pm
Macbeth: A Tale of Sound and Fury 6FootStories

A riotous and playful reinvention of Macbeth, that puts the witches at the centre of this dark and bloody tragedy.
Three gnarly fortune tellers live amongst the rats in an old junk yard, apart from decent society. Eager to teach the selfish world of man a lesson, they prepare a fortune reading that will destroy a throne and everything around it.
Performed by just three actors with a junk yard set full of props, the major roles are swapped between them as they hurtle through the witches’ prophecy using storytelling, live music and physical theatre.

8:00pm to 8:50pm
Mediocre as F**k Gavin Lind

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most mediocre of them all?

In his 2016 debut show, Gavin shared the story of his struggle to accept the reality of his own mediocrity. Now that he is committed, his quest to embrace mediocrity scales new heights. Gavin explores more of life's inescapable clichés, as well as the many quirks and contrarieties of human nature. He looks into the absurdity of privilege with tales of the good, the bad, and (especially) the ugly, in his unique dark philosophical way.

Standing head and shoulders among the rest, he is mediocre as f**k.

8:00pm to 9:00pm
Stick or Wizard? Mouths of Lions

‘Stick or Wizard?’ It’s your choice!

Gaulier-trained clown, Oli Weatherly, invites you to take a trip with him through the wilderness of his imagination and to make a choice. Would you rather meet Mr Stick, a man who dreams of the ultimate freedom – to be a stick; or would you rather meet a wizard? Or how about both? On the surface, ‘Stick or Wizard?’ is a surreal solo comedy, underneath a touching story about a man searching for magic and, perhaps, meaning in life. Part autobiography, part storytelling, part pure idiocy.

“What a hilarious waste of time” (John-Luke Roberts).

“Original, honest (and sometimes he gives out cake)” (Sarah Nade).

8:00pm to 9:30pm
The Brexorcist ArtsLab Network

"Fear and Loathing in the UK - The true story of Brexit, what was behind it and what is going on now. A multi-media, political farce with a killer soundtrack!" (SLAB magazine).

A darkly satirical exploration of the events which surround us, 'The Brexorcist' is a spectacular and playful romp through retail therapy, division, hope, fear, globalisation, money, power, addiction, prejudice, populism, liberalism, the political elite, the rise of the right and the impotence of the left, all underpinned with a rollicking good soundtrack, played live and in real time!

All aboard for this immersive, 360° roller-coaster ride through the neo-geo-socio-political landscape of our time. Enjoy the trip!

This is a production of the Artslab Network.

8:20pm to 9:20pm
Nick Revell: The True and Amazing Adventures of Nick Revell on Planet Earth Nick Revell

Been in the pub a lot, preparing for when the robots take over: lot of weird stuff happening, just below the surface... Found portals to alternative universes. I'd only had a mineral water... “Comedy as genius. A true master-class! A well-deserved five stars” (The Mumble).

8:30pm to 10:00pm
Laughing Horse Pick of the Fringe Laughing Horse Comedy

A selection of the very best stand-up comedy at Brighton Fringe. It's a succulent smorgasbord of fantastically funny stand-up comedy headliners alongside the best in new talent, with five different comics selected daily from shows all around Brighton Fringe. Sell-out show at festivals worldwide including Melbourne, Adelaide and Edinburgh.

"A cracking comedy selection" ***** (Cream of the Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe), "A fantastic night of comedy" **** (Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe), "Kept the crowd well entertained" **** (Rip It Up, Adelaide), "A Strong show of fresh comedy" **** (Argus, Brighton).

8:30pm to 9:20pm
Hidden Mother The Off-Off-Off-Broadway Company

This play still needed a little development when we saw it in Buxton, but it's had a almost a year to grow since then. A two-hander with themes of fantasy and madness, it has an intelligent script and a cleverly layered plot: set in mental hospital on the brink of closure, it explores themes around the loss of refuge and the end of maternal safety. Imagined alter-egos – including a Russian cabaret singer – add colour to the performance. The company's earned multiple 4* reviews from us in the past.

In her mind Diana is a glamorous singer-raconteuse at a Petrograd nightclub, and Leon her accompanist. In reality the pair are patients in a British mental hospital heading for closure. When not singing traditional Folk songs or reminiscing about her life as a Russian aristocrat felled by the Revolution, Diana is forced through psychoanalysis to confront her real memories and scars from a life with an unstable mother. What will happen to this fragile human being when the doors of her only sanctuary look set to close forever? What of her only friend?
“A quirky little gem” **** (The Reviews Hub).

8:35pm to 9:20pm
Blocked Pure Fluke Theatre

A black comedy about the silence society imposes on the infertile, and how a famous comedian's act unravels as she cannot bear to not bear a child.

“Curious and effective... skilfully written and handled” (There Ought To Be Clowns).

“Comic gem... genuine laugh out loud moments” (Grumpy Gay Critic).

“Snappy dialogue and wonderful characters” (Camden Fringe Review).

8:45pm to 9:45pm
John Hastings: Works! Laughing Horse

John Hastings is a fence-sitting former drag queen. He will yell. He will shout. He will be proving the following people right.
"This fast-growing comic is a pleasure to watch" **** (Times), "Hastings' bold dramatic delivery is what really stands out when he is hammering a point home" ***** (Mirror), "Well crafted" **** (Herald), "This charming, lovable comic is truly engaging and well worth checking out" **** (Three Weeks), **** (Herald), **** (Fest).

9:00pm to 9:45pm
Doing What It Says On The Tin Tom Dussek Ltd

4 stars (previous review) Reviewed in 2013 A torrent of industrial language erupts from somewhere around the corner, and a burly carpenter hauls a window-frame onto the stage. With a hammer in his hand and the f-word never far from his lips, actor-playwright Tom Dussek gets straight down to work – straight into his monologue, straight into his anecdotes, and straight into a fine impersonation of Brian Blessed. What follows is a well-constructed hour of humour and poignancy, and an able riposte to anyone who’s ever caught themselves looking down on the humble working man. Read the full review.

I four-starred this funny, poignant one-man show back in 2013, so I'm delighted to see it return for this revival run. The ever-reliable Tom Dussek – known for Beowulf and The Tale of Tommy O'Quire – plays a hard-working joiner, physically strong yet powerless to improve his life, haunted by the knowledge his labour builds houses he will never be able to own. The theme's more relevant than ever, and the press release suggests the script's had a Brexit update this year. Do be warned: it's the sweariest play I've ever seen at the Fringe – which makes it very sweary indeed.

Putting his foot on the bottom of society's ladder so that everyone else can climb up, building what he'll never own, this Hercules in a Transit's side of the fence is muddy, cold and hard. But his life and loves, insights and skills, are as funny as they are sobering.

Straight and searing, honest and moving, rude and funny, this one-man tragicomedy written and performed by Tom Dussek is about struggle, wisdom, dignity and swearing. Lots of swearing.

"Moving, thoughful and hilarious" (The Argus).
"Superb" (Fringe Guru).

9:00pm to 10:45pm
The Lady Boys of Bangkok: Who Runs the World Tour Exchange Events Ltd

Hotter, cheekier, funnier than ever: the country's number one touring cabaret show The Ladyboys of Bangkok return with a Bang in 2017 with their lavish new production 'Who Runs the World!' The Lady Boys of Bangkok is a cabaret like no other cabaret, performed by gorgeous showgirls like no other showgirls- they are all male Thai nationals. So what are you waiting for? Book now for a night you'll never forget with The Lady Boys of Bangkok. The party like no other party with girls like no other girls, a night like no other night!

9:00pm to 10:00pm
Spark Factory Spun Glass Theatre

Seven brave and bold artists constructing the next big thing in theatre.

Discover a multitude of ground-breaking theatre stunts and delve into the forefront of theatre experimentation.

Spun Glass Theatre (The Argus Angel Award Winners 2013) curates the Factory: risky and daring ideas performed for one night only. Full daily programme available at:

9:15pm to 10:15pm
Belongings Anthony Ayton

Anthony Ayton, mid-forties, middle-class ex-criminal lawyer, raised in the East End of London before attending a public boarding school, a comprehensive, and finally a grammar school, asks himself the question; "Where and with whom do I belong?"

9:30pm to 10:20pm
Madame Señorita: The Expector Madame Señorita

Paula Valluerca, AKA Madame Señorita, (winner of Best Female Act at The London International Solo Festival) presents ‘The Expector’. Combining fear and fun, sexiness and madness, it’s a twisted exploration of stardom, divas and love. A surreal, musical Spanish fever dream. “Seductive horror clowning” **** (Tv Bomb).

9:30pm to 10:45pm
Five Card Stud O'Mara Productions Ltd.

If the clients play nice, male escorting can be a pretty sweet gig. Problem is, Elliot doesn't always play nice... What service will Ace, our 'Five Card Stud', be expected to perform when confronted by his past?

Following its Old Red Lion directed reading and workshop with the Old Vic Workrooms, join Ace and Elliot’s evening as it unfolds in two different ways: one where the client is an older man, one as a woman.
Discover how gender changes the transaction, the truth behind the games they play, and what can and cannot be said in this battle of the sexes.

9:30pm to 10:30pm
My Feminist Boner Sarah Blanc

Make yourself hairless, fatless and snot-less. Be a calorie counter, an exercise freak and figure out how to contour. Brighton Fringe Award-Winner Sarah Blanc returns with her hilarious new solo show; join her as she tests a range of over-the-counter beauty contraptions, all designed for making the better you. This is the story of how the world helped Sarah grow her feminist boner.

Caution: this show contains props, movement and loaded diary entries from her younger Take That-loving self.

“Sarah Blanc showed flawless comic timing throughout this hilarious and original piece” (Vikki Vile, Jason show).

9:30pm to 10:30pm
What if the Plane Falls Out of the Sky? Idiot Child

What if how I feel about the world and myself at 4am is the truth? What if the only reason the plane is able to stay in the sky is because I am thinking really encouraging thoughts about the wings? What if I take off all my clothes and my lover just politely turns away? What if I never stop itching? What if I get killed in an avalanche and most people are just slightly relieved that they now don’t have to read my novel? Join the residents of Fear Camp as they tackle their sense of impending doom with gleeful enthusiasm and complimentary in-flight drinks. What if the plane falls out of the sky? is a tender, playful, and unusual story about feelings we all recognise. A show for anyone who has ever felt absolutely dreadful.‘A hugely enjoyable oddball tale…This is fresh writing that is laugh out loud funny but also shockingly sad.’- THE GUARDIAN (ON YOU’RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT) ‘A beautifully written and performed dark comedy.’- THE TIMES (ON I COULD’VE BEEN BETTER)  

9:40pm to 10:35pm
Sandra Hale: Self Helpless! Sandra Hale

We can't all be selfless, honest, principled and moralistic, so, if like Sandra, you are shallow, insecure, an exaggerator with no opinions of your own, then this show is for you.
Sandra - a self-proclaimed people pleaser and attention-seeker, wants to give you advice on how to make these negative traits work for you, not out of generosity but because she wants the publicity! Learn the art of manipulation with little effort, and whilst after seeing this show you will still have low self-esteem, you won't care!
"Sandra Hale - a welcome challenging of stereotypes" (Steve Bennett, Chortle, 2016).

9:45pm to 10:45pm
Shit-faced Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet Magnificent Bastard Productions

This one’s the guiltiest of all pleasures, but it’s a true pleasure all the same.  In case the phenomenon’s passed you by, it delivers exactly what it says on the tin: a classically-trained cast, a Bardic script, and an actor who’s rather the worse for wear.  The ensuing scene-stealing antics are played for all the comedy they’re worth by the sober members of the crew.  I confess, I’d fully expected to disapprove of all this – but in the event, I found myself as helpless with laughter as I’ve been for many years.

Once again Shit-faced Shakespeare returns to its seaside home of Brighton with another all-new show for 2017: 'Romeo and Juliet'!
Featuring a cast of professional actors, one of Shakespeare’s most beloved classics and a single, completely rat-arsed performer every night... What could possibly go right?
The award-winning, smash-hit, international sell-out, occasionally well-reviewed show is back for its fifth straight year at Brighton Fringe and is bigger, bolder, bawdier and more drunken than ever.

9:45pm to 10:45pm
Shit-faced Showtime: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Magnificent Bastard Productions

Shit-faced Showtime is the all-singing, all-dancing, all-drinking phenomenon from the professional piss-heads behind Shit-faced Shakespeare.
Featuring a cast of professionally trained musical theatre performers, classic show tunes, complex choreography and one entirely shit-faced actor every night ... What could possibly go right?
Shit-faced Showtime roars back to Brighton Fringe with an all new show for 2017, 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'. It’ll be wicked!

9:45pm to 11:00pm
SpokeEasy Big In Parts Theatre Company

Do you remember a time when we all SpokeEasy? A time before every movement, word and thought was watched? Before cameras in trees?

Come! Follow the signs for The Yellow Canary, a retro cabaret set in a near future with peculiar wanton acts that tell the story of how we got from there to here. Bring your lovers (if you're sure they're not informers), buy a drink, settle back, hear the band, see the dancers! Roll dice and take your chances : but be warned, the Yellow Canary is on the lookout for something, and she'll sing if she has to.

(Includes contraband speech and genuine bootleg objects).

10:00pm to 11:00pm
James Loveridge: Work In Progress James Loveridge

Voted 'One To Watch' at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival 2016 and nominated for Amused Moose Best Show 2016 at the Edinburgh Fringe, James is back with another hour of hilarious stand up and story telling. In the year he hits 30, will he finally grow up?

"Undoubtedly the best free show that I have seen at the Fringe." ***** (BroadwayBaby), "He’s animated and confident, with a fine sense of timing." (Steve Bennet, Chortle), "Loveridge brought out some of the shock and awe – all with a smile on his face, too" ****(ThePublicReviews).

10:00pm to 10:55pm
Fred Strangebone's Freakshow Honky Bonk Presents

Fred Strangebone, comedian, poet and quiet loner, comes to Brighton Fringe with his "hilarious and heart-warming" show. He invites you to a sideshow tent of unsettling curiosities. Peel back the flapping canvas door and behold the freaks within.
A one-man variety show of character comedy, clowning and spine-chilling verse.
“Comedy genius” (London Pub Theatres),
“The beauty of comedy is that everybody in the room is having a great time” (A Younger Theatre),
“More laughs than a hyena on nitrous oxide” (Horror Hothouse),
“Uniquely wonderful” (The Play’s the Thing).

10:15pm to 11:15pm
Dylan Gott: Cool Guy, Lots of Friends Gag Reflex Ltd

World-travelled Canadian comedian, Dylan Gott (JFL42, Canadian Comedy Awards, iChannel), performs an hour of hilarious stand-up comedy that blends skilled storytelling with observations and some penis jokes that has left audiences all over the globe loling and even lmfaoing.

10:30pm to 11:30pm
Maisie Adam: Living On The Edge - LIVE Maisie Adam

'Living On The Edge - LIVE' is the new one-woman stand-up comedy show from Maisie Adam, "one of the UK's most exciting up-and-coming young comedians" (Ditto Theatre). The show's eclectic mix of anecdotal and observational material is both relatable and laughable. Taken from personal experiences of being a young Yorkshire lass attempting to 'adult' in the big wide world, 'Living On The Edge' explores the classic faux pas of a Brit abroad, the bizarre rituals of the playground, and the fascinating spectacle that is Theresa May's body posture.

12:00am to 12:00am
Barbara Merkriti

Barbara Graham's case is a shocking miscarriage of justice and a declaration should be made by the Governor of the State of California to rectify this injustice, which stands to this day. This treatise proves her innocence. Read by David de Pinna LLB.

Barbara was convicted for the murder of Mable Monahan in 1953 and executed in 1955. The murder took place in Burbank, California.