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9:30am to 9:55am
Story Corner Otherplace Productions Ltd

A trip to Story Corner is the perfect way start to your Fringe day. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin. Stories or book readings from guest readers and performers every day to delight, excite and entertain. Babies, toddlers and well-behaved grown-ups welcome.

10:00am to 11:15am
Brighton Palace Pier Tour: Limited Spaces Jackie Marsh-Hobbs

Follow in the steps of the Victorians in a stroll along the pier, a pleasure that has been enjoyed by generations. Experience a breath of fresh air and great views while the intriguing history of the pier is revealed, from a place to promenade into a palace of entertainment. The Brighton Marine Palace and Pier Company intention was to build a people’s palace above the sea, with the first pile been driven into the seabed on the 7th of November 1891 and the grand opening on the 20th of May 1899.

12:15pm to 1:15pm
Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival Iris Prize

Iris Prize brings outstanding LGBT+ film from around the world to Brighton. The five programmes of short films on offer feature award-winners from the annual Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival, alongside moving depictions of queer intimacy, explorations of gender, and a timely selection of LGBT+ stories for young people. These diverse short films from twelve countries offer an honest window into modern queer life, representing the very best of current LGBT+ filmmaking.

The five programmes are: Intimacy; Gender & Family; Iris Prize – International; Iris Prize – Best British; Iris Prize – Youth.

2:10pm to 3:00pm
All Work, No Play Awk The Clown / Sweet Productions

4 stars Awk The Clown rushes onto the stage, and collapses - literally - behind an office desk. He’s late for work, it seems; he has a report to write, page after page of soul-destroying tedium, a harsh-ticking metronome reminding him of the deadline ahead. There should be more to life than this. There is more to life than this. And over the course of fifty speechless but playful minutes, Awk will do his very best to find it. Read the full review.

I saw this show as a work-in-progress at last year's Fringe, and though it was rough around the edges it held a lot of potential. Drawing on elements of clowning with a dash of physical theatre, the show evokes a burgeoning romance in a monotonous office; the scenario is recognisable and realistic, though the details are sometimes surreal. It was a confident performance with moments of both intensity and tenderness, and I'm hopeful this fully-developed version will realise the clear promise of the original.

We all have to work. Awk longs for a better life outside the shackles of mediocrity, but there’s something that keeps holding him back. Awk is on the clock, and he doesn’t have long until his time is up.

All Awk wants is to impress you and to be loved. He's quite happy if you laugh at him, not with him, as long as he gets the attention he desperately craves. So come and join Awk as he returns for a second year of Brighton Fringe adventures. He may even sing you a little song to say thank you!

3:25pm to 4:40pm
GROOMED Mankind & Ingenious Purpose

4 stars Groomed is the painfully honest telling of writer and performer Patrick Sandford’s abuse at the hands of David Moorby, one of his primary school teachers. It weaves a complex narrative from myth, historical anecdote and personal experience, to speak important truths about shame and the complexities of abuse. With added saxophone music. Read the full review.

Three times winner at Brighton Fringe 2016, 'GROOMED' is rebooted and back.

How can a truth be told? A betrayed schoolboy, a Japanese soldier and the inventor of the saxophone. Three extraordinary stories are brought together to show how, when a secret is spoken, it can save your life. This show’s emotional power has gripped audiences in Norway, UK and the USA. Intelligent and unmissable.

"One of the most moving pieces I have ever seen. I left the theatre educated and entertained – a most rare experience..." (Sandi Toksvig)
***** Broadway Baby
**** The Guardian
**** Financial Times

3:30pm to 4:30pm
Crime Scene Illusion Tracy Wise

4 stars Tracy Wise doesn’t match the stereotype of a showy stage magician. As she strides out of the wings in a no-nonsense trouser suit, she’s every inch the DI from a hard-boiled crime thriller; and of course, that’s exactly the persona she’s aiming to convey. Crime Scene Illusion is a clever genre mash-up, which combines well-executed magic tricks with a satisfying detective back-story, in an impressive hour of crime-themed chicanery. Read the full review.

A unique and innovative performance combining the worlds of forensic investigation, psychological magic, and storytelling. Interactive, engaging, and entertaining.

Join the Crime Scene Illusionist, Tracy Wise, as she guides you on a journey through a world where magic can be murder!

4:00pm to 5:00pm
Trash Test Dummies Dummies Corp.

Best Children's Presentation winners at Adelaide Fringe 2016 and 2015, and runners-up for Children's Choice Award 2016, the Trash Test Dummies are as full of laughs as their bins are full of surprises. "Delightfully intelligent, highly entertaining" ****½ (Herald Sun).

With sell-out seasons and rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe, this side-splitting slapstick routine takes household wheelie bins to new heights, and delivers a dump-truck full of hilarity! "Circus show perfect for families" ***** (Edinburgh For Kids).

4:30pm to 6:00pm
Aquarium History Tour: Sea Life Brighton Jackie Marsh-Hobbs

Exclusive after-hours tour, on offer as part of Brighton Fringe in May. A unique opportunity to go off the public route to learn about the past entertainment and the remarkable history of the world's oldest operating aquarium. Illustrated talk, followed by a tour of the Grade II listed building, going behind the impressive Gothic-style Victorian arcade. There are limited spaces and tickets include entry to Sea Life Centre. There are stairs and dark areas.

4:45pm to 5:45pm
Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival Iris Prize

Iris Prize brings outstanding LGBT+ film from around the world to Brighton. The five programmes of short films on offer feature award-winners from the annual Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival, alongside moving depictions of queer intimacy, explorations of gender, and a timely selection of LGBT+ stories for young people. These diverse short films from twelve countries offer an honest window into modern queer life, representing the very best of current LGBT+ filmmaking.

The five programmes are: Intimacy; Gender & Family; Iris Prize – International; Iris Prize – Best British; Iris Prize – Youth.

5:00pm to 6:00pm
Bloody Mary: In Service to the True God BCB Productions

2 stars As the audience file in for Bloody Mary, we are presented with a woman in 16th century regal finery, reading a modern newspaper and standing before a banner of recent headlines about Brexit. It’s an arresting and intriguing opening image, presenting the play’s central premise that little has changed in Britain over the intervening 500 years. Read the full review.

Rape, beheadings, burnings, and religious persecution run rife. Speeches made by the Conservative government weave through a text that explores damnation and salvation through the eyes of Mary Tudor. ‘Wolf Hall’ meets ‘Talking Heads’.

"Byrnes cleverly weaves into this character from long ago a thread of authoritarianism, received patriarchal certainty, and quasi-religious soundbiting, which has its analogue in much of contemporary politics" (The Scotsman)

"Bernie C. Byrnes’ clever script provided parallels with more recent characters in British history... right up-to-date" (Pauper’s Press)

5:00pm to 6:00pm
Mozzz! Brighton Theatre

A highly topical, 5* tour-de-force from Festival Best Production Award Winners, director/designer Faynia Williams and actor/playwright Richard Crane.

A one-day-old male mosquito looks forward to joining the mile-high club. He invites you to donate a sip of your blood to nurture his children. But there's a war on and the most dangerous species on earth is dying by the million. Can science stop the carnage? Whose side is our Mozzz on? Brighton's most exciting theatre company returns home after international work across the arts/science divide.

5:10pm to 6:10pm
The Golden Child William Desmond

William Desmond has always considered himself 'The Golden Child'. If you tell yourself you can ride a horse, or down a pint while juggling 5 balls, or play the piano blindfolded then it must be true, right? Will can do all these things.

Will has always been the person that wanted to be the best at everything. Join the newest golden child of comedy cabaret, for an hour of musical theatre, original songs, and other mediocre performances.

As a jack of all trades, but master of none, Will explains why being good at everything often isn’t the answer.

5:40pm to 6:35pm
One More Cup of Coffee, and Then We'll Save the World Majk Stokes

Majk Stokes is a singer-songwriter, poet, environmentalist, Quaker and self-confessed caffeine-addict. His show combines two of his biggest passions, coffee and the environment, taking in everything from relationships and root vegetables to science fiction and superheroes. His style is perhaps best described as a blend of Tom Lehrer, Bob Dylan, Bill Bailey and Billy Bragg - but without quite so many B's. Small prizes will be available for people who can share ideas and stories about how they're helping to save the world.

“A very versatile and individual songwriter” (Stagewhispers, Australia).

6:00pm to 7:00pm
Alex Kealy: Forge Alex Kealy

After last year's "storming show" (The Sunday Times), political comedian and "rising star of the British stand-up scene" (The List) Alex Kealy presents a new hour of comedy about changing your mind. At least, that's what he thinks when writing this in December.

“This is clever comedy... you come out feeling like you’ve done yourself some internal damage from laughing so much.” **** (Short Com)
“Hilarious... fresh, insightful, and original... a great hour of cerebral stand-up” **** (Fringe Guru)
“This is intelligent, informative, funny stuff from an important voice” (ThreeWeeks)

6:00pm to 9:00pm
Cyborg Life Drawing: Carnivale de Robotique Malice In Wasteland: Cyborg Life Drawing

Roll up, roll up! Come and feast your eyes upon our collection of curious characters at the ‘Carnivale de Robotique.’ This will be a celebration of Steampunk and the sensational, and an evening of performance, puppetry and a life drawing experience like no other!

Meet the wonderful phantasmagoria of fantastical characters, including an incredible fortune telling automaton, a tattooed mermaid, the formidable strongman, the calamitous clown and the fabulous flea circus performing death defying leaps!

Please bring your own art materials. Flea Circus 13th, Nautilus 20th.

6:00pm to 7:00pm
Bitesize Chekhov Animate

Three one-act plays performed within one hour - this is Chekhov as you have never seen him before! Animate presents some of the writer’s lesser-known works to a 21st century audience.

'The Dangers Of Tobacco’ - a man's fragile self-esteem is unpicked whilst giving a public lecture.
'The Proposal' - a hypochondriac attempts to woo a less than appealing maiden.
‘Swan Song’ - the tragic tale of an ageing actor as he comes to terms with the end of his career, and indeed, life.

“Absolutely entrancing... funny, engaging, poignant and utterly delightful” ***** (One4Review)

6:00pm to 7:30pm
A Winter's Tale Helikon Theatre Company

Yesterday: A winter’s tale, a story to wile along the long cold hours.

Today: Leontes is married to Hermione. As the family sit down to hear a winter’s tale, Leontes’ jealousy threatens to destroy his family and his state.

Tomorrow: A new story of reconciliation begins.

From an emerging company of "visionary" (Varsity) theatre makers, comes a bold reinvention of Shakespeare’s most illusive work, modernising language and exploring its compulsion for a happy ending.

6:15pm to 7:15pm
BA Theatre Arts Graduate Shows GB Met

BA Theatre Arts at GBMet. Emerging theatre artists, puppet makers, performers, costume, set, hair and make-up designers share their work. An engaging collection of stories and collaborations.

6:15pm to 7:15pm
Andy Field's Funeral CKP and InterTalent Group Present

“Completely brilliant” ***** (Voice Mag)

“For an hour of hilarious escapism, look no further” **** (Edinburgh Festivals)

“Stellar puns, great one liners” **** (Fest Mag)

“A great show for an escape to the surreal, and laughing without always knowing or caring quite why” **** (The Skinny)

Creator and star of The Andy Field Experience podcast for BBC Radio 1

Chortle Student Comedy Award Winner
BBC New Comedy Award Finalist
Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian of The Year Finalist

As seen/heard on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 4, Comedy Central and ITV2

6:30pm to 7:30pm
Good Grief Swallows Theatre

A summer's day at the Lido, an event not to be spoken of. Can the pieces of a fractured family be put back together? When Sam invites his mother and sister to share a meal, their memories may not be what he expects.

Humour and poignant drama combine in this play by award-winning author Edwin Preece (International Playwriting Festival, Cornwall One-Act Play Competition), which was performed to acclaim at Steyning Festival 2018.

Awarded a Brighton Lions Bursary for 2019, Swallows Theatre were runners-up in the Audience Choice Award on their last visit to Brighton Fringe in 2015.

6:30pm to 8:10pm
Those Magnificent Men The Foundry Group

I saw a production of this witty script way back in 2011, and can attest to its flurry of sneaky one-liners and isolated moments of outright silliness. But the story it's telling is a thoughtful one: tackling professionalism and friendship, competition and goodwill, celebrity and reality – and the liberties writers sometimes take when they appropriate another person’s life story and good name. This Fringe-scale production features the playwright, and the reports I've heard suggest it's filled with lo-fi charm.

100 years ago, British aviation heroes Alcock and Brown flew non-stop over the Atlantic into history. Their amazing story, told in Mitchell and Nixon's hit comedy, comes to the Fringe in this much-loved production by Argus Angel winners The Foundry Group. Starring David Mounfield ('Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show' - Radio 4) and Brian Mitchell (The Ornate Johnsons, BBC Radio 4) who endeavour to tell the epic tale with just cardboard, two stools and some left-over props .

"Wonderfully entertaining - the makings of a West End hit." (The Times)
"Spiffing perfection" (The Telegraph)

6:30pm to 7:15pm
We Apologise for the Inconvenience Room 5064 Productions

3 stars The show opens with an entertaining introduction by The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, with graphics and voiceover in the style of the 1980s TV show. It explains that Douglas Adams has been imprisoned in a hotel room by his agent, not to be released until he has completed his fourth book. The video clip contains multiple in-jokes and references that will be pleasing to Adams aficionados. Read the full review.

It’s 1984 and the author of 'The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy', Douglas Adams, is in trouble. Famously bad with deadlines, Adams has been sequestered away in a London hotel by his publisher to finish his new book, which is already months late. But with a whole universe of distractions – including a talking plastic duck who seems to know a worrying amount about him – finishing the book seems infinitely improbable...

"What fun! Excellent writing, very much in Douglas’s vein, and very convincingly reconstructing his thought processes" (Simon Jones - Arthur Dent)

6:30pm to 9:30pm
A Silver Jewellery Workshop Silver & Sage

The workshop is a fun tutor guided experience to create a personalised piece of real silver jewellery to take away with you that day - made entirely by you and gift box and silver chain included.

Tea, coffee, drinks and a selection of snacks are available from the bar, as the workshop is held in a studio above the pub The Round Georges Brighton. Prior booking is essential, for more information and images please visit:

6:35pm to 7:30pm
EUAN ChewBoy Productions

We've lost Euan. Euan's gone. No one can know that Euan's gone cus we're sposed to be looking after Euan. And if the boss finds out then she ain't gonna be happy. So we gotta find Euan. Which is all fine, if anyone actually knew what Euan was...

“Downright bewildering, but also bloody brilliant. Most companies don’t have the courage to introduce themselves with something as quirky as this” (viewsfromthegods).

ChewBoy Productions’ five-star, madcap play is back, delving deep into what we'd do to save our own skins in the most bizarre situations.


6:45pm to 7:45pm
Extreme Improv Sparky Buddy Productions

'Extreme Improv' is the competitive improv comedy show which is taking the world by storm!

Comedian David Pustansky and the Extreme Improv team go to comedic war to crown the Extreme Improv Champion! Based entirely on audience suggestions, see the cast of funny humans battle with comedy to create scenes, songs and stories in brand new improv games with "extreme twists" created specifically for Extreme Improv!

With live shows across the UK, USA, Europe, and Japan, and the Extreme Improv Podcast rocking the airwaves, we bring the battle to Brighton as part the 2019 No Limits World Tour!

7:00pm to 11:00pm
Joke Week Heritage Portfolio

West Beach Bar & Kitchen at the BAi360 are proud to partner Joke Club Ltd to bring a week of comedy to Brighton Fringe. Kicking off on Saturday 18 May and closing on Friday 24 May, with doors opening at 7pm each evening. Our evenings will be packed full of stand-up comedy with some well-known headline acts as well as introducing some new faces to our city's incredible Fringe.

7:00pm to 7:30pm
Agent 3.14 ISPYPI JK Productions

Agent 3.14 is on a mission to save the world!

Join him on his assignment as he tries to take down his arch enemies! Is he really a secret agent or has his imagination taken over? You decide! Your mission is simple... come along and find out more about this agent! Do you accept?

7:00pm to 8:00pm
10 Things I Hate About Taming of the Shrew Gillian English

'10 Things I Hate About Taming of the Shrew' will take you back to the good old days, when we worried about Y2K, wore butterfly clips in our hair and became total babes the minute we took off our glasses. And the even older days where we worried about the plague, wore massive wigs, and women weren't allowed to be on stage anyway.

***** (The Age).

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Stoph Demetriou: Acting in Bad Faith Stoph Demetriou

Stoph Demetriou is a comedian and actor with issues (shocker). When Stoph realises that his unhappiness is down to the lies he tells himself on a daily basis to get by, he decides to sit down with his granddad, a man who left his country, lost his land and started a new life in England, and tries to learn how to face life honestly and head on.

7:00pm to 8:00pm
A Long Way Down Dogma Theatre Company

Eva and Billie found each other; searching for someone to commit suicide with. Complete strangers, they travel away together with nothing but a pack of cards and the clothes they are wearing. Join them in their tent as they spend their last night on Earth together, beginning to appreciate the beauty of nature and of each other's company. Might there be something to live for after all?

Directed by Brendan Lucia and devised by the Company, A Long Way Down is a dark comedy which tackles head on the controversial subject of double suicide.

7:00pm to 8:45pm
The Lady Boys of Bangkok: The Greatest Showgirls Tour Exchange Events Ltd

Those dazzling divas are back, coming of age and celebrating 21 years with 'The Greatest Show Girls Tour'! The entertainment soars from start to finish with infectious, showstopping performances that'll bring you to your feet time and time again. The glamour of Hollywood and the glitz of Vegas in a mesmerising spectacle fulfilling dreams for everyone. A chance to luxuriate in a vibrant, euphoric bubble of laughter, beauty, splendour and music. A complete celebration of individuality and pride in saying “This is Me”, undeniably you’ll agree that the lady boys are the greatest showgirls!

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Railed Head First Acrobats

From the creators of the smash hit 'Elixir' (winner of Best Circus and physical theatre award at Adelaide Fringe 2018).

Welcome to 'Railed', a western-themed circus spectacular, combining the trademark physical talents, finely chiselled bodies and hilarious comic timing of the Head First Acrobats.

Prepare yourself for when bare chested circus meets bare knuckle bar fights. A racy, heart-stopping display of the finest acrobatics by the most ridiculous storytellers in the circus.

Leave your expectations at home, come to the wrong side of the tracks, and let the HFA boys steal your hearts.

7:15pm to 8:15pm
Malaysian Sensation Off The Kerb Productions Ltd.

Nigel Ng (as seen on Comedy Central's Stand-up Central 'Roast Battle') brings you on a joyous romp through his life in the UK as a Malaysian immigrant. See him tackle topics close to his heart, both big and small, from 'how to prevent one's loss of culture when in a foreign land?' to 'is Wagamama actually Asian?' Selected to be part of 'The Pleasance Comedy Reserve' 2017 and winner of 'Amuse Moose National New Comic Award' 2016.

“Brilliant... Go see him” ***** (One4Review).

7:15pm to 8:00pm
Dream of a King Resistance Theatre Company Ltd

4 stars Martin Luther King is an acknowledged giant, who received the Nobel Peace Prize for his extraordinary leadership of the civil rights movement in America. The play is set on the night of his assassination in a Tennessee hotel room on 4 April 1968. Read the full review.

4 April 1968. Four years after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for his dynamic leadership of the Civil Rights movement, Martin Luther King was assassinated.
Set on the night of his shooting in a Tennessee motel room, this new solo play explores the extraordinary man behind the legend.
"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy" Martin Luther King, Jr.
Written and performed by Christopher Tajah. Directed by Bernie C.Byrnes.

OFFIES NOMINATION: Best Male Performance in a play.

7:30pm to 10:30pm
French Music Showcase Adam Davis

What’s happening on the French live music scene Right Now?
Come and check out a selection of fine French bands playing a rich mix of originals and covers.
Headlining the show, somewhat paradoxically, is Brighton’s very own Adam Davis, who, being blessed with a Parisian mother, thinks, writes, sings and records in both languages; and gigs regularly on both sides of La Manche.
So, expect a soirée of non-stop-Gallic-Pop (in its broadest sense) and cross-border entente cordiale – no matter what the Brexit situation at the time is - or isn’t.

Lovers of bonne musique, à très bientot!

7:30pm to 8:25pm
Dead Happy? Yama Theatre Productions

Meet mild-mannered Francis Putlock: funeral director, raconteur, guru? He has seen many things, and done worse, but is he alive or dead? Are we slaves to past actions, or do they make us stronger? Simon Lovat’s surprising and poignant 2013 solo show returns to Brighton Fringe. Once again, death is on the menu. Are you hungry?

“A brilliant creation” **** (Fringe Guru)

Praise for Lovat’s acting:
“A masterclass in character development” (FringeReview)
“The acting is physical and astounding” (Source)

7:30pm to 8:30pm
Alice-India: WIP, or, War and Peace Alice-India

Dropped on the wrong planet in 1994, Alice-India dissects the crisis that took over her life by letting it run riot in public. Alice invites the audience to join her on a journey of open vein and anarchic whimsy. This is Alice-India's first solo stand-up show.

Alice-India is a Funny Women One to Watch and LST New Comedian of the Year quarter-finalist 2018.
"Bold, dominant and subversive" (Objectively Funny)

Having shared stages with Sara Pascoe, Jack Whitehall, Hal Cruttenden and Darren Harriott, Alice is a refreshing and wild new talent on the scene.

7:40pm to 8:40pm
Anti-Depressed? Happenings Theatre Company and Pop Heart Productions

Happenings Theatre Company and 5 times sell-out Pop Heart Productions present the world premiere of their new collaboration. ARE YOU OK? Mindfulness app or drunk every weekend? Fuck the pain away or yoga getaway? Medicate or meditate? An unfiltered look at the vicious cycle of being human. Poignant and so darkly funny it hurts. This immersive session IS IN PROGRESS.

Winner: Pebble Trust Award (Brighton Fringe, 2017)

Praise for previous work, Blue Sky Thinking:
"Excellent, honest and hilarious" ***** (Broadway Baby)

7:45pm to 8:45pm
The Scrapyard Sessions Otherplace Productions Ltd

The fringe of the Fringe, full of wonder and whimsy. Drop into The Scrapyard at The Warren and find a hidden gem. Featuring spoken word, comedy, music and cabaret; remarkable performers presenting storytelling and comedy in all its forms.

7:45pm to 9:45pm
Hysteria by Terry Johnson New Venture Theatre

Sigmund Freud meets Salvador Dali, and the result is comedy chaos. The serious world of real life and death, the world of art, science and the human mind is swept up in the crazy world of theatrical farce. Terry Johnson’s brilliant creation achieves a rare balancing act. Alarming subjects and events are filtered through high-jinks comedy entertainment. It’s a play that’s always sparkling and witty, often descending into low farce, but somehow it is also thought-provoking and deeply touching. A modern classic and a great experience. It makes you laugh, think and feel, often at the same time.

7:50pm to 8:50pm
He Shot, He Scored Off the Fence Theatre Company CIC

It’s the mid-1970s, Alan Mullery is the new manager of Brighton & Hove Albion after another failed promotion attempt. Twenty year-old Peter Ward breaks the Albion’s goalscoring record, earning his place in the hearts and history of the club; Wardie Wonderland is still sung on the terraces when Brighton answer Sussex’s call.

Using humour and pathos, this new one-man play tells the story of four supporters as they follow their beloved Seagulls through the momentous season of 1976/77. Laugh out loud and cry into your football scarf. A show for anyone who’s ever followed a team, and their dreams.

8:00pm to 9:00pm
Man in the Blue Box Matthew Edwards

It is the year 2030 and our hero encounters a crack in the fabric of space and time. Faced with one of the toughest decisions in his life, does he go back to a traumatic and devastating past life, or does he dive into a future that could be fabricated? Stay tuned as our hero comes face-to-face with the scariest thing in the whole universe... death!

8:00pm to 9:00pm
BA Theatre Arts Graduate Shows GB Met

BA Theatre Arts at GBMet. Emerging theatre artists, puppet makers, performers, costume, set, hair and make-up designers share their work. An engaging collection of stories and collaborations.

8:00pm to 9:00pm
Babel Ruiz "Las Manos de mi Madre" Babel Ruiz Music

An exquisite musical journey exploring country traditions. Drawing influence from Cuba, Argentina, Morocco, Senegal, Spain, Brazil and Portugal, Babel fuses world music with her own jazz touch - a passionate and moving exploration of world music and its heritage.
A celebration of the most important woman in the life of a human being: “the hands of my mother.”

8:00pm to 8:50pm
Guy Wah: Triggered Guy Wah

In a world where people lose their shit over everything from politics to pineapple on pizza, Guy wonders if we’ve lost track of what makes us human. Come and join him on his race to the bottom. Suitable for social justice wankers and gammon-faced shitweasels alike.

8:15pm to 9:15pm
Adele Cliff: Work in Progress Adele Cliff

A brand new hour of comedy from hilarious stand-up Adele Cliff. Dave's Funniest Jokes of the Fringe 2018, 2017 and 2016.

"No doubt, she's a nifty writer" (Chortle).
“It’s rare to see a female comedian who specialises in one-liners and Adele does this with great accomplishment. The skill of joke writing coupled with her likeable stage persona, mean that Adele is a very promising comic talent. Her material is consistently intelligent, witty and, most importantly, very funny.” (Lynne Parker, Founder of 'Funny Women')

8:20pm to 9:20pm
Bitch and Nerd Emily Woods & Elie Kraft

One is a bitch. The other is a nerd.

Join Emily Woods (as seen on Shaw TV) and Elie Kraft (Chortle Student Comedy Award finalist) for an hour of jokes about family, being ugly, and dildos.

Emily has spent the last two years between Canada and England, and has established herself as a stellar new comedian quickly rising up in both scenes. Elie brings a keen eye for observation, filled with self-deprecating charm, and "cuts an intriguing low-status persona" (Chortle).

8:30pm to 9:30pm
Love Lab Animate

In a society of screen dwellers, can we connect to more than just the wifi? Love Lab, a new dating show claims to have the answer... but how will they fair under the microscope of an international audience?

Black Mirror meets Love Island in this dark, funny new play.

"Compelling, insightful, relevant"(A Younger Theatre)

"Love Lab is a very enjoyable play that will make you reflect about the real meaning of love and, somehow, life." **** (London Theatre Reviews)

"A well rounded, thought provoking production. One of the most exciting plays on at the Camden Fringe." ****(London Pub Theatre)

8:30pm to 9:30pm
Ross & Rachel Pretty Villain Productions Ltd

4 stars This isn’t the play I expected it to be, from the cutesy Friends-inspired title and the hint of romance in the storyline. I should have read the blurb more carefully: they bill it as “dark and uncompromising”, and they’re certainly not wrong. I won’t give away exactly what happens, but I can safely reveal that the story takes a startling turn - and that we’re soon in for a disquieting tale of possessiveness and false-heartedness, set against a backdrop of escalating tragedy. Read the full review.

What happens when two friends who were always meant to be together, get and stay together? No one told them life was gonna be this way. “Look at all those couples out there. Which one will leave. Which one is cheating on the other ?” This is the one that rubbishes the very idea of 'the one'. A dark, uncompromising play about the myths of modern love.

Featuring Joanna Rosenfeld
Directed by Sam Chittenden
Pretty Villain are Brighton Fringe Award Winners 2014, 2015, 2106 and 2018

8:30pm to 10:00pm
Laughing Horse Pick of the Fringe Laughing Horse Comedy

A selection of the very best in stand-up comedy at Brighton Fringe.

A succulent smorgasbord of fantastically funny stand-up comedy headliners alongside the best in fresh new talent, with five different comics selected daily from shows all around Brighton Fringe. Sell-out shows at festivals worldwide including Melbourne, Adelaide and Edinburgh.

"A cracking comedy selection" ***** (Cream of the Fringe).
"A fantastic night of comedy" **** (ThreeWeeks).
"Kept the crowd well entertained" **** (Rip It Up).
"A Strong show of fresh comedy" **** (The Argus).

8:45pm to 9:45pm
Stella Graham: Sneaky Little Bitch Stella Graham

Stella's caught in a tug of war between two angry ladies, Mother Nature and her real mother. Who is the greater force, her mother who can explode into a violent eruption at any moment, or Mother Nature who wants her to procreate? Both can't use an iPad. Neither witch has a snooze button.

9:00pm to 10:00pm
Imaginauts Imaginauts

The fast paced Sci-Farce returns to The Warren for a second year. Two unlikely heroes fall through an adventure to other worlds and other dimensions to try and save the Earth. A high-energy comedy where four actors play all the roles and your imagination is the limit.

9:10pm to 9:55pm
Bla Bla Land Tea & Toast

Brighton's beloved improv troupe Tea & Toast presents a warm and witty musical comedy, made up before your eyes.

Inspired by audience suggestions, our homage to Oscar-winning movie 'La La Land' transports you to a different city every night. We'll meet quirky locals, embrace their dreams and follow their pursuit of love. Whether florists from Fife or bakers from Balham, this joyous, feel-good romp promises to leave you laughing and humming silly songs for days.

All characters, stories, songs and dance numbers are created in the moment, so keep coming back to see a brand new show each time!

9:15pm to 10:00pm
Valhalla Allix James

Natalie and Alice have been travelling to the planet Valhalla for what feels like an eternity... and without any music! As they race through space, they come to realise that all is not as it seems on the spaceship Valkyrie.

Comedy sci-fi drama that enjoyed a successful run at the White Bear Theatre, Kennington this January. After the success of 'Dark in The Water' (Summer 2018) comes an innovative new sci-fi by Allix James.

9:15pm to 10:15pm
The Hunters of Ghost Hall Most Curious Productions

Two ghost hunters from a TV show explore a spooky mansion. Two treasure hunters seek shelter in the very same place. They are unaware of each other. What happens next? Who finds what?

This brand new play, written and directed by Tristan Wolfe, features an exciting, engaging and funny cast. Featuring an original score by Adam House.

No ghostly ethereal beings are harmed during the show.

9:25pm to 10:25pm
Bondage Queen Sings the Hits JoJo Bellini / Sweet Productions

A cabaret show that takes you from the salacious to the sublime. With 80s music and saucy stories of kinky escapades beyond your naughtiest imaginings. Your loins will stir as you sing, laugh, and experience the unbridled sass that is JoJo Bellini.

**** (Broadway Baby)
**** (The Wee Review)
**** (ThreeWeeks)

9:30pm to 10:30pm
David Mills: Welcome to the Next Moment David Mills

Politics, celebrity, the media, technology, our 24-hour reality television cartoon dystopia. More hilarious rants and raves from the funniest comic you've never heard of. David Mills returns with another full-frontal comedy tirade taking on the 'moment'. "Darkly funny, bristling with sharp-tongued satire and incisive wit." (Fest Mag), "David Mills is heading for the big time. Most definitely one to watch." (Time Out), "Mills deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Dave Allen. A legend in the making." (Fringe Review)

9:40pm to 10:40pm
Odd Socks Ingrid Dahle

An hour of ‘Odd Socks’ mixed with really funny, award-winning Ingrid stuff. Where do all the odd socks go? Ingrid sometimes lies and says she has a Netflix special, then stops talking to the people she said that to.

Sounds like your kinda thing?
Of course it does!
Cause baby you’re a firework (in progress)
Come on show ’em what you're worth
Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh!”
As you shoot across the sky-y-y.

(No serious issues dealt with. Totes hilare.)

"You’re the best!" (Benedict Dahle)
“Fast rising comedian” (Sunday Times)
“Bags of energy” (The List)

9:45pm to 10:45pm
Shit-faced Shakespeare: Macbeth Magnificent Bastard Productions

This one’s the guiltiest of all pleasures, but it’s a true pleasure all the same. In case the phenomenon’s passed you by, it delivers exactly what it says on the tin: a classically-trained cast, a Bardic script, and an actor who’s rather the worse for wear. The ensuing scene-stealing antics are played for all the comedy they’re worth by the sober members of the crew. I confess, when I saw it a while back, I’d fully expected to disapprove of all this – but I found myself as helpless with laughter as I’ve been for many years.

Is this a lager I see before me? The Brighton Fringe – Best Comedy – Award Winners are back for another round of heavy drinking and mild Shakespeare. Featuring the finest classically trained professional performers and one fully inebriated cast member we guarantee that no two nights are ever the same.

Having toured the world, broken America and sold out the West End we’re finally ready to return to a tent in a field in Brighton.

This year we are taking on the feared “Scottish play” which actors dare not mention the name of lest theyMACBETH!!! We’re doing Macbeth. It’s Macbeth... Macbeth.

9:45pm to 10:40pm
What Doesn't Kill You [blah blah] Stronger Holland St Productions

A river guide gets swallowed by a hippopotamus and survives. A British stewardess makes it through not one, not two, but three shipwrecks, including the maiden voyage of the ill-fated Titanic. An Alabama housewife gets hit by a meteorite and lives to tell the tale!

These true stories and more make up 'What Doesn't Kill You [blah blah] Stronger'; a love letter to misfortune, and a tribute to those unlucky (or lucky?) souls who managed to escape it. A unique and hilarious experience not to be missed.

Winner: Martin Sims Award Fringe World 2018
Winner: The West Australian Arts Editor Award 2018

10:00pm to 12:00am
Navagraha Live Ancestral Voices

A multi-sensory meditative journey into the ‘nine celestial bodies’, using pioneering harmonic scales and technology from ancient civilisations augmented by cutting edge science. A new live show by respected EDM producer Liam Blackburn, presents his latest album Navagraha: seeping with textures and loaded with a taut energy that whispers tales of shamanism and transformative life experiences. Bring mats and blankets.

Stripping back an already unique and creative process proved a challenge that has paid off, and Blackburn's evolving sound has no immediate sonic comparison.

10:00pm to 11:00pm
Caitlin Cook: Death Wish Caitlin Cook

Since she was seventeen, Caitlin Cook has lived her life by a code: if something scares her, she has to do it. Join her for a raucous hour of stand-up comedy, storytelling, musical comedy, and a bit of bathroom stall graffiti art to discover why.

Caitlin Cook is a Los Angeles-born, Brooklyn-based comedian. Not your conventional stand-up, Caitlin combines witty one-liners and scintillating storytelling with hilariously irreverent musical comedy and projected visuals. She has taken the stage all across the US, Canada, Europe, and Oceania at top-tier venues, comedy clubs, festivals, and fringes.

10:00pm to 10:50pm
The Man of a Thousand Farces Eluxifer

'The Man of a 1000 Farces' is the new touring show from that international man of misery, Johnny MacAulay. It is a one hour psychedelic mind flip of magic, character sketches, sideshow and quick change mayhem.

MacAulay started performing with 'Cirque Archaos', 'La fura del Baus', 'Mutoid Waste' and has continued touring and gigging internationally eleven months of the year. He hasn't studied with Gaulier.

“Very dark, very funny clown” (Metro)
“What a great act” (Nina Conte)
“The hit of the night” (Chortle)

10:30pm to 11:20pm
Dumped Emily Howarth

A one-woman, musical, comedy shit-storm about the first time your heart gets smashed into a million tiny pieces, and the songs that make you feel less alone with your crazy, crazy break-up thoughts. This show unpacks the beautiful, pathetic and empowering break-up song genre highlighting the good, bad and the most pitiful. Part stand-up, part music performance and part emotional unraveling, ‘Dumped’ is about surviving through song.

10:40pm to 11:40pm
The Scrapyard Sessions Otherplace Productions Ltd

The fringe of the Fringe, full of wonder and whimsy. Drop into The Scrapyard at The Warren and find a hidden gem. Featuring spoken word, comedy, music and cabaret; remarkable performers presenting storytelling and comedy in all its forms.