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9:30am to 9:55am
Story Corner Otherplace Productions Ltd

A trip to Story Corner is the perfect way start to your Fringe day. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin. Stories or book readings from guest readers and performers every day to delight, excite and entertain. Babies, toddlers and well-behaved grown-ups welcome.

10:30am to 12:30pm
Conscious Light documentary film Adidam UK

"Conscious Light" is an award-winning documentary film on the extraordinary life of Adi Da Samraj, one of the great spiritual realizers of our time. Drawing on an extensive archival collection of film, photography and audio recordings as well as interviews with students who lived with Adi Da, Conscious Light takes the viewer on a journey from Adi Da’s birth through his thirty-six years of teaching to the legacy and relationship that remains after his passing. The film draws viewers into a direct experience of Adi Da’s realization of Reality. We look forward to seeing you there!

12:00pm to 2:00pm
Middle Street Synagogue Open Days Middle Street Synagogue

This exquisitely sumptuous, Grade II* listed, sacred jewel is Brighton's second most important building after the Pavilion and its best kept secret. Designed by Thomas Lainson in 1874, it is now probably the most beautiful and one of the last remaining cathedral-synagogues in England.

Come along to discover and enjoy it during Brighton Fringe. We'll be open for tours and talks on Sunday afternoons and holding special, inclusive Wednesday lunchtime Jewish history and culture themed events. More details will be posted on the Facebook page Middle Street Synagogue from early spring.

12:15pm to 1:15pm
Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival Iris Prize

Iris Prize brings outstanding LGBT+ film from around the world to Brighton. The five programmes of short films on offer feature award-winners from the annual Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival, alongside moving depictions of queer intimacy, explorations of gender, and a timely selection of LGBT+ stories for young people. These diverse short films from twelve countries offer an honest window into modern queer life, representing the very best of current LGBT+ filmmaking.

The five programmes are: Intimacy; Gender & Family; Iris Prize – International; Iris Prize – Best British; Iris Prize – Youth.

2:00pm to 3:00pm
Une Vie en Rose Adrien Mastrosimone

Adrien Mastrosimone presents 'Une Vie en Rose: The Life and songs of Edith Piaf'.

The French countertenor sings the songs of Edith Piaf and tells her life story. He shares with us how it relates to his life when he was growing up as a gay man in the South of France.

Adrien joins the classical voice to a jazz trio to breathe a new life into these iconic songs. Winner of the Award of Best Music Performance at the Buxton Fringe Festival in 2018, 'Une Vie en Rose' has already sold out many performances in London and Buxton.

2:00pm to 3:30pm
Absolutely Brighton: The Original City Tour Brighton City Walks

Award-winning, 90 minute city tour. Perfect for visitors and residents alike. Discover secret tunnels, lost royal romances, Jack the Ripper's favourite pub and much more.

TripAdvisor 'Certificate of Excellence' award-winner 2016, 2017, 2018.
"Fascinating walking tour", "Excellent guide", "Terrific introduction to Brighton", "Interesting and fun tour" (TripAdvisor reviews)

2:00pm to 2:50pm
For Fox Sake Bread&Circuses

'For Fox Sake' is a fifty-minute montage of media, catapulting its audience from the newsroom floor, straight through the airwaves and on to the small-screens of every true American household. There they will find the mix of uncomfortable truths, complete lies and contradictions which produce the "fair and balanced" reporting of Fox.

When the cameras stop rolling and the lights come up, who knows of the boundary between fiction and reality?

2:15pm to 3:15pm
Canvas & Rum NorthSouthTheatre

Inspired by real events and set during the 1800s, 'Canvas & Rum' is a maritime theatre piece sailing between the South Sea whalers and the historical Falmouth packet ships. Influenced by tales such as ‘Moby Dick’ and old ships' logs, we sail amongst maritime historical figures and events. Throughout the voyage you will encounter seductive sirens, drunken sailors, ladies of Rio, seasick sailors and shanties for all to join in. Do you have the stomach to join us on our voyage?

3:30pm to 4:30pm
Sisterson Foods Junkyard Dogs

3 stars “People always ask me, what’s it like inside your head?” So runs the strapline for Sisterson Foods, which I can best describe as an hour-long video montage crossed with an epic beat poem. None of us can ever fully answer a question like that one, but by the end of the show we do have an inkling of what it’s like to be the eponymous Max Sisterson - and of the conflicting, often destructive, voices within his own brain. Read the full review.

People always ask me, “What’s it like inside your head?” Well... it’s easier if I show you. Using spoken-word poetry, home video footage and a hip-hop-inspired soundtrack, 'Sisterson Foods' is a brutally honest testimonial of a young man’s continual struggle with mental health. Full Pelt Theatre present 'Sisterson Foods' in their Brighton Fringe debut. An exploration of life, love, loss and fear. Sylvia Plath to the sound of The Streets.

“A mixed media work framed by a piece of epic rap poetry... deeply personal but speaks to a wider audience.” (The Stage)

3:35pm to 4:35pm
Nobody Likes You When You're 33 (No) Money in the Bank

Thom Bee and Andrew Marsh don’t know what to do now their 20s are over. They’re getting old, damn it. But they’re not going to worry about it, not now, because one thing keeps this duo young. The angst-ridden world of pop-punk.

'Nobody Likes You When You’re 33' is a show that takes their favourite music, and distorts it through a new lens, focusing on all the small things, to how these two can be their own worst enemy, to the misery business that is ageing.

You better make damn sure you join Thom and Andrew on this bizarre musical voyage.

4:45pm to 5:45pm
Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival Iris Prize

Iris Prize brings outstanding LGBT+ film from around the world to Brighton. The five programmes of short films on offer feature award-winners from the annual Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival, alongside moving depictions of queer intimacy, explorations of gender, and a timely selection of LGBT+ stories for young people. These diverse short films from twelve countries offer an honest window into modern queer life, representing the very best of current LGBT+ filmmaking.

The five programmes are: Intimacy; Gender & Family; Iris Prize – International; Iris Prize – Best British; Iris Prize – Youth.

5:00pm to 6:00pm
The Secret Comedy Club: Fringe Comedy Hub Artista

We have over 80 professional comedy acts who applied to Artista Cafe & Gallery. This will be a Fringe Comedy Hub run by The Secret Comedy Club. We will have comedy on 6 days per week from 5pm until 11pm daily (3pm start on weekends). Check our website for full listings and tickets for these full Brighton Fringe shows.
Here are just some of the many acts that will be doing their 1 hour shows with us (in no particular order):
Steve Bugeja
Stephen Carlin
Sara Barron
Radu Isac
Adele Cliff
Al Lubel
Daphna Baram
Sanj Surati
Daniel Muggleton
Gary Tro
John Pendal
Ali Woods
Katie Pritchard

5:00pm to 7:00pm
Circus Extreme Extreme Stunt Show

Merging modern and contemporary styles with extreme stunts and classic clown escapades, audiences will be amazed by the jam-packed Circus Extreme with show-stopping performances that will have you on the edge of your seat.

5:00pm to 6:00pm
Oestrojen Jen Ives

Jen is a transsexual, but she’s flipping well sick of talking about it. In her debut stand up hour, Jen tries not to talk about it for about 60 minutes.

'Laughing Horse 2018 Runner Up.' 'Leicester Square New Comedian Quarter Finalist 2018.' 'Funny Women Semi Finalist 2017.'

“She’s easy-going and gregarious with a touch of self-deprecation that adds to her confidence rather than detracts from it... witty gags. Great company...” (Steve Bennett, Chortle)

5:00pm to 5:50pm
Kotuku and Moon Child: Family Puppet Theatre Birdlife Productions

Maori believes that seeing a Kotuku/White Heron will bring you good fortune but what if you get kidnapped by a bad one? Hopefully your adventure turns out better than expected and some really cool stuff happens on the way! Birdlife Productions use masks, puppetry and their hall mark low-tech and handmade aesthetic to communicate a story without spoken word but rather through visual imagery and the power of music. Created in New Zealand, this story has grown from a fascination with myths and fairy tales and was shaped and inspired by the New Zealand landscape – its light, colours and bird life.

5:00pm to 6:00pm
Dib Dab (Cordelia and Dimple) DNC

Dimple's biggest fear? Looking down from heaven (post murder) to watch her religiously vegan parents learn that the contents of her last meal involved a chicken and an egg. Eye-rolling and frustratingly stereotypical tales of living at home and being the A word. Soho Theatre's Young Company 2018. Waaaal, Cordelia loves a cultural reference. She admires Jean Brodie, but she’s more Susan Kennedy. But don’t slag her off; she’d much rather parse Avril Lavigne lyrics and read now-defunct Sugar magazine. “Out-of-place posho” (Steve Bennett, Chortle). Laughing Horse New Act of the Year Finalist 2018.

5:00pm to 6:00pm
Taboo Theaterkollektiv Iriden

A fictitious talk show with a live audience, featuring a guest from the afterlife. Impossible? Maybe exactly as impossible as the image of the ideal woman, a topic that the play seeks to address.

The highlight of the evening: Käthe Petersen, a seemingly selfless social worker who was active between the years 1932 and 1966 in Germany. Behind the facade of medals lies a bottomless pit.

Against the backdrop of the historical figure of Käthe Petersen, concepts such as sexual self-determination and the ideal woman are put up for discussion.

5:10pm to 6:10pm
Wolf Tamer Savage Heart Productions

Rachel has lost her hero. Her uncle Neil has died unexpectedly. To make sense of her loss, she revisits the stories Neil told her as a child, of his adventures around the world. An autobiographical, often humorous, exploration of grief and the power of storytelling, 'Wolf Tamer' sheds new light on the darkest times in our lives and is a story of courage and survival.

"One of the most powerful, moving productions I have seen this year" (Jon Lewis, Newbury Weekly News)

"A very moving account of a dark experience interlaced with innocent joy and humour" (Audience feedback)

5:30pm to 6:30pm
Right of Entitlement Hags Ahoy

Cleo is a strange girl.

Happy at home, happy at school.

So what's her beef?

And why the graffiti?

A play concerned with fairness, class, education and social mobility.

6:00pm to 6:50pm
IT'S PATRICIA, DARLING! Patricia Hartshorne

She's out - all guns blazing! Patricia is throwing off the shackles of a false identity, finally claiming what is rightly hers. No more the 'P' word. For too long she's been living a lie. But is this inflexible world ready for her?

After years of submission to the role that society has imposed upon her, join Patricia in her struggle to become the person she was born to be... After years of deprivation, help her find her real self and cheer her on in this bid for freedom... Comedy Award Winner ***** (Buxton Fringe).

6:00pm to 7:00pm
The Birth of Death directed by Yael Karavan The Death Wife Project

By warmly weaving interactive improvisation with stunning physical imagery (directed by Yael Karavan) set to an evocative score, “Tremarco creates a remarkable space for artist and audience to explore thoughts and feelings around (death) the ultimate taboo. And is a thing of some wonder to observe" (Vicky Anderson).

“Utterly remarkable" (Liverpool Sound & Vision).
“Breathtaking physical theatre" (Lancashire Fringe).
“Sad, challenging, hilarious, beautiful, uncomfortable and comforting” (Friction Arts).

6:00pm to 7:00pm
Jake Donaldson: Help! I'm Trapped In The Body Of An Adequate Comedian! Jake Donaldson

Jake Donaldson presents his debut hour-long solo show! Jake mixes stand-up and storytelling in this show, which explores what really goes on inside his head. A hilarious hour of comedy about mental health from this up-and-coming comic who is fresh from his debut year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was one of the Huffington Post's 'Ten Must See New Acts At Edinburgh Fringe'.
"... a comedian not to be missed. Incredibly funny and down to earth." (Audience member).

6:10pm to 7:10pm
Have You Heard About Guy? One-Eared Dog Productions

Set in a dingy two-bed flat in London, 'Have You Heard About Guy?' is the story of Frank and George, two struggling actresses living in a pre-#MeToo world.

Frank is the despondent daughter of acting royalty; George will do anything it takes to make it as an actress - regardless of her own personal health and safety.

As they suffer through humiliating commercial auditions, sleazy industry professionals, empty bank accounts, family pressures and jealousy, their drama school peer, Guy, is enjoying a meteoric rise to success. Directed by Jo Billingham.

6:15pm to 7:15pm
Boris Rex Falling Sparrow

3 stars I’m sorry to say I’m underwhelmed by Falling Sparrow’s production of Boris Rex, a satirical treatment of Boris Johnson’s political career. It’s not clear to me from the play how Boris appeals to the public, and why he is popular. His wit and his individuality don’t come across at all. Instead, playwright Charlie Dupré presents Boris as a puppet without substance, manipulated by Jacob Rees-Mogg and Michael Gove who exploit his ambition. The result is a two-dimensional Boris Johnson, lacking the layers one may expect to see in a complex protagonist. Read the full review.

The last thing any of us want in our lives right now is more Boris Johnson, but this latest show from Fringe regular Charlie Dupré should be worth making an exception for. Last year, Dupré's audcaious MacBlair told the story of the Iraq War in the style of Macbeth; now, Boris's journey is charted with reference to Julius Caesar and Richard III. It sounds more angry and activist this time round, but you can still expect - as our 4* review of MacBlair put it - a "genuinely substantial, genuinely Shakespearean satire".

'"Why I can smile... and bumble while I smile."

The story of Boris Johnson as a Shakespearean tragicomedy follows its mendacious anti-hero from the boorish days of Oxford University - right through to a blood-soaked General Election - to spin a murky tale of ambition, back-stabbing and ultimately, a national catastrophe.

"Witty, satirical script...Talented, energetic ensemble." **** (The Scotsman)

"Do you like politics? Do you know your Shakespeare? Then you're going to love Macblair." **** (Fringe Guru)

6:15pm to 7:15pm
Andy Field's Funeral CKP and InterTalent Group Present

“Completely brilliant” ***** (Voice Mag)

“For an hour of hilarious escapism, look no further” **** (Edinburgh Festivals)

“Stellar puns, great one liners” **** (Fest Mag)

“A great show for an escape to the surreal, and laughing without always knowing or caring quite why” **** (The Skinny)

Creator and star of The Andy Field Experience podcast for BBC Radio 1

Chortle Student Comedy Award Winner
BBC New Comedy Award Finalist
Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian of The Year Finalist

As seen/heard on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 4, Comedy Central and ITV2

6:30pm to 7:30pm
Dark Side of Harun Harun Musho'd

Harun Musho'd's second solo stand-up show compares life and events in the 70s to today. Including terrorism, conspiracy theories, referendums, US presidents and the dark side of management.

"Musho'd has the makings of a great comedian" **** (views from the Gods).
"When so many newer comics are Stewart Lee wannabes, at least this bears comparison to the original" (Chortle).
"A likeable and funny comic" (Reviews Hub), **** (Creek FM).

6:30pm to 7:30pm
The Secret Comedy Club: Fringe Comedy Hub Artista

We have over 80 professional comedy acts who applied to Artista Cafe & Gallery. This will be a Fringe Comedy Hub run by The Secret Comedy Club. We will have comedy on 6 days per week from 5pm until 11pm daily (3pm start on weekends). Check our website for full listings and tickets for these full Brighton Fringe shows.
Here are just some of the many acts that will be doing their 1 hour shows with us (in no particular order):
Steve Bugeja
Stephen Carlin
Sara Barron
Radu Isac
Adele Cliff
Al Lubel
Daphna Baram
Sanj Surati
Daniel Muggleton
Gary Tro
John Pendal
Ali Woods
Katie Pritchard

6:30pm to 9:30pm
A Silver Jewellery Workshop Silver & Sage

The workshop is a fun tutor guided experience to create a personalised piece of real silver jewellery to take away with you that day - made entirely by you and gift box and silver chain included.

Tea, coffee, drinks and a selection of snacks are available from the bar, as the workshop is held in a studio above the pub The Round Georges Brighton. Prior booking is essential, for more information and images please visit:

6:30pm to 7:30pm
Despite Everything, Price Still Includes Biscuits Naomi Paul

Naomi Paul returns to Brighton Fringe with her satirical 4-star solo show. Enjoy original songs, topical stories and Jewish humour. Set sail on a surreal journey; poignant, funny and ultimately uplifting. With biscuits, of course.

"A fine comic celebration of modern Britain" (British Theatre Guide).
"A sprinkling of nicely observed Victoria Wood-style songs adds to the charm" (Ludlow Fringe).
"Terrific deadpan delivery of material that is topical and relevant. Audiences loved it!" (Pulse Ensemble Theatre).
**** (British Theatre Guide).
**** (Edinburgh49).

6:30pm to 7:30pm
Coming Home with Me Girl Code Theatre

A night exploring the grimy underbelly of a girls’ night out. The perils of creepy dudes, lad culture, and general unwanted attention face almost every girl when partying, so why aren’t we talking about it?

Using verbatim testimony and drawing from real news stories, we explore how this affects us all. The subject matter is dark and deeply human, but is tackled in an entertaining and hopeful way, making this a performance everyone will enjoy.

Expect stupid dancing and patriarchy-dismantling from Brighton-based theatre company, Girl Code.

Winner of the Pebble Trust Brighton Fringe Award.

6:35pm to 7:30pm
Stealth Aspies Stealth Aspies

An intimate and enlightening show exploring autism in a light-hearted and truthful way, combining verbatim testimonies with original poetry. Share a glimpse of real autistic subculture, starkly contrasting its media representation, presented through the lens of adults who live the autism experience everyday.

"The sense of community in the room is unmistakable – slang and inside jokes explode in a collective glee, and empathy buzzes in the air. Here no one need be anything other than themselves" **** (A Younger Theatre)

6:45pm to 7:45pm
You're Nicked You Slag! John Brackenridge

'You're Nicked You Slag!' is an hour of comedy revelling in police corruption, celebrating dodginess, and basking in the simple joy of death and destruction. John Brackenridge is a bent cop and he loves it. One morning, high on smack, John is woken by a phone call from the police. His application to join has been successful. He accepts. The last honest move of his career.

"Deranged, strange and uproarious, he is a total original" (Arthur Smith)

7:00pm to 8:00pm
The Adventures of Butt Boy and Tigger Out Cast Theatre

The filthiest love story on the Fringe: Butt Boy and Tigger meet in a chatroom late one night.

From the wicked pen of Australian playwright Steven Dawson comes an outrageous but ultimately moving roller-coaster ride through the world of on-line chatting. Two boys leap from one orgasmic, underpants-bursting adventure to the next! Until one asks the unthinkable: “Can we meet?”

Polished, funny and moving.

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Yuriko Kotani: Overwork in Progress Yuriko Kotani

Born and raised in Japan, Yuriko Kotani now lives in the UK. Using her unique perspective, she tells stories of her experiences and thoughts as a work in progress.

Winner of the BBC New Comedy Award 2015 and the Brighton Comedy Festival Squawker Award 2015.

As seen on Russell Howard's Stand Up Central and Pls Like (BBC Three).
"Leftfield rising star" (Time Out).

7:00pm to 8:00pm
I Wouldn't Date Me Either Jonathan Duffy

Imagine if you suddenly found yourself single and the last time your were in that situation the iPhone didn't exist. Jono Duffy experienced exactly that in 2015. Like a mole-woman emerging from an underground cellar, he spent almost three years learning how dating works in a technological world where the rules aren’t clear, the market is over saturated and the chlamydia is rampant.

In 'I Wouldn’t Date Me Either' this Australian-born, Iceland-based comedian will share his experiences, dating disasters and sexual mishaps.

7:00pm to 8:00pm
FREAK Ratchet Theatre Company Ltd

'FREAK' tells the often painfully frank stories of Leah and Georgie, as they come to terms with their sex lives. Georgie is 30 and in a downwards spiral, having just quit her job, broken up with her long-term boyfriend and taken a job at a strip club. Leah is 15 and is nervously anticipating her “first time”, and spends her time practicing different sexual positions on the double bed which the two share.

As these two deeply personal and, at times, very bittersweet monologues finally interlock, the play finds a natural finale, though it’s not one that either would have anticipated...

7:00pm to 9:00pm
Alpha St Peter's Brighton

Alpha is for anyone who's curious. This interactive film series is designed to explore questions of life, faith and meaning. No question is out of bounds.

Each of the sessions include food, live music, a film and discussion.


7:00pm to 8:30pm
Paradise Rocks The Devil's Party Theatre Co.

I know no more about this one than I've read on their website, but it's out-there enough to earn a Bold Choice for its concept alone. It's Milton's Paradise Lost re-located to 1960's Hawaii, and re-imagined as a rock musical; the story of humankind's first temptation is mirrored in the loss of the American Dream. It could go either way, but a video on YouTube confirms they know how to rock and have some catchy original tunes. Worth a punt on what's otherwise a pretty quiet Tuesday.

Succumb to sweet temptation in this spectacular re-imagining of John Milton's seventeenth century epic poem as an all-singing, all-dancing, Elvis-in-Hawaii musical. Travel with Danny Morningstar and his band of high school hellcats to tropical Club Eden where holiday camp heir Adam and his innocent sweetheart Eve are spending their first summer together. What unruly passions will the spark of Rock'n'Roll awaken in Paradise? Audiences are calling this new musical from Simon Indelicate ('Book of Job: the Musical', 'The Indelicates'), a slicked-back monster of a show and wonderfully entertaining.

Audience members are permitted to bring their own alcohol to the venue at no extra cost.

7:00pm to 8:45pm
The Lady Boys of Bangkok: The Greatest Showgirls Tour Exchange Events Ltd

Those dazzling divas are back, coming of age and celebrating 21 years with 'The Greatest Show Girls Tour'! The entertainment soars from start to finish with infectious, showstopping performances that'll bring you to your feet time and time again. The glamour of Hollywood and the glitz of Vegas in a mesmerising spectacle fulfilling dreams for everyone. A chance to luxuriate in a vibrant, euphoric bubble of laughter, beauty, splendour and music. A complete celebration of individuality and pride in saying “This is Me”, undeniably you’ll agree that the lady boys are the greatest showgirls!

7:00pm to 8:00pm
25/The Decriminalisation Monologues Acting Out

'25/The Decriminalisation Monologues' consists of two short plays. In 'The Special Friend', Mark moves from 1980s London to rural Ireland for love but, when tragedy strikes, finds he basically has no rights. Whilst in 'I Know What You Are', Moira finds her career threatened by blackmail. Does she just submit to it? Or fight back?

Funny, sad, angry and inspiring, these stories chart the struggles and challenges for gay and lesbian people in Ireland at a time when to be gay was to be a criminal. Acting Out were winners of the National GALA Award for Irish Arts and Literature 2017.

7:00pm to 8:00pm
The Untimely Death Of Jack Chooselove Peyvand Khorsandi

Journalist Peyvand Khorsandi never intended to become an obituaries editor at The Independent, nor did he intend to work for the Daily Mail. In his first full length stand-up show, the journalist looks at how he got to middle age packed only with immense experience of online dating.

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Sezar Alkassab: Work in Progress Sezar Alkassab

As heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra, Scottish stand-up comedian Sezar Alkassab brings his new work in progress show to Brighton Fringe. His comedy style brings audiences together through his unique perspective, silly stories, friendly audience engagement and laughter.

"Confident... can deliver a wide range of comedy... can adapt his set to meet the needs of his audience" (The Comedy App)
"Great material... strangely refreshing... funny" (Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club, Birmingham)
"He is a talented and exciting artist to program" (Festival Angaelica)

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Thanyia Moore: Bully (Work in Progress) Hannah Layton Management

Was Thanyia Moore bullied? Or was she the bully? Join the Funny Women Award Winner 2018 as she seeks to find the answer in this hilarious account of her childhood.

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Cock Cock... Who's There? Samira Elagoz

'Cock Cock... Who's There?' is not your average show about rape, female bodies, online dating, feminism, the male gaze or whatever other ‘issue’ stickers are freely available to be pasted onto it. Samira Elagoz takes us along on her personal research project across three continents. From online platforms, like Tinder and Chatroulette, to close encounters, she showcases gender relations in their brutal and wonderful ambivalence, and takes the audience on her journey of regaining power and attempts to relate to men.

7:15pm to 8:15pm
Battle of the Superheroes: The Great Superhero Debate Comedy World Productions

Many comedians converge once more in Brighton to find out who is the greatest superhero. With a mixture of stand-up, improvisation, interactive debate and prizes, this fun-filled show can be enjoyed by geeks and non-geeks alike.

Be part of this interactive, fun (but deadly serious!) comedy debate as a host and 3 to 4 of the best comedians from around the Fringe converge in a verbal war of words to find out who is the greatest of them all.

"A Super Fun Night" **** (Clothesline)
"Ridiculous fun" **** (Rip It Up)

7:30pm to 8:45pm
Ghost Walk of the Lanes Ghost Walk of the Lanes

'Ghost Walk of the Lanes' is a 75 minute tour of Brighton's oldest and most haunted quarter where hardly a street or lane does not have a spectral connection. Join Silas, Jasper or Ebenezer, all suitably dressed in full Victorian attire, and hear tales of hideous apparitions, poltergeists, gruesome murders and wandering spirits.

Tours also embrace much of the history of The Lanes. Stories are all based on long-established accounts of hauntings but are delivered with a good deal of comic respite.

7:30pm to 8:50pm
Macbeth This is my Theatre

5 stars Don’t be late to Preston Old Church: you’ll find the doors sealed against you, the actors and the audience closeted within. There, among the fading frescos of a beautiful but damaged building, a cast of just five people tells the tale of Macbeth. It’s a fitting metaphor for the fate of Shakespare’s most notorious tyrant - trapped in a decaying, shrinking world, surrounded by enemies and demons of his own making. Read the full review.

A Fringe isn't a Fringe without at least one Macbeth. This one comes from Sussex-based company This Is My Theatre, who specialise in performing in churches, and are visiting Brighton's Preston Old Church during an extensive tour of the South-East. Their one-act adaptation promises live choral song, and - since this is the Scottish Play - traditional Celtic music too. We haven't seen this company before, but reviews are good, the venue is delightful... and you certainly can't fault the script. A pretty safe bet, I feel.

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.”

We return in 2019 with our telling of Shakespeare’s haunting tragedy, Macbeth. The play’s original language combines with traditional Scottish Gaelic, choral song and live music in this beautiful adaptation.

“An intelligent, imaginative adaptation which brought something altogether new to my favourite Shakespeare play.” (Audience)

“I never thought Macbeth would make me cry. A beautiful and powerful performance.” (Audience)

“The Gaelic music and vocal harmonies were completely spellbinding.” (Audience)

7:30pm to 12:30am
Kemptown Carnival Benefit: Dende plus Guests Kemptown Carnival

Dende at the Spiegeltent!
Come along for a night of tropical splendor, world grooves and Brazilian raising for the Kemptown Carnival 2019!
Dende are a 9-piece positive groove machine, mixing up a hot pot of Cumbria, dub and bass, calypso, samba funk, ska and Afro-Latin rhythms from around the globe. Positive vibes all the way. Dende brings the heavy bass and sweet high energy to get the dance floor bouncing.
The acts on this night are helping to raise funds for the much loved Kemptown Carnival - Brighton’s longest running free community, street arts festival.

7:30pm to 8:30pm
Alex Cofield: Supernova Alexander Cofield

Faced with the grim reality of a life of seclusion in the genteel English countryside, Alex’s dreams of youthful urban living seem light years away, and when a nefarious village plot is revealed there may be no chance of escape.

A comedic concerto; Supernova is the critically-acclaimed, funk-fuelled hip-hopera from Melbourne Fringe Comedy Award nominee Alex Cofield, as he raps his way out of routine, rural life and shoots for the stars beyond.

“This is quality rapping” ***** (One4Review).
“A masterclass in storytelling” ***** (The Upside News).
**** (The Scotsman).
**** (Great Scott).

7:30pm to 9:30pm
Lewes Chamber Music Festival Launch Concert Lewes Chamber Music Festival

Musicians appearing in the 8th Lewes Chamber Music Festival in June 2019 will perform chamber music by Mozart, Faure and the little-known Lekeu in this special Festival Launch concert.
W A Mozart - Piano Trio in E major
G Leku - Piano Quartet in B minor
Gabriel Faure - Piano Quartet in G minor
Since its beginning in 2012 the Lewes Chamber Music Festival has grown into a major event in the musical calendar with a reputation for world-class performers and outstanding concerts. For the first time Brighton Fringe audiences will be able to experience this exceptional music.

7:30pm to 8:20pm
Milo McCabe as Troy Hawke in 'Troy Hawke - 1001 Moments with Troy Hawke 2' Troy Hawke

The nation’s favourite 1930’s throwback comedian Troy Hawke returns for another wonderful hour of observations, scrabble based conspiracy and authentic emotion (the real thing this time). As seen on ITV's Benidorm, BBC3's Live at the Electric and C5's Blue Go Mad in Ibiza.

British Fringe Guide Top Recommended Shows of 2017, 2018.
***** "Character comedy that is near perfection" (New Current).
***** "Comic genius" (Scotsgay).
**** "Spectacular character... razor sharp wit laced with a touch of the surreal" (Fest).
**** "Undeniably funny" (Chortle).

7:30pm to 8:30pm
Jack Cray: The Fittest Guy on the Street Jack Cray

"Everyone is allowed to lose their minds JUST ONCE, and it's okay"

I've learnt first hand that our brains are insanely powerful. Their complexities are magical, but what happens when it all goes wrong?

Come and join me for a meander through my life living with epilepsy; the Ancient Greeks, fruit and veg aisles and an overly keen actor join me on this adventure. Losing your mind is tough, so any ounce of humour that can be taken from it should be savoured and enjoyed!

Feel free to bring bananas. Those found to be in possession of coconut will be swiftly ejected.

7:30pm to 8:30pm
Bright Raven HOAX

4 stars You can’t put Bright Raven in a pigeonhole. On the one hand, it’s an evident pastiche - a parody of self-absorbed performance art, and its practitioners’ conviction that their inscrutable work will somehow change humanity. But on the other hand, it’s a genuinely thoughtful metaphor for our species' potential fate, and it takes you on a rewarding personal journey too. Let me try to explain. Read the full review.

Bright Raven. She’s here to stir things up.
She’s starting a cult-clown-creature revolution. A shake up for these turbulent times. A storm in
teacup. A collective washing of the brain. And she wants YOU to join.
Accompanied by a live electronic soundscape, performed by HOAX’s Flavia Bertram made with
Stephen Sobal (ALL IN) and supported by Anna-Helena McLean (MOON FOOL), Bright Raven is a comedic induction into a NEW WORLD ORDER.
(**Terms and conditions may apply.)

7:40pm to 8:40pm
PULP Hitchhiker Collective

Sam can’t quite find the words to explain it. But then again, he’s never tried before. Sure, on the outside he seems happy; just like any other lad. But with dad gone, the truth’s getting harder to swallow.

It’s time for Sam to fight his demons, he just wishes he knew how.

'PULP' is a new, autobiographical piece of theatre exploring our experiences with grief, toxic masculinity, and what it means to be a man.

Presented by Hitchhiker Collective (Exeter Phoenix Associate Artists for 2019).

7:45pm to 9:05pm
The Man Without a Past New Perspectives

The lives of an eclectic community living in abandoned shipping containers are thrown upside down when a mysterious man arrives. With no memory of former life, a daily serving of soup begins to nourish his heart and soul until the rediscovery of his past puts his new life in jeopardy. Jack McNamara cleverly adapts this Cannes Grand Prix award-winning film comedy by one of Finland's greatest modern storytellers. Featuring a soundtrack from Songs of Praise to sultry jazz, this part-melancholic love story, part-deliciously-deadpan comedy takes you on one man's journey from anonymity to salvation.

7:45pm to 9:45pm
Circus Extreme Extreme Stunt Show

Merging modern and contemporary styles with extreme stunts and classic clown escapades, audiences will be amazed by the jam-packed Circus Extreme with show-stopping performances that will have you on the edge of your seat.

7:45pm to 8:45pm
Split.5 James Bloor

Hello! / This is a one-person show \ In it are pairs of characters speaking to each other / You have to piece together their interactions because I can only do one at a time \ Thanks! / Profit from ticket sales going to the incredible CLIC Sargent \ Thank you!

7:45pm to 9:45pm
Return to the Forbidden Planet Brighton Little Theatre

Join Captain Tempest and his fearless crew on their journey into hyperspace... and beyond! This musical bursts with red hot Rock 'n' Roll hits, including 'Great Balls of Fire', 'Good Vibrations', 'Teenager in Love', 'The Young Ones' and 'The Monster Mash'.

So fasten your seat belts, set your ray guns to stun and get ready for a cosmic adventure of meteoric proportions! Bob Carlton’s smash hit West End musical takes the 1956 film, with plot taken from Shakespeare’s 'The Tempest', raids the Bard’s other plays at will (and not always verbatim) and sets it to a score of great pop hits.

7:50pm to 8:45pm
The Yank is a Manc! My Ancestors and Me Hopwood DePree

In a fish-out-of-water comedy of errors, Hopwood DePree tells the true story of how he gave up Tinseltown to save his 600-year-old British ancestral pile. Expect family history, culture clashes, community spirit and plenty of calamities in an uplifting multi-media stand-up show.

While researching his ancestry online, Hopwood stumbles upon Hopwood Hall. Built by his ancestors in 1426, the 60-room mansion is now falling down. Swapping sunny LA for rainy Rochdale, Hopwood meets the locals. At last they’ve found an heir to save the Hall! But he’s not quite the heir they had in mind...

8:00pm to 9:00pm
The Secret Comedy Club: Fringe Comedy Hub Artista

We have over 80 professional comedy acts who applied to Artista Cafe & Gallery. This will be a Fringe Comedy Hub run by The Secret Comedy Club. We will have comedy on 6 days per week from 5pm until 11pm daily (3pm start on weekends). Check our website for full listings and tickets for these full Brighton Fringe shows.
Here are just some of the many acts that will be doing their 1 hour shows with us (in no particular order):
Steve Bugeja
Stephen Carlin
Sara Barron
Radu Isac
Adele Cliff
Al Lubel
Daphna Baram
Sanj Surati
Daniel Muggleton
Gary Tro
John Pendal
Ali Woods
Katie Pritchard

8:00pm to 9:00pm
Black Velvet Moon Black Velvet Moon

'Black Velvet Moon' rising for one night only. Launching their debut EP, some of Brighton’s sharpest musicians coming together with original new material: alt-rock with soul, folk with an Irish heart. Songs that will take you to Port Said on an eastbound train and down the Northern Road for a chance to make things work.

8:00pm to 9:00pm
Helen Bauer: Work in Progress CKP and InterTalent Group Present

Ultimate babe and hotly-tipped new stand-up comedian, Helen Bauer, presents a work in progress show of her new thoughts, feelings and emotions on pretty much everything. Every thought is over-thought and then has alcohol thrown on it.

“I don’t think I stopped laughing for the entire half hour Helen was on stage. An incredibly likeable comic who takes anecdotal comedy to another level.” (Funny Women).

As heard and seen on BBC Radio 4, BBC Three and Comedy Central UK. Leicester Mercury New Comedian of The Year and BBC New Comedy Award Finalist 2018.

8:00pm to 9:00pm
U ARE WHAT U WEAR: The Fashionista Show Kate Bell

See the hit Nafflix TV show LIVE on stage! Host and fashion devotee Kate Bell introduces us to her guests.... meet designers of haute couture, fashion whores, shallow bitches and many more chaotic characters (all played by Kate) in this anarchic send-up of the fashion industry. Think retro Clothes Show, a bit of This Morning, Loose Women and The One Show thrown in with a tote bag stuffed with QVC. Kate will show you all the best bits (and definitely all the worst bits) from the things she loves about the fashion world and the characters that live and breathe it.

8:00pm to 8:55pm
Sary Different Theatre / Sweet Productions

5 stars A toe-tapping track is playing as we take our seats for Sary: a folkish tune, set to a modern beat. It’s a fitting accompaniment for this stunning two-hander, which is faithful to its nineteenth-century setting yet tells its story in a distinctly contemporary style. It begins with a woman planning her own funeral - though it’s not a Christian burial she seems to have in mind. As the eponymous Sary speaks of her longing to return to the earth, we begin to understand her: she’s at home in nature, comfortable in solitude… and the people in the village think that she’s a witch. Read the full review.

A feminist-folk-horror based on the 19th century Sussex tale of 'Ol’ Sary Weaver'.

"They call me witch. A teeth-gnasher. A shape-shifter. When a man says a woman turns into a hare, it means she were too quick for him!"

Written by Sam Chittenden, this piece of English Eerie explores themes of female sexuality, ageing and loss as kinds of alchemy.

“Different Theatre Productions spell magical storytelling and a poetic serenity in the face of the dark... such gentleness of spirit, and a tender regard for difference and solitude. It’s another gem.” (Fringe Review).

8:00pm to 9:00pm
Magwitch RGR Productions

"I've been done everything to, pretty much, except hanged. I've been locked up as much as gold bullion."

Abel Magwitch is a convict and millionaire from Britain's penal colonies in Australia. He's returned to England with a wallet full of money and some scores to settle. Charles Dickens' villain from 'Great Expectations' comes to The Crown pub in Kemptown.

A new show from a multi-award winning team, featuring Ross Gurney-Randall (previous shows include 'Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks', 'An Audience with Henry VIII').

8:00pm to 9:00pm
The Johnny Cash Story Night Owl Shows

Following sell-out shows and standing ovations at Edinburgh Fringe, 'The Johnny Cash Story' premieres at Brighton Fringe to take you on an incredible journey through the career of the 18-time Grammy winner. Immerse yourself in the world of the Man in Black in this groundbreaking 'show-umentary' format. Powerful renditions of Folsom Prison, Ring Of Fire, Man In Black and Hurt delivered by Jamie Rodden, whose Cash interpretations have won over critics and audiences all over Europe.

“Powerful and compelling singer” (Fringe Guru).
“Highly recommended for all lovers of music” **** (Scots Gay).

8:00pm to 10:00pm
Barb Jungr: Bob, Brel and Me Barb Jungr

In this brand-new collection for 2019, Barb will turn her acclaimed ability at reinvention and reinterpretation to exploring her relationship with a set of Dylan and Brel songs she has never tackled before on stage or on disc, all in original arrangements. Placed alongside them will be some of Barb’s own songs, written with a number of wonderful collaborators.

"It’s as if Edith Piaf and Nick Cave had a love-child, who was adopted by Carmen McRae” (Glam Adelaide).

8:00pm to 9:00pm
8 States of Kate Pinch of Salt Productions

"When I was three I declared to my Mum that I was going to marry David Bowie or become an actress..."

Through hilarious songs and stories of heartbreak and triumph, stand-up comedian and actress Kate McGann navigates her way from childhood to her 30s, from a cabaret compère to a dating show disaster. You'll be treated to a night bursting with comedy and songs whilst Kate regales you with tales of her hilarious and ridiculous life and loves.

"A fine turn by Kate McGann, you'll never eat crumpets the same way again!" (FringeReview)

8:00pm to 8:30pm
Unnatural RO

Humans and AI, what will our relationship be like 100 years from now?

'Unnatural' takes a look at the possible scenario of us vs tech, we turned away from one another and let our deepest fears and desires be exploited by our social medias, who knew more about us than our own families. This one man play sewn together with spoken word and a projector will challenge you philosophically and make you grateful for our bodies and minds.

8:15pm to 9:20pm
Betrayal by Harold Pinter Pretty Villain Productions Ltd

4 stars “There’s not much more to be said on that subject - betrayal,” says one character to another halfway through this play. It’s a cocky joke from playwright Harold Pinter, who says plenty on the subject throughout his tense and engrossing script. But it’s true that this particular form of betrayal - an extra-marital affair - isn’t the freshest of plot devices. So Pinter adds a twist, which must have seemed groundbreaking on the play's debut 40 years ago: telling the story backwards. Read the full review.

Betrayal is Pinter’s tale of a 7 year romantic triangle between husband, wife and their best man. This modern classic, semi-autobiographically based on Pinter and Joan Bakewell’s clandestine affair, weaves and integrates different permutations of betrayal relating to both the affair and other aspects of their lives.

With Duncan Henderson ('The Polished Scar': FringeReview Brighton Fringe Award Winner 2018), Neil James ('Rope') and Sophie Dearlove ('The Missing Special'). Director Roger Kay ('Glengarry Glen Ross').

Pretty Villain are Brighton Fringe Award Winners 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018.

8:20pm to 9:20pm
I, Tom Mayhew (Work in Progress) Tom Mayhew

Tom was unemployed for three years from the age of 18. This is a story of rejections, the Jobcentre, being working-class, and fighting for your place in the world. With lots of jokes.

"It's a fascinating brain he's got in there, with as much of this distinctive hour spent trying to solve the riddle of Mayhew as it is him making you laugh." (Chortle).

"Mayhew’s charmingly awkward persona hides a fantastic alternative comic mind. His jokes are sharp, never predictable and consistently land." (Broadway Baby).

"His content is from the heart; spellbinding, raw and telling.” (Kate Copstick).

8:30pm to 10:00pm
Laughing Horse Pick of the Fringe Laughing Horse Comedy

A selection of the very best in stand-up comedy at Brighton Fringe.

A succulent smorgasbord of fantastically funny stand-up comedy headliners alongside the best in fresh new talent, with five different comics selected daily from shows all around Brighton Fringe. Sell-out shows at festivals worldwide including Melbourne, Adelaide and Edinburgh.

"A cracking comedy selection" ***** (Cream of the Fringe).
"A fantastic night of comedy" **** (ThreeWeeks).
"Kept the crowd well entertained" **** (Rip It Up).
"A Strong show of fresh comedy" **** (The Argus).

8:30pm to 9:20pm
Archie Henderson: Jazz Emu Archie Henderson

Remember that incredible song that blew the roof off at Jen's house party 2012? Neither does Archie, really, but he’ll be damned if we can’t piece it back together. The multi-award-winning comedian brings a new hour of sharp and original musical comedy to Brighton. Because nostalgia used to be cool.

Winner of IYAF Best of the Brighton Fringe Comedy Award 2018.
Finalist, So You Think You're Funny 2017.
Best Newcomer, Musical Comedy Awards 2017.
Second place, Musical Comedy Awards 2018.
Shortlisted for BBC New Comedy Award 2018.
“Immense talent and fantastic energy” ***** (EdFestMag).

8:45pm to 9:35pm
Stand Up Yours Stand Up Yours

The prize-winning feministic and queer Swedish comedy club gives you a 50 minute stand-up show right from the heart of the two club directors, Therese Sandin and Pernilla Hammargren.

8:45pm to 9:45pm
David Tsonos: Walking the Cats David Tsonos

Canadian comedy veteran David Tsonos has had pet cats for the last 20 years, from the early days of Mittens to his new cat Mitzy, come watch him as he deals with problems of adoption, veterinarians, catnappings and murder. David will use his storytelling and 20 years of stand-up abilities to regale the audience with all his adventures in cat ownership. Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person this show will make you laugh until you can laugh no more. (Well maybe a little more.)

“David has a wealth of jokes and off the cuff remarks” (Chortle)

8:45pm to 9:35pm
May I Speak About Dance Boaz Barkan / WILDTOPIA

A dancer dances, while another explains. A quirky performance-lecture about the problems of dance and meaning, referencing iconic figures in contemporary dance such as Yvonne Rainer, Tatsumi Hijikata and Jér?me Bel, and getting tangled in non-dance, Butoh and somatic practice. Tongue firmly in cheek, Boaz Barkan’s performance involves you as a guest in an irreverent and witty exploration of what dance is and can be and how it is experienced. For all of us who find dance and performance tedious at times, or are feeling a little jaded, this is a chance to refresh your critical palate.

9:00pm to 10:00pm
Isa Bonachera: The Great Emptiness Isa Bonachera

Any sensible person would look at the night sky and see the horrible purgatory of the cosmos. Not Isa. Isa's been obsessed with outer space all her life, and she decided from an early age that she wanted to do one thing and one thing only; become an astronaut. For twenty years she did everything she could to stay on track. And one day she just stopped dreaming of space. Using a planetarium projector, Isa will take you on a guided tour of the cosmos and her broken dreams.

9:00pm to 11:00pm
The Odditorium Dr David Bramwell

If you live in Brighton, the chances are you already know about David Bramwell – purveyor of curiosities and champion of intelligent talk, thanks to his regular salon the Catalyst Club. His weekly Fringe events are turning now into an equally revered institution: part mind-expanding lectures, part entertainment, with a typically offbeat set of topics selected for the ever-changing agenda. They’re hosted in the 100-year-old Bosco theatre tent, which is itself a fascinating venue.

Four fascinating theatre and spoken word events on themes ranging from psychogeography, folk horror and the gothic in music to futurology. Curated by David Bramwell.

8th May: 'Unburied'. Gripping theatre plundering 70s folk horror.
15th May: 'The Future Starts Here', with John Higgs, Salena Godden, Jo Neary.
19th May: 'The Cult Of Water'. Dr Bramwell’s dreamy, candle-lit journey in search of the supernatural secrets of our rivers.
29th May: 'The Gothic In Music', with Jon Klein, Simon Price, Ian Trice.

9:10pm to 10:00pm
Fright Wig: Essential Tremors Fright Wig

Alan Bennett meets Hammer Horror. Fright Wig offer a slice of life carved with a rusty machete.

A world where right-wing bloggers meet mythical ends, birds hatch from broken hearts and midnight ghouls feast on jogger's rumps. Where grisly revenge is enacted in crowded aquariums and mundane office blocks.

Through a series of highly amusing monologues, sketches and grotesque performances, this trio of fearless horrornauts will take you by the hand and drag you laughing and screaming into the abyss, exploring the worst aspects of modern Britain on the way down.

9:15pm to 10:15pm
The Scrapyard Sessions Otherplace Productions Ltd

The fringe of the Fringe, full of wonder and whimsy. Drop into The Scrapyard at The Warren and find a hidden gem. Featuring spoken word, comedy, music and cabaret; remarkable performers presenting storytelling and comedy in all its forms.

9:15pm to 10:15pm
Andrew Steiner: Life is Weird The Caxton Arms

Andrew Steiner has French-kissed trees, studied under a Zen Master in Japan and trained kick-boxing in Thailand. With a heady mixture of precision jokes, juicy details and improvised lyrical prose he makes audiences feel like they're tripping right along with him. Also, he's a Jew from New York; the title is accurate.

9:30pm to 10:30pm
The Secret Comedy Club: Fringe Comedy Hub Artista

We have over 80 professional comedy acts who applied to Artista Cafe & Gallery. This will be a Fringe Comedy Hub run by The Secret Comedy Club. We will have comedy on 6 days per week from 5pm until 11pm daily (3pm start on weekends). Check our website for full listings and tickets for these full Brighton Fringe shows.
Here are just some of the many acts that will be doing their 1 hour shows with us (in no particular order):
Steve Bugeja
Stephen Carlin
Sara Barron
Radu Isac
Adele Cliff
Al Lubel
Daphna Baram
Sanj Surati
Daniel Muggleton
Gary Tro
John Pendal
Ali Woods
Katie Pritchard

9:30pm to 10:30pm
Haunted Jane Postlethwaite and Steph Bradshaw

Multi-comedy award finalist Jane Postlethwaite ('Made in Cumbria' and 'Last Night at the Circus') has teamed up with fellow Cumbrian comedian Steph Bradshaw to bring you a deliciously dark comedy show.

"Unmissable 5 star show" (Comedy coroner).
"A darkly funny show" (Funny Women).
"Absolutely hilarious" (Broadway Baby).
Heard on BBC Radio 4/BBC Radio Cumbria.

9:30pm to 10:30pm
Huge Davies: Work In Progress CKP and InterTalent Group Present

Fresh from his appearance on 'Comedy Central at the Comedy Store', Huge Davies is preparing for his first hour. Combining his dark humour, surreal material and one-of-a-kind customised keyboard, Huge has quickly risen to become one of the most exciting, unique new acts in the UK. "Priceless" (Chortle) "Dark" (Independent) "Scene-stealing" (Telegraph) "Musical" (Broadway Baby) "Perfect" (The Stand) "Appalling" (celebrityradio). As seen performing at Latitude, Bestival, Comedy Central Live, Uttrecht International Comedy Festival and Kilkenny Festival. As seen on Comedy Central's 'Ones To Watch'.

9:30pm to 10:30pm
ART Attack Laughing Horse

Up-and-coming comedians Alex Mason, Riggs, and Tom Smith have come together to present ‘ART Attack’; an hour of stand-up which, like the classic TV show, deals with a wide range of important issues such as wolves, supermarket crime and self-help.

9:30pm to 10:40pm
My Greatest Period Ever Lucy Peach

Lucy Peach is a folk singer from Fremantle WA, with a parallel career as a Sex Ed teacher. Inspired by Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, her menstrual cycle and her convict ancestors, 'My Greatest Period Ever' is her latest work featuring live illustrations by her husband Richard Berney. After she took Australia by storm, women across the country are rejoicing. Now period power is Brighton-bound for a long awaited UK debut. This show is for anyone with a menstrual cycle or anyone who knows someone with one.

Winner: WAM Award for Folk Act of the Year 2016
"A jewel in WA's musical crown" (The West)

9:30pm to 10:30pm
Sh*t Scripts: Bad Manors Real Good (content)

Inspired by 'The Play That Goes Wrong' and the podcast 'My Dad Wrote a Porno', 'Sh*t Scripts: Bad Manors' is a larger than real-life script written by Annie's ex-boyfriend Zach when he was 15.

Zach has since given up on writing and today is a 30-year-old office worker. In a celebration of forgotten creativity, and a commitment to the impossible, Real Good (content) will stage a fully-realised production of Zach's 'Bad Manors'.

If you've ever created anything (or not), this show is for you.

9:40pm to 10:40pm
Odd Socks Ingrid Dahle

An hour of ‘Odd Socks’ mixed with really funny, award-winning Ingrid stuff. Where do all the odd socks go? Ingrid sometimes lies and says she has a Netflix special, then stops talking to the people she said that to.

Sounds like your kinda thing?
Of course it does!
Cause baby you’re a firework (in progress)
Come on show ’em what you're worth
Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh!”
As you shoot across the sky-y-y.

(No serious issues dealt with. Totes hilare.)

"You’re the best!" (Benedict Dahle)
“Fast rising comedian” (Sunday Times)
“Bags of energy” (The List)

9:45pm to 10:45pm
Shit-faced Shakespeare: Macbeth Magnificent Bastard Productions

This one’s the guiltiest of all pleasures, but it’s a true pleasure all the same. In case the phenomenon’s passed you by, it delivers exactly what it says on the tin: a classically-trained cast, a Bardic script, and an actor who’s rather the worse for wear. The ensuing scene-stealing antics are played for all the comedy they’re worth by the sober members of the crew. I confess, when I saw it a while back, I’d fully expected to disapprove of all this – but I found myself as helpless with laughter as I’ve been for many years.

Is this a lager I see before me? The Brighton Fringe – Best Comedy – Award Winners are back for another round of heavy drinking and mild Shakespeare. Featuring the finest classically trained professional performers and one fully inebriated cast member we guarantee that no two nights are ever the same.

Having toured the world, broken America and sold out the West End we’re finally ready to return to a tent in a field in Brighton.

This year we are taking on the feared “Scottish play” which actors dare not mention the name of lest theyMACBETH!!! We’re doing Macbeth. It’s Macbeth... Macbeth.

9:45pm to 10:40pm
What Doesn't Kill You [blah blah] Stronger Holland St Productions

A river guide gets swallowed by a hippopotamus and survives. A British stewardess makes it through not one, not two, but three shipwrecks, including the maiden voyage of the ill-fated Titanic. An Alabama housewife gets hit by a meteorite and lives to tell the tale!

These true stories and more make up 'What Doesn't Kill You [blah blah] Stronger'; a love letter to misfortune, and a tribute to those unlucky (or lucky?) souls who managed to escape it. A unique and hilarious experience not to be missed.

Winner: Martin Sims Award Fringe World 2018
Winner: The West Australian Arts Editor Award 2018

10:00pm to 11:00pm
Daddy Issues Rebecka Pershagen

[Daddy Issues = a derogatory term used to describe the behaviour of young women who are attracted to and / or have sexual relationships with older men.]

'Daddy Issues' is a monologue about older men, young women who love them, and the world who think these women are idiots. The monologue is based on autobiographical experiences, and oscillates between humour and seriousness. We meet dreaming girls, speedy moralists and shameful women, in stories of constantly being deprived of interpretation of their own sexuality. Welcome to group therapy!

10:00pm to 11:00pm
Karaoke Saved My Life Scott Swinton

Scotty D, just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit, will take you on a Journey, showing how karaoke has saved his life and could save yours (and maybe even save the world) too. Through stories, songs, and a bit of dancing, we’ll demonstrate the healing power of karaoke. Don’t stop believing!

“A fascinating character with some terrific stories” (Manhattan Digest)

“He’s like a disco-themed Steve Martin. An unusual take on storytelling cabaret ... a brilliant idea. For those who are itching to grab the mic and belt out a power ballad, you’ll have a great night” (Broadway Baby)

10:00pm to 11:00pm
Caitlin Cook: Death Wish Caitlin Cook

Since she was seventeen, Caitlin Cook has lived her life by a code: if something scares her, she has to do it. Join her for a raucous hour of stand-up comedy, storytelling, musical comedy, and a bit of bathroom stall graffiti art to discover why.

Caitlin Cook is a Los Angeles-born, Brooklyn-based comedian. Not your conventional stand-up, Caitlin combines witty one-liners and scintillating storytelling with hilariously irreverent musical comedy and projected visuals. She has taken the stage all across the US, Canada, Europe, and Oceania at top-tier venues, comedy clubs, festivals, and fringes.

10:40pm to 11:40pm
The Scrapyard Sessions Otherplace Productions Ltd

The fringe of the Fringe, full of wonder and whimsy. Drop into The Scrapyard at The Warren and find a hidden gem. Featuring spoken word, comedy, music and cabaret; remarkable performers presenting storytelling and comedy in all its forms.