The Brighton Fringe doesn't start till 1st May, but the printed programme hits the streets this Wednesday. To mark the programme launch, this daily blog picks out some highlights from this year's listings... and shares some tips on how to make the very most of Fringe 2015.

Five Brighton Fringe wildcards

The trouble with sorting shows into categories, like I've been doing this week, is that there are always a few left over. So for this final blog post of the current series, here are my wildcard picks: the ones which don't quite fit a pattern, but still caught my eye this Fringe.

Five new scripts I've got high hopes for

Plumping for a premiere is a risky business – whatever they tell you, nobody really knows what a show will be like until it’s been up on stage. Choose a good one, though, and you have the satisfaction of being the first to spot a sparkling gem. So, for the brave and adventurous, here are five new scripts I’m hoping to enjoy this year.

Five shows that count as "Fringe Institutions"

The startling news that there’s no Big Bite-Sized Breakfast at this year’s Fringe has got me thinking about shows that are part of the landscape – ones we’ve got quietly used to, but would suddenly notice if they were gone. To be clear, I’ve no reason to think that any of the shows on this list won’t be back next year. But if you’ve always been meaning to see them… well, perhaps it’s time you did?

Five magic shows that promise treats as well as tricks

I’m best known as a theatre reviewer, but I’ve got a secret sideline: I’m also a keen follower of stage magic. It’s a genre that’s enjoying a renaissance right now, and there are plenty of acts both modern and traditional to enjoy at this year’s Brighton Fringe. For this blog post, I’ve picked out five shows representing the range of what it means to be a magician today.

Five comedy shows I'm looking forward to seeing

Public booking at the Brighton Fringe opens at the stroke of noon today, and we're continuing our series of blog posts to help you find some of this year's early highlights. Today, we're dipping into the Comedy section of the programme, in the company of Fringe Guru reviewer Mathilda Gregory.

Five shows I saw in Edinburgh (and you should see now)

Most acts use the Brighton Fringe to try out material for Edinburgh, but a select few make the journey the other way round. In today’s blog, I’ve picked five great shows I saw at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe – and which you can now see in Brighton.

Five returning shows which I might just see again

The Brighton Fringe programme officially launches this Wednesday – and to help you hit the ground running, I'll be picking out some highlights each day this week. In this first post, I've chosen five shows worthy of the ultimate compliment; ones I saw back at Fringe 2014, but might well find myself watching again.

The value of friendship: a look at Brighton Fringe's 2-for-1 scheme

Today’s a red-letter day for the Brighton Fringe, as the full programme for 2015 goes live on its website. I’ll be blogging about some highlights from this coming Monday, and throughout the official launch week. But before you start booking, here’s what you need to know about the Fringe’s revamped membership scheme – the Friends of Brighton Fringe.